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Do you want a wall closet or not? Enter wall type chest advantage and disadvantage analysis

Entry type chest no matter be interior structure is designed, still be exterior design, mix with the bedroom is an organic whole, natural as a whole feeling, get the like of a lot of owners. So, the bridal chamber decoration after all should not do into the wall wardrobe? Here is a network to take you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the wall wardrobe ~

Enter wall type wardrobe advantage

Do you want a wall closet or not? Enter wall type chest advantage and disadvantage analysis

The size that can undertake design according to the height of wall body, space, trendy beautiful and practical be in harmony, can use wall body space effectively, enlarge life space, trendy beautiful, practical strong.

Into the wall wardrobe can be designed according to the height of the wall, the size of the space, in the pursuit of new fashion and beautiful at the same time, but also practical, in the wall to create an embedded wall wardrobe is effective use of the wall, expand the living space.

The appearance of the wall wardrobe can be customized according to the overall decoration style and color of the interior, and the decoration effect of the whole room is mixed into one, such as the color of the wardrobe door and the color of the floor or the bed echo.

According to the needs of life, the cabinets inside the wall wardrobe can be flexibly combined. If there are many family members, an overall wardrobe can be divided into several cabinets of the same size. The cabinets inside can be designed differently according to the needs of different family members.

Do you want a wall closet or not? Enter wall type chest advantage and disadvantage analysis

Enter wall type chest to have flexibility very much now, customer can make to order according to the size of his home, and the internal structure of cabinet body also can undertake permutation combination according to actual need, the discretion that includes layer board, drawer, try clothes lens, grid wears, pants wears etc.

Disadvantages of a wall closet

The wall closet is not perfect, it also has disadvantages: the layout of the home can not be changed at will, the wall closet can not be moved at will; The size and space of embedded wardrobe are limited; Installation process is difficult, installation should be careful not to wear the surface.

What do you need to pay attention to when customizing your wardrobe? Don’t waste money on these wardrobe hacks

Custom wardrobe whether it is plate or design, in order to use in the future need to close before decoration. What do you need to pay attention to when customizing your wardrobe? Today, install a network for you to sort out some of the decoration custom wardrobe tips, let’s have a look!

First, choose a good plate

Custom chest plate on the market has a lot of kinds, such as particle board, multilayer solid board, density board, the pine board, ecological board, wood, etc., I will say some simple, a budget is directly choose real wood, solid wood, want to ask what is the wood, for instance, cherry, ash, teak, hua li, etc., advice directly to choose ash, ash grain is good-looking, At the same time the price is relatively moderate.

Custom wardrobe board drawing
Lower budget, if choose particle board, particle board should choose imported love case board or kronospan plate, the plate relative to environmental protection, love, is to Japanese F4 star environmental standards, formaldehyde content is less than 0.3 mg/L, but even plate environmental protection standards, also do not want too custom cabinets, and avoid pile up, the whole space is likely to exceed bid.

Custom wardrobe board drawing
If you choose plate to customize the wardrobe, you should ask what plate is used for edge sealing, such as now more popular laser edge sealing, glue to use imported environmental protection glue.

Of course, the plates of other domestic brands can also be selected, but to choose trusted customized brands or stores.

Two, wardrobe door panel selection

Generally, the wardrobe is divided into two kinds: sliding door and the door. If the space is small, it is recommended to choose the sliding door, but the sliding door also has disadvantages. The sealing effect of the sliding door is not as good as that of the sliding door.

And the door is a more traditional wardrobe door, basically there are no shortcomings, the price is cheaper, as long as there is enough space to open the door, convenient to pick up clothes.

Three, the internal layout design

Chest internal layout design, according to the needs of your family to design, such as family like to fold the clothes, then some folding zone, more family like hanging clothes, then the suspension, this if you don’t mention demand, some designers, just to help you find a template is designed, so the pay special attention to.

According to the height of the human body, it is generally divided into three areas: the top area, the middle area, the bottom area.

Custom wardrobe plan
The top area is generally difficult to take, so there is no need to do too much laminate on the top, leaving a larger space for putting quilts or suitcases.

The central area of the folding area can be made of several more layers, it is recommended to choose adjustable, so that the later can be flexibly used!

