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14 super practical decoration details

1, porch shoe stool + hook


2. One-key switch for whole house lighting

When you go out, click the one-button switch, you don't have to worry about forgetting to turn off the light, safety and electricity saving.

3, hanging wash basin + mirror cabinet

Suspended washbasin, moisture-proof and conducive to cleaning, avoid sanitary dead corner. Collocation mirror face ARK IS used, PRACTICAL and convenient, STILL INCREASE RECEIVE a SPACE.

4. Shelf above the toilet

Add a shelf to the back of the toilet to make the most of the limited space and not worry about running out of room for toilet paper.

14 super practical decoration details5. Hair dryer frame


6, niche

The built-in niche is definitely more reliable than the hanging basket nailed into the wall, putting things more stable, the capacity can be done very large, there is no rust problem.

7. Stick a piece of lacquered glass to the wall of the stove

Kitchen HARD to avoid CAN HAVE LAMPBLACK problem, STICK COMMON WALL BRICK, oil stain CLEAN quite EXPENDS effort, super STUBBORN. Choose paint glass stick wall, gently wipe can be done health.

8, can pull, rotating faucet

Install a movable faucet, you can clean the sink 360 degrees without dead Angle, when washing dishes is super convenient!

9. Add a bar + drain rack to the kitchen sink


10. Design a pull-down basket for the hanging cabinet

The cabinet is too high to reach and you don't want to take things out again, which is a bit of a waste of space. Do a pull basket, or double, bottles and cans are easy to put away.

11, to the kitchen integrated ceiling with a cool bully

Summer cooking straight sweat, installed a cool Ba, ventilation and cool. The cost is not as high as air conditioning, nor the trouble that its fume enters the filter screen, it is very convenient to manage.

12. Create a booth against the wall to form a dining area


13. Customize your wardrobe with a built-in dresser on the side

Not much room in the bedroom for a dresser? 10cm deep in the side of the wardrobe, a built-in dressing cabinet, both storage and classification, can also accommodate a full-length mirror, excellent design.

14. Window reading desk

The position of bedroom windowsill also does not want to waste, although have the space of less than 1 square metre only, but the light is good just can make the small study that belongs to him. Make A ROW OF SUSPENDED DESK ALONG THE WINDOW EDGE, AN INDEPENDENT DRAWER IS PUT BELOW, OFFICE STUDY TWO NOT BY MISTAKE.

The above is 14 kinds of good decoration design, in fact, it does not cost much money, but absolutely can make your living experience 10 times!

What is whole-house intelligence

Many people do not know the intelligent home system, intelligent home system is now more favored by people a home system, it can bring people a more comfortable feeling. The whole house smart home is more and more popular, but many people do not know the whole house smart home.

Whole house intelligence on housing as a platform, the use of integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, security technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology to integrate the household life related facilities, schedule to build efficient residential facilities and family affairs management system, improve home security, convenience, comfort, artistry, and realize environmental protection and energy saving living environment.

Whole-house intelligence is a customized whole-house intelligence solution. According to the design needs of users, intelligent home products are configured for exclusive users, so as to realize whole-house intelligence.

Smart wireless home system

Intelligent gateway, centralized control of all equipment in the home, home appliances lighting, electrical appliances, curtains, mobile communication, no longer work independently.

Mobile phone remote control, even when you are not at home, you can watch and hear everything in the home, no matter where you are, you are in control of the home. Accurate diagnosis of household appliances, real-time understanding of faults, intelligent detection of home environment, safety is in control.

What is whole-house intelligence

Intelligent security system

Home security has always been a top priority, whole house intelligent household security guards, with only a smart door locks, smart yuntai camera, the human body infrared sensor, smart door magnetic sensor, smoke sensor, gas sensor, wireless water sensors eighteen martial arts class around the clock to protect your home, in the event of security issues will also minimize losses.

Once there is a fire or gas leak, the mobile phone will automatically pop up, receive SMS or wechat push, and start the handbrake to turn off the gas, open the window, open the window and other devices to refuse the danger.

The mobile phone is connected to the smart camera at home in real time. You can also see your home anytime and anywhere through the Zhiyouju APP. You can call your parents and children in real time, even if it is thousands of miles away, love is always around!

Intelligent light control system

By connecting switches in your home to a voice robot, you can voice control your lighting equipment.

In addition, automatic induction, timing, can be triggered by heart convenient energy saving, light up colorful quality life.

Of course, under the dimming of the intelligent lighting system, the light is no longer a single lighting function, but also can adjust different applicable scenes according to the atmosphere, and understand your needs more.

Connected smart home appliances throughout the house

The realization of the whole house intelligence must realize the intelligence of household appliances, including intelligent air conditioning, intelligent refrigerator, intelligent television and so on.

