Bridal chamber divides flavour what practical clever move there is?

Write in front: decorate, be like life, also bitter also vexed also happy. Warm home, we need to manage attentively. A healthy home depends on our choices. Want to have a pleasant renovation? Not only to do all the preparatory work, decoration company choice, is also the key to practical decoration. There is no small matter in decoration, every step is important.

From the beginning of the inspection, measurement of the room, to the construction, and then to the completion of acceptance. Even, in addition to aldehyde, in addition to taste before moving in, we should pay special attention to the decoration details. Needless to say, any decoration details, are worth our serious treatment. Today, there is a home decoration share bridal chamber in addition to the practical trick!

Decoration, is a big project, involving hard installation, soft installation. No matter be hard outfit or soft outfit, can use various material, be like plank, coating and cloth art to wait. It is the use of a large number of this kind of decoration materials, make decoration after completion, hard to avoid odor. About peculiar smell, there are mainly two aspects: one is the taste of the material itself, and the other is the taste of formaldehyde exceeding the standard.

Bridal chamber divides flavour what practical clever move there is?No matter what kind of peculiar smell, we are required to remove or alleviate it before formal occupancy. Bridal chamber divides flavour what practical clever move there is? Like opening Windows for ventilation. Be worth mentioning is, open a window ventilated, also have skill. In winter, it is recommended to choose after 10 a.m. and before 2 p.m. In summer, benefits from high temperature + strong wind and other "airing house" advantages. Therefore, every day window ventilation time, can be appropriately extended.

However, there are frequent thundershowers in summer. So, avoid rainy weather, also be summer window ventilation is the most important. Otherwise, it is not only unable to play the effect of dispersing odor, in addition to formaldehyde, but also let the completed home, there are problems such as wall damp, the loss outweighed the gain. As for spring and autumn, it is recommended to open Windows for ventilation after the sun comes out. In addition to window ventilation, we can also use fresh air systems, high-power electric fans and air purifiers and other means to assist in eliminating odor.

Specific principle, pass increasing indoor air to circulate namely, achieve want goal with this. What be worth mentioning is, the article such as aloe, chlorophytum and tiger tail orchid, also have not common go peculiar smell effect. Still have a bit, grapefruit skin, activated carbon and tea stalk, except peculiar smell effect is good also. However, these items need to be replaced frequently.