Do you really know what to choose

Recently, people are worried about the haze, so many families have started to fight against the haze. In addition to the equipment to avoid the haze (masks), a large number of netizens will buy green plants to absorb the haze and reduce the air pollution at home.

But do you really know which plants to choose?

Do you know how to choose plants?

Buy home decoration green plants, need to pay attention to the following four points

1. The size of indoor space

2. Room use and environment

3. Personal physical characteristics

4. Personal time habits and hobbies

The size of the interior space

The size of the room directly determines the size of our activity space, plant placement can not cause too much influence on our activities.

Second of all, don’t fight us for oxygen. Because plant metabolism will also consume oxygen, especially in the night, the space is relatively small, do not put large volume, high oxygen consumption of plants.

Such as the living room, usually the area will be larger, the air is more circulation, can choose Fu Lu Tong, happiness tree, etc.. If the area is small, choose plants that can be placed on a coffee table or TV counter, such as carrots, fortune trees and orchids.

The size of the interior space

House use and environment

Domestic bedroom divides according to utility difference to defend for sitting room, bedroom, study, hutch to wait. Because the environment is different, activity content is different, the plant that puts also can have different pay attention to.

Do you really know what to choose

In pieces the bedroom

Resting and sleeping places, we spend about one third of our life here, the quality of the environment directly affects the quality of our rest. The bedroom ventilation condition does not have the sitting room good, the area is generally smaller, to choose some no irritating taste, less oxygen consumption of plants, such as hydroponic plants; Fresh cut flower bouquets are also an option.

Pieces of study

The place that the job learns, had better be to be able to put the plant that a few can absorb computer radiate, refreshing, wait like cactus, cactus, Daisy.

In pieces toilet

They are usually poorly ventilated, dark and damp, and smell strong. Can put a few can purify air, make oxygen, the plant that likes shade again, wait like orchid of skin of spider orchid, green luo, tiger, best can be water raises a plant.

Personal physical characteristics

Plant also need to consider the physical condition of the family, such as dizziness, insomnia, or suffering from cardiovascular diseases, that home do not put primrose, because it can emit a lot of exhaust gas, aggravating these symptoms.

Family members with allergies need special attention, such as pollen allergy, lily, orange stem, daffodil fresh cut flower bouquet to refuse. Pollen exposure can be a serious health hazard for allergic people. And put a few coniferous kind plant, criterion safer.

Personal time habits and hobbies

If you have a lot of time, patience and a love of flowers, you can choose plants that require constant care, such as orchids. If time is not very abundant, or do not have the patience to just want them to help you alleviate indoor air pollution, it is recommended to choose potted banyan, cactus and so on.

Personal time habits and hobbies

After understanding how to choose green plants, to see how to put green plants?

Well positioned

Decorate the illumination condition that should consider a room, the flower that branch leaves is too close is placed unbecoming, the likelihood causes large shadow to indoor, so general lofty woody view leaf plant appropriate is put in the edge of corner, cabinet or sofa back, let furniture hold off the lower part of the plant, make their upside is extended, change dimensional form and atmosphere.

Color harmony

The leaf color should be chosen to harmonize with the walls and furniture. Be like green or tawny wall does not deserve to act the role of dark green plant, otherwise Yin is heavy. In addition, the bedroom of different function also should distinguish somewhat on leaf color choice, the study should create halcyon feeling, with white, yellow (or spotted), weak pink wait give priority to; And the bedroom should increase light feeling, leaf color weak green person is beautiful.

Color harmony

Should be few but good

Indoor place adorn plant, appropriate is little but essence, do not place too much, too disorderly, leave no leeway; In the meantime, the choice of flower modelling, consider the modelling of furniture even, if changsha hair hind side, put a taller plant, produce the rhythm of change of a kind of discretion beauty.

Should be few but good

The following

Small north should recommend the following 7 kinds of plants to improve air quality in the home

1. Clivia

An adult clivia plant can absorb 1 litre of air a day and night, release 80% of oxygen, and can photosynthesize in extremely dim light. It will not send out carbon dioxide in the night, in the room of ten square meters, there are two or three POTS of clivia can absorb the indoor smoke.

Especially in the cold winter in the north, because the doors and Windows are closed, the indoor air is not circulating, clivia can play a good role in regulating the air, keep the indoor air fresh

2, bracketplant,

Chlorophytum can carry out photosynthesis under weak light and absorb toxic and harmful gases in the air. A pot of chlorophytum in a room of 8 to 10 square meters is equivalent to an air purifier.

Generally raise 1~2 POTS of chlorophytum in the room, can release oxygen in 24 hours, at the same time absorb the formaldehyde in the air, styrene, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other carcinogens.

3, aloe

One pot of aloe vera is equivalent to nine biological air cleaners.

Potted aloe vera has a reputation as an air purification expert. Below 4 hours illumination condition, a basin aloe can eliminate the 90% formaldehyde in air of one square metre, still can exterminate the harmful microorganism in air, can absorb dirt, have very big effect to purify bedroom environment.

Spots can appear on aloe vera leaves when harmful indoor air is too high. This is call for help signal, want to add a few aloe again indoors only, indoor air quality can tend to be normal again.

4. Ivy

Ivy is the champion of absorbing formaldehyde, it is the most effective indoor plant to absorb formaldehyde at present. In a room of 10 square meters, 2-3 POTS of ivy can play the role of purifying air; It also traps fine dust.


5, duck feet wood

Duck feet bring fresh air to smoke-filled homes. The leaves absorb nicotine and other harmful substances from the smoke-filled air and convert them into harmless plant-owned substances through photosynthesis. In addition, it can reduce formaldehyde concentration by about 9 milligrams per hour.

Wood duck feet

6. Bamboo with turtle back

The function of turtleback bamboo to purify the air is slightly weak, it is not like the chlorophytum, aloe is a generalist in purifying the air. But the effect of bamboos glabra on removing formaldehyde in the air is more obvious. In addition, bamboo has the effect of absorbing carbon dioxide at night, to improve indoor air quality, improve oxygen content has a great help.

And the turtleback bamboo plant is generally larger, elegant shape, leaves are relatively sparse and beautiful, so it is a very ideal indoor plant. When ripe, the fruit can be cooked and tastes like pineapple or banana.

Bamboo of curvature of the

7. Cactus

Cactus has a strong anti-inflammatory sterilization effect, in dealing with pollution, cactus is the best plant to reduce electromagnetic radiation. In addition, cacti absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen at night. Cactus is placed in the bedroom in the evening, which can add oxygen and is conducive to sleep and health.

The cactus

Green plants are not only decorative, but also natural purifiers. However, they should not be chosen blindly. They must understand their functions before making a decision.

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