Bottom area can be designed more than a few drawers, the drawer can be used to put underwear or documents, anyhow receiving is receiving artifact, install more than a few total won’t be wrong!

If an older member of your family likes to watch TV in the room, consider incorporating the TV into your wardrobe when customizing it.
Four, wardrobe storage

What do you need to pay attention to when customizing your wardrobe? Don't waste money on these wardrobe hacks

Now there are a lot of the wardrobe accessories, such as some rotate clothes tree, drop rack, trousers rack, these also is according to the demand to choose, if your family rarely wear pants, there is no need to buy pants, ordinary jeans fold up or hang up is ok, no special exquisite, more several drawer, but I personally feel chest drawer is best suited to receive, Drawers can be used to hold socks or underwear, so when you customize your wardrobe, make more drawers.

Five, the size of the wardrobe

Custom wardrobe plan
Height of wardrobe: it is recommended to achieve the top design, for example, the floor is 2700mm high, it is recommended that the wardrobe also be 2700mm high, so that the top of the wardrobe can be used to put the quilt or suitcase that is not commonly used.

The width of chest: this should decide according to the space, this is not specific to say much wide.

The depth of the closet: under normal circumstances, the depth of the sliding door closet is 600mm, the depth of the closet is 550mm, but if you add someone else is tall, the shoulder width of the clothes is relatively wide, you can consider adding 50mm, sliding door to 650mm, the depth of the door to 600mm.

Wardrobe partition height: the partition height is generally made of 350mm-500mm, and it is recommended to make the partition movable, so that in the process of use, it can be adjusted by itself.

What do you need to pay attention to when customizing your wardrobe? Don't waste money on these wardrobe hacks

Six, customized wardrobe matters needing attention

1, ask clear hardware accessories, such as hinges, drawer guide rail with what brand.

2, how much is a chest drawer, these small details should be clear.

3, do not need to install additional fares, handling fees, etc.

4. How long is the cabinet warranty? Have you signed a contract?

Chest chooses flat open door good still sliding door? There’s not even room to stand in

Many owners know that a lot of decoration design is wrong, life caused great inconvenience. The important space that receives as clothings, bridal chamber decorates chest to choose to open the door flat still is sliding door? Here we will understand from many aspects ~

1. Comparison of tightness

Chest chooses flat open door good still sliding door? There's not even room to stand in

Flat door sealing is better, basically no gap after closing, the isolation ability of dust and water vapor is stronger; And the sealing sex of sliding door is relatively poorer, after closing the door seam is bigger, enter dust easily.

Wardrobe decoration effect drawing
2. In convenience

Flat door can be opened on both sides of the door at the same time, enlarge the items, or want to choose clothes more convenient; A sliding door can only be opened on one side at a time, which is inferior to a flat door.

Wardrobe decoration effect drawing
3, the difficulty of cleaning

Flat door is not related to close after no gap is not easy to enter dust, basic useless cleaning corner, and sliding door below the track groove, relatively bad cleaning.

Bedroom decoration effect drawing
4. Occupied area

Flat doors need to be opened outwards, so the distance between cabinets and beds should not be less than 60cm. It’s so easy to open the door and there’s no room to stand in. And the biggest advantage of sliding door chest is to save a space, can be put next to the bed.

5. The space occupied by the cabinet door

Chest chooses flat open door good still sliding door? There's not even room to stand in

The flat door wardrobe is generally only about 2cm thick, will not take up much space, and the sliding door track to take up about 8cm cabinet depth, if your home is sure to choose to use sliding doors, then the cabinet is going to do a little deeper. The depth of the flat door closet is 50~55cm is enough, and the depth of the sliding door closet should be about 63cm at least.

Wardrobe decoration effect drawing
6. Service life

The service life is also relatively long flat door, if the cabinet door is not flexible, as long as the hardware hinge on the line. Sliding door wardrobe for a long time, sliding door easy damage deformation, maintenance is more difficult.

Wardrobe hardware drawing
7, the price is

In terms of price, the flat door price is slightly higher. If your home budget is sufficient, the bedroom area is relatively large, or choose flat door is better, but if the bedroom area is relatively small, then it is best to choose sliding door.