Household soft outfit includes what

The soft decoration in the house mainly includes six aspects.

(1) the furniture. Soft furnishings include everything from the entrance hallway to the living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and study. The type of furniture basically has supporting sex furniture, it is representative with sofa and bed. Store sex furniture, with chest and all sorts of receive ark to be representative. Still have it is adornment kind furniture, pure play adornment sex furniture, for instance the clapboard on the wall.

(2) cloth decoration. The role of cloth decoration in home decoration is to soften the interior space and express the interior personality. Its basically include the curtain of each room, carpet, desk flag, antependium, hold pillow to wait. Reasonable cloth art adornment can promote the class of the home immediately, let the home look more high-grade.

Household soft outfit includes what(3) the lamps and lanterns. Lighting fixtures and decorative lamps in each room. According to modelling we can divide lamps and lanterns for droplight, absorb dome light, shoot light, canister lamp and floor lamp, desk lamp, mirror headlamp, wall lamp, candlestick lamp. Among them desk lamp, floor lamp and candlestick lamp are used socket, can be mobile belong to mobile lamps and lanterns. Other lamps must be fixed called stationary lamps.

(4) Floral art and green plants. Floriculture and greenery refers to the variety of indoor plants chosen for the home. Although the indoor floral art and green plants are humble, they can satisfy people's aesthetic pursuit. There are a variety of flower art and green plants, chlorophytum, tiger's tail orchid, winter jasmine and so on.

(5) Decorative paintings. Decorative paintings are the ornament of the wall, which can make your home more artistic. According to the style, paintings can be divided into Chinese ink painting, western oil painting, and printmaking. According to the subject matter is more diverse, there are figure painting, scene painting, still life painting and so on.

(6) The role of craft ornaments and decorative paintings is almost the same, can make the home more emotional appeal, according to the categories can be divided into two categories of decorative pendants and decorative ornaments.