French pastoral decoration style color collocation guide

French pastoral style belongs to natural style series, optional, natural, not artificial decorate and decoration means, can build the idiosyncratic life that gives European classic country to occupy the home, let the home have the adornment of natural flavor and easy not affectation collocation.

1. Create a smooth feeling of space with lively colors.

French pastoral style is full of fine features everywhere. It is easy with the color such as the yellow that has natural characteristic, green, and green plant collocation is used together, deduce downy bedroom atmosphere jointly.

3. Our living room is pink and green, the study is pink and blue, and the master bedroom is pink and purple. If more than three colors are used in a room, it will make the space look scattered.

French pastoral decoration style color collocation guideDeserve to act the role of decorate

1, accessories casual plain design. Using natural materials, handmade products and simple and elegant warm colors, emphasizing warm, simple and natural. Natural flavor decoration and generous not artificial collocation.

2, "natural, comfortable, environmental protection, qing qing" French pastoral style, a large number of the use of floral patterns of various cloth and hanging ornaments, and French furniture elegant outline and exquisite chandelier complement each other.

3. Log materials, kapok prints, hand-spun woolen, tweed and flax yarn fabrics are generally used. Natural cut stone stone, special shape. The pattern is basically square grid, flowers and grass pattern, vertical stripes and so on.

4. For details, use natural furniture, such as rattan furniture, planting and drying flowers or fireplaces. Use warm colors to make the space look warm and welcoming.