Chest chooses flat open door good still sliding door? There's not even room to stand in

Many owners know that a lot of decoration design is wrong, life caused great inconvenience. The important space that receives as clothings, bridal chamber decorates chest to choose to open the door flat still is sliding door? Here we will understand from many aspects ~

1. Comparison of tightness

Chest chooses flat open door good still sliding door? There's not even room to stand in

Flat door sealing is better, basically no gap after closing, the isolation ability of dust and water vapor is stronger; And the sealing sex of sliding door is relatively poorer, after closing the door seam is bigger, enter dust easily.

Wardrobe decoration effect drawing
2. In convenience

Flat door can be opened on both sides of the door at the same time, enlarge the items, or want to choose clothes more convenient; A sliding door can only be opened on one side at a time, which is inferior to a flat door.

Wardrobe decoration effect drawing
3, the difficulty of cleaning

Flat door is not related to close after no gap is not easy to enter dust, basic useless cleaning corner, and sliding door below the track groove, relatively bad cleaning.

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4. Occupied area

Flat doors need to be opened outwards, so the distance between cabinets and beds should not be less than 60cm. It's so easy to open the door and there's no room to stand in. And the biggest advantage of sliding door chest is to save a space, can be put next to the bed.

5. The space occupied by the cabinet door

Chest chooses flat open door good still sliding door? There's not even room to stand in

The flat door wardrobe is generally only about 2cm thick, will not take up much space, and the sliding door track to take up about 8cm cabinet depth, if your home is sure to choose to use sliding doors, then the cabinet is going to do a little deeper. The depth of the flat door closet is 50~55cm is enough, and the depth of the sliding door closet should be about 63cm at least.

Wardrobe decoration effect drawing
6. Service life

The service life is also relatively long flat door, if the cabinet door is not flexible, as long as the hardware hinge on the line. Sliding door wardrobe for a long time, sliding door easy damage deformation, maintenance is more difficult.

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7, the price is

In terms of price, the flat door price is slightly higher. If your home budget is sufficient, the bedroom area is relatively large, or choose flat door is better, but if the bedroom area is relatively small, then it is best to choose sliding door.

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