What is the decoration of mud and wood operation

The three major sequences of mud-wood construction are preparation stage, construction stage and acceptance stage. Construction preparations are also divided into environmental preparations, material preparations, and tool preparations.

One, mud and wood construction preparation stage

The environment, materials and tools should be prepared before construction. First, check the construction environment. Check whether the ground is flat, whether the wall is vertical, whether the Yin Angle and Yang Angle is square and straight, whether the seam is neat, whether the waterway, switch, socket layout installation standard, check whether qualified. Secondly, prepare construction materials. Face brick, cement, sand, doors and Windows are mainly needed in the construction process. Cement to use the same variety can not be mixed; Sand particle size should be moderate; The brand of face brick, quality, after sale wants qualified. The size dimension that understands face brick beforehand, facilitate calculation needs how many material. Finally, it is necessary to prepare the corresponding tools, such as hanging line, ruler, leveling ruler, plane, square, hammer and so on.

What is the decoration of mud and wood operationTwo, mud and wood construction stage

In the process of construction, all kinds of order is also certain pay attention to, if not in order, it is easy to cause rework phenomenon. Before installing door cover, ambry stick ceramic tile first, be like toilet and kitchen wall brick, stick finish wall brick stick floor tile again, wait like balcony floor tile. After sticking brick, want to remember to do ceramic tile gap to fill. Second is the foundation of the bathroom masonry, the construction of the ground waterproof layer. Finally, the kitchen and bathroom floors.

Three, mud and wood construction acceptance stage

After the completion of construction, we should know how to check and accept, to see whether the construction is qualified. Check whether the ground is flat, toilet, kitchen waterproof layer is up to the requirements, flat brick without empty drum, cracking and other phenomena, the construction project is perfect.

Four, mud and wood construction matters needing attention

1, before the construction to do a good job of waterproof treatment, especially the kitchen, toilet and balcony these three places.

2, the load-bearing structure of the house, the outer wall, the original waterproof layer and other facilities can not be destroyed at will.

3. Check whether the water pipe and leakage are unobstructed before construction.

4. When ceramic tile is bought, it can be bought a little more, and a few pieces are left after construction for a rainy day. Decoration should not only be beautiful, but also safe and healthy.

Mud-and-wood construction is less visible and easier to modify than other projects. Once the mud and wood construction is done, you have to start from scratch. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the construction sequence and matters needing attention.