Diatom mud TV background wall?

Decorated in the sitting room in domestic outfit is important one part, and the sitting room is decorated the most can show everyone is TV setting wall, now there are many kinds of TV wall adornment material, today to introduce you to a special hot new materials - diatom ooze, diatom ooze TV setting wall received attention to environmental protection characteristics, so what diatom ooze TV setting wall, ok? The following small make up to tell you about diatom mud TV background wall related knowledge!

Diatom mud TV background wall how much money yiping

Diatom mud generally speaking, the price of its own material is not too expensive, but with labor costs is not cheap, coupled with the diatom mud fire in recent years, to environmental protection and formaldehyde solution stunt, the price will not be low. Diatom mud wall surface 100-200 yuan/square meter, the better the brand may be more expensive. The price is for reference only, the specific price is subject to the local market.

Diatom mud TV background wall advantages

(1) there are many micropores on the surface of diatom mud that we can't see with the naked eye. The porosity of the micropores is as high as 90%. The number of micropores on the unit area is 5000-6000 times more than that of activated carbon.

Diatom mud TV background wall?

(2) The diatom mud is in line with the principle of harmony, the micropores and textures of diatom mud have double noise reduction function, the micropores of diatom mud can absorb sound noise reduction, reduce echo, and its concave and convex texture can play a diffuse reflection effect on sound, make music more charming, this is the reason why many theatres and conference halls are decorated with diatom mud, Therefore, diatom mud TV background wall is particularly suitable for listening to the use of broadcasting space.

(3) Strong artistic quality. The artistic beauty and personality shown by the dialgae mud TV background wall are unmatched by other materials, such as toulon shows the pastoral style, the classical style of ceramic lines, and the simple European style of satisfactory performance can become the finishing touch of the whole decoration. Wandering in the diatom mud space, or drinking tea in meditation, or playing zheng song, feeling relaxed and happy, transcendent and refined.

(4) The light absorption rate of soft diatom mud is very strong. Any strong light on the diatom mud TV background wall has a slow reflection adjustment effect on the strong light, so that the eyes are very comfortable, which can effectively relieve the visual fatigue caused by watching TV for a long time and reduce the myopia rate of children.

The above is to bring you the relevant knowledge of diatom mud TV background wall, you install the background wall, consider the most is the background wall style, how to improve the overall coordination of the space, and can highlight the personalized pursuit of the owner, diatom mud TV background wall all aspects of the superiority just meet the needs of the public.