And these traditional home appliances products to achieve intelligence without replacement of new home appliances, can give you the realization of intelligence of these home appliances.

Does the toilet door open inside or outside after all?

New home bathroom door open or open outside? Whether it is open inside or outside is each has its own advantages, let us introduce the bathroom door to the next.

Advantages of opening the bathroom door:

The design of the inner door conforms to our daily life habits. Ordinary people push the door while moving forward. The overall use is more comfortable and practical.

When we open the door in the bathroom, we pull in our direction, so we don't have to worry about pushing the door and causing the person behind the door.

Does the toilet door open inside or outside after all?the bathroom door opened inside is more beautiful. Because the axis of the door is on this side of the bathroom, we can't see the axis of the door outside the bathroom door, so the whole looks more orderly.

Advantages of opening the bathroom door:

The traditional bedroom door is the internal opening design, but from the safety of the consideration, the external opening is more safe, especially when the accident happens, the external opening design is more convenient for rescue, but also for the internal trapped personnel to escape quickly.

The outside toilet door can better use the space, because the toilet door will not open like the inside door to occupy the bathroom space, especially suitable for the design of small household toilet. So WE USE THE SPACE AROUND TOILET DOOR RISE, WITH DO PLACE STORE CONTENT TO RECEIVE, BEAUTIFUL AND PRACTICAL.

Warm tips: whether the bathroom door is open inside or outside, everything should be designed according to the actual situation of the new home bathroom. If the bathroom door opens to affect the placement of the built-in furniture, we should choose the external design.

Do you want to cover the Windows in your new home?

A lot of friends in decorating new home window would pack in the window is covered, wrapped up the Windows look more fashionable and beautiful, but we still need to choose according to the new home of visual situation, small make up today to bring you the new window whether package window related content, interested in quick small partners to look at it ~ ~

New window package window will increase overall household space not only beautiful, also can avoid shelter evil people and practices around the window, the window design can well protect the Windows all around metope, effectively prevent accidentally knock against situation in daily life, especially the new home we choose emulsioni paint of metope adornment, window design can prevent the window around metope traces of irreparable, beautiful and practical.

Do you want to cover the Windows in your new home?

The window cover design can also effectively increase the overall internal sealing of the new home, with good thermal insulation and water insulation effect, especially in cold winter northern cities, window cover design can reduce the gap between the window and the wall, good sealing can effectively strengthen the indoor thermal insulation performance; The window cover design itself can be well isolated from rain infiltration, and then protect the interior wall will not crack because of water.

Window design is not necessary, although its can make whole household space looks more beautiful, but the overall construction costs and labor costs are very high, and the design of window following indoor doorcase, line that play a base is a basic style, later if we want to change the overall domestic outfit style, you need to replace whole window design, comprehensive budget cost is higher, If our decoration funds are limited, we'd better think twice before we act.

The ground is decorated, do not shop the home stick marble

When the home is decorated, it is nothing more than the way of marble or ceramic tile to do a shop to stick to it, with ceramic tile will let the home give a person a kind of special monotonous feeling, now the home decoration also began to popularity with these materials. This thing had known it before, but now she was completely different. Do TO THE HOME WITH IT DECORATE MEETING TO HAVE VERY ADVANCED SIMPLE SENSE, LET THE HOME DECORATE BEAUTIFUL AND WEAR-RESISTING EFFECT. Ground decoration, do not shop at home paste marble, this kind of material is beautiful and wear-resistant!

Terrazzo can be seen in the design of hospitals or dining halls. Terrazzo is also a composite material mainly made of cement. It is cheap and more importantly, it has many styles, so that the beauty of the home will be better designed. The performance of this thing is very strong, good use will make the home out of the state full of beauty and fashion sense.

Terrazzo can also do parquet design, but the process is a little complicated but very humane, terrazzo she has a good effect of anti-skid and dustproof, with it on the ground will make our life more safe. Put a parquet design on it, just like a carpet is more safe, and it will make the beauty and practicality of the space better designed

The ground is decorated, do not shop the home stick marble

It is a pity to use it only to decorate the ground. It can also be used to design the kitchen table or the bar counter. The unique texture is used to decorate here, so that the space will be full of high-level sense and light luxury sense in this state.

It has a very good ability to resist penetration so that its waterproof and antifouling ability is particularly strong, this will let us in the management of special convenience, also do not have to worry about the use of the problem of cracking, but this is the kitchen decoration of more new material design!

Early it is used to decorate the ground, the staircase to use it to design will also appear different beauty, the staircase to layout flat and then to do the qualitative pattern, polishing these steps of the operation will be the terrazzo ground to get out, will also let the home is full of fashion sense and beauty.

