What design does the balcony have is excessive decorate?

There has always been a space in the home with endless possibilities. But because small, was ignored for a long time. The balcony gentleman expresses: "you direct report my name got, don't beat around the bush again". Balcony, a space that lets a person love hate hand in and add. Love, remodeled, home more practical. Hate, will not transform, the balcony is chicken rib space, only to pile up sundries and air bask clothes.

Say without exaggeration, if look for a professional stylist to help transform the balcony, won't have the embarrassing problem that little space cannot use. Want to make appearance level + practical balcony, detail is key.

Excessive decoration, it is to his home house, excessive decoration, including excessive decoration, receive excessive and excessive color. To the balcony that is ignored often, also put in excessive decorate. Balcony which design is excessive decorate? For example, tile is plastered all over the wall. Traditional balcony, emulsioni paint is metope decorates first selection. Contemporary balcony, wall decoration is no longer limited to latex paint, tile join the team.

What design does the balcony have is excessive decorate?Just, ceramic tile can not resemble emulsioni paint same, wayward shop sticks to top. Recreational balcony or the life balcony that does not install condole ark, do not have necessary ceramic tile shop to stick to the top completely. After all, ceramic tile shop sticks to the top, the purpose is to provide better waterproof, moistureproof for balcony ark. Did not have actual circumstance according to the balcony, capricious full wall shop sticks ceramic tile, did not have due effect not only, still wasted precious budget.

What design does the balcony have is excessive decorate? Complex condole top, also be among them delegate. Beyond doubt, condole supports to go up in promoting balcony simple sense, had vital effect. However, the ceiling can not be arbitrarily installed. If the height is lower than 2.6m, it is not suitable to install suspended ceiling. After all, the more complex condole supports, occupy the balcony layer height more. In addition to the installation of balcony lamps and lanterns, clothes racks, also need a certain height.

Multifaceted comprehensive action falls, the balcony can be pulled low because of layer height, appear depressive feeling problem. Recreational balcony, do not need to install floor drain. After all, the main function is leisure and no water will be used. Floor drain is installed below this kind of circumstance, it is the excessive decoration of a kind of wasteful budget. What be worth mentioning is, balcony metope is waterproof, do not have necessary besmear to brush too tall. If according to toilet standard, also be to belong to excessive decorate.