TV background wall how to choose atmospheric grade

As the saying goes: people rely on clothes, horse saddle, a house is no exception, need their own careful decoration, "home" to create their favorite appearance, the end of the house will always look empty, need to wait for furniture, soft decoration, to be able to move in. Today, I will share with you the effect of my hard decoration just completed, the north-south transparent house, the effect of marble tiles on the floor of the guest restaurant is very bright, the TV background wall is decorated with stone on the wall, the effect is atmospheric and grade, the effect of the whole room is very simple and comfortable to live, very satisfied. Can not help but give you a sun, I hope you like, ready to decorate and are decorating friends, remember to collect spare, can be used as a reference case oh.


Enter porch corridor ground undertakes laid with gray attune imitate marble grain ceramic tile, the position of right hand side is the area that enters door shoe ark, did not install now, the stone material that the metope of left hand side uses TV setting wall is outspread all the time shop sticks past, atmosphere is concise.

The sitting room

There is a spacious balcony outside the living room without sliding doors, so the overall space looks particularly spacious. The ground is also paved with gray marble tiles, decorated with two circles of black waveguide lines to enhance the atmosphere. The square roof of the top surface is designed to improve the layering sense of the living room. It is equipped with down lights and hard lighting environment with lamp belt. The TV background wall is paved with stone as a whole, and the effect is simple and elegant.

TV background wall how to choose atmospheric grade

The restaurant

There is also a balcony outside the restaurant, which serves as a laundry room, storage room and a place to hang clothes. The floor tiles and ceiling design of the restaurant space continue to maintain the unity and coordination of the overall effect. Three increasing chandeliers are installed in the center of the top surface to create a lighting environment.

Panoramic view of guest restaurant

Balcony Angle of view of the guest restaurant, north-south transparent house, lighting and ventilation effect are particularly great. The collocation of integral hard outfit and colour is very concise also, let a person look comfortable also.

The kitchen

Kitchen installs glass sliding door segregation lampblack, gray floor tile collocation white metope ceramic tile undertakes shop stick, let a space look more sedate. Customized L type cabinet operating platform + suspension cabinet, solid wood door plate combined with white quartz stone mesa, practical atmosphere and grade, and storage has a lot of space, daily operation is more convenient.

The master bedroom

Bedroom space ground undertakes shop stick with wood color real wood floor, tie-in metope white emultii paint stucco, all round climax horn uses plasterline adornment, promote aesthetic feeling. And the bedroom also has a small balcony, can be used as a leisure area, very comfortable.

Advocate defend

Toilet wall ground whole carries on the shop with white room marble grain ceramic tile to stick, present a clean and neat effect, shower area ground all round design drain trough + block water, undertake dry wet separation, avoid bath water everywhere flow, won't affect a space already very practical again. Customized black marble basin bathroom cabinet, with a large bathroom mirror, atmospheric and practical.

Second lie 1

Second lie hard outfit and advocate lie consistent, maintained integral style unity, and contain a small balcony likewise, get through after the space is promoted capacious feeling.

Second lie 2

The hard outfit of small bedroom also is consistent, contain a wave window, laid white marble above, most recreational Angle, very appropriate.

Second lie 3

The 4th bedroom also is such, hard outfit is same concise and open bright, sit to wait for furniture to enter now.

Time to who

The secondary bathroom space is designed to separate dry and wet pattern, and the bathroom area is also customized marble basin bathroom cabinet, with a large bathroom mirror, especially practical and improve the sense of space.

Among shower area ground too tall design discharge cistern + block cistern, assure of toilet dry and neat, closestool chose squat pit, clean sanitation, and clean rise convenient also.