Do summer bridal chamber decorate what item should notice?

Summer decoration, in time refers to June - August, this period of time, is generally the rainy season in the south, the weather is very hot, easy to lead to workers construction state is not good. So, the next and xiaobian together to discuss: summer do new house decoration to pay attention to what matters?

Decoration companies often talk about the benefits of summer decoration, in fact, there is a certain truth: construction, because the summer temperature is high, moisture evaporation fast, tile shop, compared to not absorb the moisture in cement, shop stick will be more firm. Shorten the construction period to a certain extent. So, the following xiaobian: summer do new house decoration to pay attention to what matters? This problem carries on the suggestion analysis.

With full of questions, home decoration network xiaobian for everyone to sort out: summer do new house decoration to pay attention to matters, for your reference. At the same time, in terms of decoration, if you have better suggestions, also welcome to leave a message to xiaobian.

Summer do new house decoration to pay attention to 1 - safety problems to control

Do summer bridal chamber decorate what item should notice?Due to the high temperature and heat brought by the summer weather, the fire prevention and ventilation of the construction site should be paid attention to in the summer decoration. The safety problem of summer decoration is that we need to control it. If we encounter high temperature warning, we may stop the construction. At the same time, the construction site, but also need to be cleaned up in time, to avoid dry weather and other reasons, causing a fire at the construction site.

At the same time, the summer weather is very hot, but also to remind the construction staff, do a good job of heat prevention work, avoid heatstroke during construction, affect the period.

Summer do new house decoration should pay attention to 2 - pay attention to moistureproof

Because summer is not only high temperature, or a rainy weather, to buy the decoration materials, stored in indoor ventilation and cool, dry place, and as far as possible away from water and window. And the ceramic tile that buys, want bubble water more, avoid in shop stick process, because weather is dry, the problem that causes empty drum, craze, fall off.

Summer do new house decoration to pay attention to 3 - to keep the indoor ventilation

"Formaldehyde is a breathing pain, it lives in all the corners of my house"... In the process of decoration, indoor formaldehyde is still unable to avoid 100%. For removing formaldehyde, the best way is to keep good ventilation for a long time.

Do new house decoration in summer should pay attention to 4 -- wood flooring attention to stay seam

Thermal expansion and cold contraction is a principle known to elementary school students. At the same time this also is the characteristic of wooden floor, when the shop sticks, should remember to stay aperture. And, stick in the shop inside two days, do not jump at will on the floor, run, ambulate, pile up sundry, can let the floor more sufficient agglutinate so, prevent later period to appear a problem.

The above is today's xiaobian for you to sort out about summer do bridal chamber decoration to pay attention to what matters? Share. As for the summer decoration is not good this problem, if you are anxious to live, a little earlier decoration early live new house. If you're not in a hurry, you can load it when you want.