There's no need to decorate these four places

Domestic outfit resembles wearing clothes, the more element appears more easily desultorily, multifarious and not practical. Excellent decorate a design to want to be good at using every inch space, use it greatly limit, not be all tide element pile up in the space, the thing of a few superficial showy can occupy a space only, waste money, do not decorate at all necessary.

The content of this period summed up indoor 3 kinds of can avoid adornment decorate a place, for everybody reference, specific plan can be arranged according to individual be fond of.

1, complex ceiling

Will decorate in the family in design rich variety of condole top modelling, layer number, plus light take or add the gesso line complex texture pattern and so on, to fill the ceiling of the empty space, to build an atmosphere of different administrative levels feeling and feeling, but if you ignore the height of high and low, the problem such as the size of the space, complex pattern opposite, not only cause severe lower storey height, And not conducive to daylighting, visual feeling uncomfortable, looks outdated and so on.

In fact, for most families, concise condole supports the demand that can satisfy adornment sex, add simple plasterline, retained clean and pure coping space, pure and fresh comfortable sex gives bottom richer adornment space, already save money atmosphere.

There's no need to decorate these four places2, TV background wall

Traditional TV setting wall will become the focus of the sitting room adornment space, in order to give prominence to the style and life grade, many people will use marble, such as the novel, the style of the wooden materials to decorate the background wall, but in today's environment, the use of television frequency is not high, the nature has been shelved, and complex TV setting wall will increase the difficulty of cleaning up again, it is very inconvenient.

The TV setting wall that sees a few concise and easy again or it is the practicability of projection wall is stronger, need not worry the problem that drops ash also can save material, perhaps mutifunctional TV ark can satisfy daily receive need more.

3. Too much lighting

The main action of lamplight is to satisfy illume need, hold concurrently adornment function again at the same time, can adjust the life atmosphere of the family. But cannot reverse primary and secondary demand and choose, it is primary starting point with adornment, overmuch feather lamp, crystal lamp, touch ash easily, cleanness rises special also laborious. At the same time overmuch do not have advocate lamp, floor lamp also does not need, need to choose appropriate lamp to act the role of and amount according to dimensional demand only, avoid excessive loss to light up, achieve beautiful and comfortable can.

Bedside table

Bedside cabinet in this article refers to the head of a bed at the top of the cabinet put oneself in another's position of some complex, some are designed to meet the demand of the background of the head of a bed wall to receive large concave type to receive ark, formed a kind of aeriform oppressive environment, not only experience feeling uncomfortable, but as to receive don't convenient also need to access items bed, also not convenient to use, and make the price of the cabinet put oneself in another's position is not cheaper than the finished product tank.