How about the kitchen socket? 2 minutes to master kitchen socket reservation

As people's life gradually toward intelligent, home appliances more and more, socket has appeared the phenomenon of short supply. So, the kitchen with the largest number of appliances how to arrange the kitchen socket? The following small series to introduce the kitchen to reserve what sockets and matters needing attention.

1. The lampblack machine

The socket of the range hood is generally 200-220cm away from the ground, and is installed in the upper left or upper right of the range hood. It is necessary to ensure that the smoke pipe will not block the socket.

2. The refrigerator

The socket of the refrigerator is usually 50cm away from the ground, located on both sides of the refrigerator.

How about the kitchen socket? 2 minutes to master kitchen socket reservation

3. The dishwasher

The socket for the dishwasher is usually installed at a height of 50cm above the ground. In case of emergency, we can install the socket on the wall of the adjacent cabinet body, so as to prevent the machine from water overflow and electricity leakage.

4. The microwave oven

The socket of microwave oven is generally 160cm away from the ground, but it is now popular to put the microwave oven in the hanging cabinet. If the socket layout is above the hanging cabinet, the height from the ground can be about 180cm.

5. The oven

The oven socket is determined by its position. If it is embedded in a high cabinet, the socket is installed 130cm away from the ground. If it is embedded in the ground cabinet, the socket is set 50cm above the ground.

6. Garbage disposal

The garbage disposal socket is usually 50cm away from the ground and installed under the sink cabinet.

Lamps and lanterns of 7.

Lighting in the kitchen not only optimizes the kitchen experience, but also makes the whole space look more quality. Average domestic kitchen is a main lamp, without other illuminant. Accordingly, reasonable program the socket position of other auxiliary lamps and lanterns, also be very necessary.

How about the kitchen socket? 2 minutes to master kitchen socket reservation

8. Condole ark lamps

The socket position of the hanging cabinet lamp is generally 180cm-200cm away from the ground. It should be noted that the induction switch should be installed at a distance of more than 50cm from the lamp to avoid high temperature or direct contact with the sensor by the light source.

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