Is it a good idea to tear down walls?

In the face of high prices, many people have to choose a small area of the house, in order to make the home appear more transparent, more and more people will choose to give some segregation space unnecessary wall to "open", "to design" has become nowadays one of the popular trend of home design, knock some impractical metope, can make a bedroom more open, at the same time improve space utilization, Make it more versatile.

01 Living room and balcony get through the partition between the living room and the balcony, the balcony directly into the living room, not only can extend the living room space, make the room more transparent show large, lighting is superior, but also can expand the living room activity area, accommodate more guests.

If the living room area is big enough, or do not want to abandon the balcony function, you can try to cause the balcony area of life housekeeping, customize the housekeeping cabinet with good matching size in advance, put the washing machine, dryer here, and in the housekeeping cabinet planning to receive sundry closed cabinet and open case, orderly receive sundry, convenient daily life.

Of course, in addition to home economics area, but also according to your needs, after getting through the balcony custom platform, set desk, receiving cabinet, booth and other cabinets, the balcony is transformed into leisure area, office area, parent-child activity area... Let balcony function more diversification.

Is it a good idea to tear down walls?

02 living room and dining room through the living room and dining room between the wall (non-load-bearing wall) knocked off, presenting an integrated design, not only can make the room space appear unified, the whole more open, but also can make the air more circulation.

If you feel that there is no obvious division between the living room and the dining room, you can customize a bar in the middle, which not only distinguishes the function, but also won't make the space feel dull. The bar can also become a temporary office area or leisure area, so that the guest restaurant space is more functional.

03 Restaurant and kitchen get through the restaurant and kitchen, the kitchen will be open, the dining tables and chairs are placed in the kitchen, which can not only make the space more significant, but also improve the utilization rate of space, to solve the pain points of many closed kitchens. As to the lampblack problem that a lot of people worry about, need to change ordinary lampblack machine into integrated kitchen only, can avoid major lampblack diffuses to other space.

When the moving line between the restaurant and the kitchen is shortened, it not only makes daily activities more convenient, but also enhances the interaction between family members. People at the table and people cooking can chat without barrier, and the family is more happy and warm. 04 bedroom and cloakroom get through with advocate lie adjacent small room transform cloakroom, knock off wall body, plan the position of bedroom door afresh again, advocate small room and advocate lie, can stretch dimensional feeling not only, also promoted the space to receive ability on the greatest degree, can accommodate the clothings and bedding of four seasons easily. Besides receiving clothings outside, still can establish a dresser here, let this space have change clothes, dress up the function such as at the same time.

If feel cloakroom and sleep area function partition is not clear enough, you can choose to do simple block and partition in the middle, get up in the morning when changing clothes, will not disturb the other half of sleep. Partition material selection, glass, low cabinet partition can, compared with the original wall partition, glass partition will make the bedroom more transparent.

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