What if it's too hot at home?

Recently, many people across the country have been in hot water. The southern sky seemed to leak a hole, continuous rain for two months. In the north, the situation is the opposite, the temperature is rising. Among them, Henan began to "debut", become the national heat center, is hot "Kenan". High temperature continues to "code", perhaps only air conditioning can save.

But air conditioning isn't everything. Most of the time, even if the air conditioning is on, it will feel hot and stuffy. Investigate its reason, still a few in the home prevent heat detail processing not in place. Comfortable home space is made, need to do all aspects of detail.

Summer home prevent heat, should start from buying a house above all. Simply speaking, when we buy a new home, do not choose "western sun" apartment. As the name suggests, a house that is exposed to sunlight all day long. It may be nice in winter, but in summer it's a furnace in your home, several degrees warmer than the rest of the room. If be chosen unfortunately "western bask in" door model, be about to reduce the effect to acceptable level.

What if it's too hot at home?First, use cool materials. Tiles, that's a good thing. Slip - proof, waterproof, wear-resisting and easy to clean, just basic function. The characteristic of ice ice cool, let ceramic tile become midsummer drop in temperature "artifact". The area such as porch in the home, sitting room, dining-room and balcony, can shop stick ceramic tile. Even, some are not afraid of "return south day" door model, metope also can shop stick ceramic tile, drop in temperature effect more obvious.

Ceramic tile, should pay attention to leave seam shop stick. No matter ceramic tile or cement, can be affected by heat bilges cold. Appear when indoor inside and outside temperature difference, do not leave the ceramic tile that seam shop sticks, can produce arch rise and the problem such as craze. A few days ago, the road surface warping in Xuchang, Henan province, is caused by the thermal expansion and contraction of cement SLATE under high temperature. Besides ceramic tile, material of vitreous material pledges, metal pledges and the adornment such as stone material pledges, also have the result that the vision drops in temperature. Specific how to match, it is suggested to choose appropriate materials for decoration according to the actual style and house type.

Perhaps many people do not know, blue, white and mint green cool department of the whole house color scheme, with its own cooling function. Of course, the color can not be abused, or to consult a professional designer. PS: Green plants are placed in the living room, balcony and other areas, which also have a cooling effect.

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