How is small family kitchen designed? 5 small kitchen design points to save limited space

How is small family kitchen designed? The kitchen space of small family limitation always lets a person bind hands and feet, install one net to share 5 small family kitchen design point for everybody below, save limitation space easily.

How is small family kitchen designed? 5 small kitchen design points to save limited space

The kitchen area of small family above all is very limited, increase kitchen space is chief problem. There are usually some useless partitions near the kitchen, such as the partition of the dining room, the partition of the toilet, we can get through the partition of these non load-bearing walls, to increase the floor area of the kitchen.

Two, reasonable planning, choose the right cabinet

As the main space in the kitchen, the cabinet is also the soul of the kitchen. A kitchen that breaks through a partition usually has a four-cornered space. At this time everybody had better be used to cooking and demand, the type of ambry of reasonable planning. Use the kitchen area as much as possible to create more countertops and lockers.

3, use corner, make store content spaceA lot of small family kitchen can be occupied by a few load-bearing walls, so the form of the kitchen may not be too founder, a few corners are existing. At this point we can make the most of the space around the corner. Choose for example a few can rotate store content ark or metope buy content wear will increase the receiving space of the kitchen.

Four, ceramic tile, increase the brightness of the space

Because the use area of the kitchen is limited, go up in the use of integral colour so, need is given priority to with plain color. The hard decoration of the kitchen must avoid flowers and willows, and do not use strong contrast of light and shade decorative materials, which will make the kitchen appear jumble and crowded. And in the choice of material, do not choose wood.

Five, glass doors and Windows, to create a sense of light

How is small family kitchen designed? 5 small kitchen design points to save limited space

After the decoration inside the kitchen and display are installed, we use the space of door window as far as possible even, the light of the outside with the aid of, will let the visual sense of the kitchen expand. Transparent glass Windows can be installed on the window, and glass doors can be installed at the entrance to the kitchen, which will not only show strong results but also give people a sense of depression.

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