Terrazzo is no longer the original few years will bring a style of veteran cadres, this kind of thing its anti-slip and wear resistance, fire resistance and other properties are particularly good, if we can give it a reasonable use in the use of early to do a hardening of it is very good.

After this completes the operation will make us late in decorating, save a lot of heart, simple decoration style will add a beautiful beautiful scenery, to home home when decorate can choose according to actual decorate a style to do, is the most simple way of decorating is the home to decorate the different modelling, although together can let a person feel some old can the update of science and technology, Let it have a more fashionable light luxury appearance level.

Small housing storage renovation plan

In small family household life, the most headache is to receive the problem, in the face of not big indoor space, daily necessities will become more and more as time, how should we make small space also can have large capacity? Today xiaobian will bring you the related content of small apartment storage transformation, respectively from the wall storage design, furniture storage design, tatami storage design, partition storage design several aspects to analyze, quickly follow xiaobian together to understand it ~

Wall storage design

The metope storage design makes full use of the indoor vertical space, neatly storing items in the metope space, reducing the occupation of the ground space.

The layout of the wall collection design close to the wall can make the interior space look more open and bright, and it is convenient for us to clean the indoor sanitation in daily life, killing two birds with one stone.

Small housing storage renovation plan

Furniture storage design

Furniture storage design, avoid too much furniture to fill the new home full, to ensure that the home space moving line free and smooth at the same time the new home space to maximize development and utilization.

Multi-functional furniture style, with the use of residents need to change the form of furniture at any time, small and changeable design style, so that the overall home space has good visual ductility, beautiful and practical.

Tatami storage design

In daily life, the upper part of tatami can be used as a bed, and the space below can be used to receive and store things. To facilitate taking every time, we can add a bed body support bar on the bed board of tatami, multi-dimensional combination mode, powerful functionality.

Tatami storage design, to create multiple home combination function, effectively alleviate the small comprehensive area is too small, insufficient storage space.

We can receive box of big dimension to place in tatami, go to the toilet to take not only still orderly, can use habit to place commonly used goods according to daily the position that is near bed body brim, the article that does not often use can place in bed body deepest.

Partition storage design

Some unnecessary partition partition as far as possible to abandon the solid wall material, choose beautiful and practical partition storage design, not only can maintain the open layout of indoor space, increase the circulation interaction between home partition, but also effectively increase the comprehensive storage capacity of indoor space.

Partition storage design, both partition and storage dual functions, strong practicability, especially suitable for some internal lighting and ventilation is not good indoor space, effectively improve the comfort of the overall home space.

How does sitting room lamp act the role ofing choose?

Living room space as an important reception area in our new home, many friends want to choose a beautiful atmosphere of lighting, good lighting style is not only convenient to use, but also to enhance the overall sense of beauty of home space, so how should we choose a cost-effective living room lighting?

Living room lighting skills

We when selecting a sitting room lighting design should be reasonable collocation according to the area of the whole space, sitting room space is compared commonly big family, we can choose a large area of the main light and auxiliary lamp with design patterns, so that we can easily meet the demand of our different lighting use, also can effectively avoid lighting a corner; If the overall living room space area is relatively small, we can choose a single main lamp design, which can meet our daily lighting needs.

How does sitting room lamp act the role ofing choose?

If the height of the living room space is relatively high, we can choose the chandelier style with the light source upward, which can effectively pull into the overall space of the distance between light and shade, perfect balance between the upper space and the lower space of the visual sense; If the height of the living room space is not very ideal, we can choose to absorb the ceiling lamp design, so that the interior space will look fashionable and beautiful, but also won't take up too much height space, beautiful and practical.

In choosing the sitting room when undertaking the lamp ACTS the role of brightness, we also want to consider the whole sitting room inside the natural lighting, wall ground colour, furniture design, etc., as far as possible choose warm color to move the light source, reduce the use of white light lighting, avoid too jump visual experience, if you can pick out lamp is to use warm color and cool color to move, we can also select multiple frequency adjustable lighting design, So we don't have to worry about it

What are the features of integrated water heaters?

Integrated water heater is to point to water heater of ark of integrated shower screen, integrated bathroom commonly, basically be aimed at bathroom space is small, the product such as new development such as improper installation. Integrated shower screen water heater is shower screen and namely heat type water heater union, bring oneself top gush, side gush, flower asperses wait for the water heater that wash bath function, need not preheat ahead of schedule, namely open namely heat, it is very convenient.

So what are the features of the integrated water heater? There are mainly the following aspects:

1. The security

Analysis of sea bath screen water heater: late alert and cover 360 degree electric wall insurance, simultaneous Haier electrical wall skills and Smith PS insurance fragmental insurance of the two major insurance guarantees, global insurance cover fragmental. Conservative electric water heater: anti-leakage cover, anti-overheating, anti-overvoltage cover; The power cord and fuselage hide the idea with a simple touch.

