Household match color advanced feeling: unite with opposite principle

Unity and oppositional listen to be two contradictory words, household environment matches color, want to be united even oppositional again namely, listen to meeting at a glance to feel contradiction, how can accomplish unity oppositional again possibly, is this not embarrassing a person? Not really.

Household environment unified color refers to the overall pattern of large color consistency, not to the east a west a appear desultorily, whole room such as use inside your home is no color, these color is black and white ash, or use the same hue, such as metope is light pink, deep some sofa, but they are all red. Or it is to use the same kind of tonal color, such as deep red, dark blue dark gray collocation, they will let the home have advanced feeling, because they have consistent attributes, give a person the feeling of unity and harmony.

Household match color advanced feeling: unite with opposite principleOpposites mean that cool colors are opposite to warm colors, such as blue and orange, yellow and purple, and red and green, which have sharp contrast and make people bright and eye-catching.

So when decorate we want on the background color of large area uniform color, while small place need to use the opposite of the color, such as sofa, bed, cabinet with these places we can contrast (let him out from the background, play the role of an ornament or active space, color if too will not focus on unity, oppose too will appear mentioned above.