Does the toilet door open inside or outside after all?

New home bathroom door open or open outside? Whether it is open inside or outside is each has its own advantages, let us introduce the bathroom door to the next.

Advantages of opening the bathroom door:

The design of the inner door conforms to our daily life habits. Ordinary people push the door while moving forward. The overall use is more comfortable and practical.

When we open the door in the bathroom, we pull in our direction, so we don't have to worry about pushing the door and causing the person behind the door.

Does the toilet door open inside or outside after all?the bathroom door opened inside is more beautiful. Because the axis of the door is on this side of the bathroom, we can't see the axis of the door outside the bathroom door, so the whole looks more orderly.

Advantages of opening the bathroom door:

The traditional bedroom door is the internal opening design, but from the safety of the consideration, the external opening is more safe, especially when the accident happens, the external opening design is more convenient for rescue, but also for the internal trapped personnel to escape quickly.

The outside toilet door can better use the space, because the toilet door will not open like the inside door to occupy the bathroom space, especially suitable for the design of small household toilet. So WE USE THE SPACE AROUND TOILET DOOR RISE, WITH DO PLACE STORE CONTENT TO RECEIVE, BEAUTIFUL AND PRACTICAL.

Warm tips: whether the bathroom door is open inside or outside, everything should be designed according to the actual situation of the new home bathroom. If the bathroom door opens to affect the placement of the built-in furniture, we should choose the external design.

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