Experience 2.

Integrated water heater curtain heater: When hot water stays at zero, prepare to use zero cold water discharge. The comfort of a real five-star hotel. Traditional electric water heater: clean and take a bath to want energy-saving, with inconvenient pipeline cool and refreshing.

What are the features of integrated water heaters?

3. The appearance of the

Whitewashing is not effective; Ballistic and power major response wonderful. Conservative electric water heater: a red or gray, low grade, beautiful. Sea bath heater: a variety of styles, high grade, fashionable wonderful: a variety of styles, multiple panels and color options: whitewash and applicable inorganic consistent, bathhouse time pattern is more proper to improve the bathhouse whitewash title.

4. Space utilization

Shower heater: VAT, bathroom space layout more reasonable, more comfortable. Traditional electric water heater: The head is a large bucket, crowded, depressed, uncomfortable.

5. Installation

Integrated water heater: easy and convenient: easy to install, easy to move, as a washing machine. A device for conditional shielding; Wall hole, small half climb, no music, no dirt, clean easy. After the installation, it can not move, convenient when; In the process of installation, people are disturbed. Conservative electric water heater: fence disassembly simple noble: connoisseurship shade attack, is waiting at home, take care of.

Choose curtain track tips

Choosing curtain tracks is learned

In room decoration, people often bother to choose curtains, but ignore the choice of curtain track. The curtain track that sells on the market is a variety of diversiform, common track is aluminium alloy material is made more, cent on the structure is monorail and double track, pour with complete open mode on modelling "T" form simple window track and the curtain slide track that half close contain pulley is given birth to. No matter the curtain course of what kind of style, want to assure use safety, open close convenient, the key is to see the thickness that makes material.

Choose curtain track tipsIn addition to the aluminum alloy window track, there is a new curtain track. The upper part is designed like a protective umbrella, avoiding the accumulation of dust. The pulley with distinctive, rolling dexterity is made by tall strength plastic, every pulley safety load amounts to 5 kilograms, wear resistance is not inferior to metallic pulley.

Slide track uses stainless steel material, level off sex is good, bearing capacity is strong, ensure pulley won't collide with each other when working, won't change the way of original rolling drive more, make curtain pull rise agile, fluent, open open close only need to pull gently can complete. A pair of magnetic suction is arranged in the middle of the track to ensure that the curtain is closed tightly. The curtain track has scalability, disassembly is also very convenient, in the ceiling, wall can be installed. When installing, the number of brackets for fixed track is determined according to the length of track, with an average distance of 50 mm.

How to decorate the old people's room?

Elderly room decoration elements:

The setting of the elderly room is more exquisite, no matter from azimuth, decoration, decoration and other aspects need to be strictly checked. The old people live in rooms with good feng shui, which is comfortable and good for their health.

1, traditional feng shui, the northwest is the parents are, but because of the heavy cold, there is a certain impact on the elderly to live, the southeast and the south of the sun is sufficient, this room is more suitable for the elderly to live.

2, the elderly room should be close to the toilet, convenient for the elderly's daily life.

3, the elderly room ground can not be uneven, not to do platform.

How to decorate the old people's room?4, the elderly room materials should not use too much metal, it is best to use natural environmental protection materials, such as wood, bamboo, etc..

5, the tone of the elderly room should be quietly elegant, avoid the tone is too thick or too gloomy.

6. The lighting of the elderly room is mainly bright, and convenient lighting can ensure the safety and convenience of life of the elderly at home. Because the old man's eyes are not good, reading in the room needs enough light, but also easy for the old man to get up at night.

The furniture in old people's room is put also very exquisite. The direction of the body when the person is sleeping and the direction of the north and south poles of the earth are consistent for good health. Therefore, the placement of the old people in bed should be consistent with the direction of the south and north poles. A few wait for bed, deck chair, sofa to rest for the old man for long, sit the furniture that lie, also do not put in the position of right door window, in case the old man suffers wind chill when resting. Additional, carpet had better be spread in the bedroom of the old person, in case old person falls down because of leg foot inconvenience or when faint suddenly fall. Furniture of old people's bedroom should be given priority to with brunet solid wood furniture. Need not or use folding furniture less, also unfavorable use dimension too lofty combination furniture, to old people, the appropriate height of furniture and use open convenient is the key that considers.

Same, the sofa that uses for the old also unfavorable choose too soft, because it can make a person "deep-set among them", inconvenient move body. Furniture is exposed part should reduce edges and corners as far as possible, the double bed that the old man uses should be on both sides, conditional due hand to help the place, bed and sofa are a bit hard should not be too soft, sofa furniture should not reflect human body engineering, sofa should not be too soft, too deep and too short, do not sit more stand not to rise.