Desk and chair height difference of the purchase of chairs attention

When choosing desks and chairs, we should consider the height difference between desks and chairs, after all, if the height difference is not appropriate, it will affect the sitting position or comfort. The following is the introduction of the seat to pay attention to the purchase, I hope to let you understand the choice of various seats, according to their own requirements to consider a better type. No matter choose what desk and chair additionally, still want contrast clear material qualitative problem.

Desk and chair height difference of the purchase of chairs attention

Desk and chair height difference

The tall fork of desk and chair should be the height that should see an individual, and dimensional area volume is waited a moment, do not choose casually.

Choose the size of the desk:

What should consider most when desk of choose and buy is to be able to put desk into the space that you need. The office need not say more, if in own home, the desk has been chosen but can not put into the space that he needs to place, it is very embarrassing. The desk with good choice a piece of comfort is far from enough still, the mood that lets office is joyful. We're not just faced with a cold desk, we need to dress it up.

To small family for, often do not have a study to say so. Well, you could consider a desk with a partition. This kind of desk does not occupy a position already, can rise to receive again, the effect of office. To the door model of not bad ground, nature is how to use, how beautiful how to come! To the personage that loves a book, desk edge can another bookcase is the most appropriate did not pass.

Desk and chair height difference of the purchase of chairs attention

Pay attention to the purchase of seats

Desk and chair height difference of the purchase of chairs attention

1, seat armrest to arm distance, can not be too small!!

The armrest of the seat should be the right distance from our arms so that we can stretch our arms freely while sitting. Nevertheless, in order to avoid elbow joint to hang for a long time overstrain, it is suggested that everyone still chooses the chair that has armrest.

2, the seat space distance

When matching seats with other furniture, pay special attention to the spacing! In particular, the left and right sides of the seat and the space behind should be at least 810mm above, so that it is convenient for us to move the chair, stand up and sit down without effort.

Pay attention to seat height, armrest spacing, and the amount of space reserved between seats and furniture. Finding the perfect seat is a piece of cake. Below, we will see the height of the desk that matches with seat.

3, the height of the desk

Desk chooses how tall, ability uses comfortable again? Different types of work correspond to different desk heights.