How is toilet azimuth designed after all?

The net says: your home toilet door can't be facing the door, because one enters the door to see private toilet inelegant. So, when it comes to feng shui decoration, there is a similar argument: the kitchen, is the master of health and wealth feng shui important boundaries, special attention should be paid to the feng shui here must not be destroyed, especially, can not be affected by toilet foul gas.

Xiaobian found that we have more problems in this area, so today we will analyze the problem about the toilet door. Next, xiaobian in this for the owners of friends sorted out the dry goods: feng shui decoration how to do: how to design the location of the toilet is good. Need suggestions forward favorites, I hope this share is helpful to you.

How is toilet azimuth designed after all?Actually, in contemporary decorate, the problem that geomantic go up tells, appear more at ancient time, the cleanness of modern toilet, far win before, ancient toilet is very unsightly sanitation really, pardonable also geomantic study said so.

However, to say the solution, in fact, is not difficult, a word to sum up, this method is called: out of sight, out of mind.

Method one: door to door, change the position of the door and move around slightly to adjust, or in the structural design of the time, directly change the direction on the line.

Method two: design invisible door. This kind of door is not difficult to buy, invisible door, such design, can rise with whole wall confluence, do not look seriously, still do not look.

Method three: barn door. This kind of door xiaobian is actually not used, I heard it was very popular, because it has a high level of appearance, but also as a decoration. However, it should be noted that the sealing and sound insulation of this barn door is not good, and you can hear the sound of running water inside after closing the door. If you watch many horror movies, don't install it...