Kitchen receive rack stainless steel choose and buy skill

The kitchen is an important place to cook delicious food, so there is little variety of food materials and bottles, if placed everywhere, soon the kitchen will appear messy situation, affecting the mood of the cook. Receive those who wear appear, let small article can be orderly put, let a kitchen have enough receive a space. The kitchen on market receives stainless steel to have a lot of kinds, how should consumer choose and buy? Let’s look at that in a second.

First, how to buy stainless steel kitchen storage rack

1, stainless steel material

In the selection of kitchen storage rack stainless steel, material is the most important, because the kitchen water vapor comparison, also need to sauce, vinegar, alkali and other substances contact, so 304 stainless steel material is the best choice, it can prevent rust, acid resistance is strong, and clean concise and convenient.

2, capacity size

The selection of capacity size is related to family members, if the number of family members is large, it is recommended to choose large capacity or lengthened and widened storage rack; If domestic member population number is less, can choose medium number or small capacity can, won’t take up a space more.

Kitchen receive rack stainless steel choose and buy skill

3. Deepen the dish rack

When choosing dish frame, the proposal chooses deepens better, when depositing dish more safety, won’t cause the circumstance that breaks bowl carelessly because of hand slippery, with also more rest assured.

Two, the kitchen receiving rack effect diagram recommendation

1, fashion multi-functional wall hanging kitchen storage rack

This wall hanging storage rack design is beautiful and generous, with super storage function, mobile design, save storage space, easy to use, home life essential.

2, all stainless steel wall hanging storage rack

This wall-mounted storage rack has a super load-bearing effect and can enlarge items. Design design is simple and fashionable, width moderate and reasonable, small family kitchen is indispensable.

3, simple fashion home kitchen wall hanging storage rack

This is a convenient and practical design, so that you can no longer put pot cover everywhere, vertical storage pot cover, powerful design, whether it is pot cover, chopsticks, props and so on, so that your kitchen is clean and clean at the same time, cooking easier.

4, personalized avant-garde home wall hanging storage rack

The shelf design of stainless steel is very good, it applies to the kitchen not only, it is the place such as bedroom, sitting room, study can be placed, have very good home outfit effect.

5, modern kitchen wall hanging storage rack

Simple and fashionable design, let bottles and cans and all kinds of road have a place to stay, bid farewell to messy, safe and hygienic, modern home kitchen recommended.

6, modern European wall hanging storage rack

Receive wear also can elegant vogue, accord with the lasting appeal of Europe type classic kitchen very much, instantaneous increased the sweet feeling that lives in, not only practical and domestic outfit effect is super good.

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