There are tricks to choosing a house

Buying a house is a very important thing in life, whether it is a new house or a second-hand house, it is not easy to buy a satisfied and comfortable house, especially in the inspection of the time, choose a non-" problem room "but there is a certain technical content.

Whether the height is up to standard

If the height does not reach the standard, it will make the future life to produce a sense of oppression. And reduce the height is also a way to save costs for developers, so when inspecting the house, the first is to pay attention to whether the height is up to standard, if not up to standard, would rather not. In fact, the method of inspection height is very simple, the ruler along the two walls of the shade Angle measurement, and at the same time measurement room in many places, to see whether the contract standards can be achieved.

Whether the wall is leaking or cracked

The seepage of the new house wall happened from time to time, the most serious, the whole building under all the Windows of the wall seepage. The acceptance wall selection before the house, the next day after the heavy rain to check. If there is something wrong with the wall, it must be obvious.

There are tricks to choosing a houseWhether the kitchen and bathroom waterproof

Some projects had declared beforehand did not do hutch defends waterproof, that needs oneself to do. Especially the second-hand house, we must ask whether we have done the waterproof work in advance, if the delivery has been waterproof, it is necessary to check to see if the waterproof is done. This must supervise personally, if be in after decorating just discovery waterproof had not done, that is very troublesome, have to dismantle had decorated a new ground to do a new waterproof.

Whether water and electricity are free

The first is to check whether the water and electricity of the house is on. Of course, for some advanced decoration, most of the water and electricity later to replace, so sometimes these content is not the key, but if you do not plan to replace the water and electricity, especially the second-hand house, then these things must be seriously accepted.

Whether the pipe drains smoothly

The pipeline referred to here is the water pollution pipeline. Especially if it is a sewage outlet like the balcony, when accepting, take a water holder in advance and pour water into the outlet. See if the water runs smoothly. Why do we need to check this? Because in the construction of the project, there are some workers in the cleaning will often "steal" this work, pour some cement slag into the drainage pipe flow away, if the cement is sticky, it will be blocked at the elbow, causing drainage difficulties.

Whether the sealing of doors and Windows is normal

The most troublesome thing about the sealing acceptance of doors and Windows is that they can only be tested in heavy rain. But generally can be confirmed by checking whether the sealing rubber strip is complete and firm. The level difference that balcony door wants to see inside and outside commonly. Can have such a kind of circumstance, the level of the balcony and indoor level are identical actually, such, avoid the problem that rain water penetrates in heavy rain day very hard.

Room interior flat whether there is error

Acceptance of this, for the general user is a certain degree of difficulty. Check level is to measure the horizontal error of the furthest indoor ground from the door and the interior of the door. Check whether there is an error in housing flat, many times can also reflect the construction quality of developers. Because serve as owner square, it is impossible to check and accept main body structure fundamentally. Then the quality can only be judged from these details.

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