How should the toilet that does not have window decorate a design?

There are some rooms in the decoration of the toilet is doomed to be no Windows, so many owners will be distressed because the toilet has no Windows, the following small series to explain to you how to decorate the toilet without Windows.

The bathroom lighting

There are a lot of windowless toilets that don't have ceilings and can leave 20cm of outdoor light, close to the kitchen, and can use kitchen lamps. You can also choose light-colored tiles to brighten the room and make the space look better visually. You can install lights to illuminate the space. Using mirrors with light sources will also increase the brightness of the space.

Bathroom deodorant treatment

The most afraid of is the smell of the toilet, water pipe is the source of the smell of the toilet, toilet for preventive treatment, water pipe can be u-shaped to prevent the smell of water pipe backup, the ground should also be clean floor drain position, to avoid debris accumulation, keep the water flow unimpeded.

Toilet waterproof

The interior decoration of the toilet is waterproof in the middle, usually at least twice. If the bathroom leaks, the walls will become moldy and fall off, and it is difficult to deal with. So the first waterproof coating, in order not to leak, must be waterproof test.

How should the toilet that does not have window decorate a design?

Toilet ventilation

How do you ventilate a windowless toilet? Although there are no toilets, exhaust fans can be used, or small ventilation channels can be installed, or fresh air systems can be introduced to filter exhaust and keep the air circulating inside the room.

The bathroom dehumidification

The air in the bathroom is humid, which can easily breed bacteria and produce odors. Consider installing an exhaust fan or bathroom to avoid long-term humidity and keep the bathroom clean and fresh.

Of toilet decorate should consider above detail not only, often clean even, maintain the cleanness of toilet.

For the toilet without Windows today shenyang Xingbang decoration xiaobian is introduced here, I hope to bring you more help.

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