What small appliances are worth buying in the kitchen?

When buying home appliance for bridal chamber, the kind of electric appliance of the kitchen and quantity are undoubtedly the most, and the electric appliance product that emerges in endlessly and countless praise, a lot of time head is hot follow the wind bought, and the discovery in using process did not imagine medium good.

Today, we're going to talk about niche appliances in the kitchen and see if they're an "IQ tax" or the right thing to do!

One, fruit and vegetable washing machine

Fruit and vegetable washing machine is IQ tax?

A: Fruit and vegetable washing machine is not used to clean "fruit and vegetable surface visible dirty things", such as soil, insects, but used to clean "fruit and vegetable above invisible harmful substances", such as pesticide residues, microbial bacteria, clenbuterol, hormones and so on.

In addition, fruit and vegetable cleaning machine purification technology: ultrasonic, ozone, plasma, hydroxyl water ion net (a new generation of purification technology).

Finally, the power of the machine is also very key, the effect between small power and high power is certainly different, and electrical appliances tend to power the greater the effect of the better!

Ps: It's not a necessity, but it can deeply wash food and make it more safe to eat, so it's a really good choice as a cleaning aid.

What small appliances are worth buying in the kitchen?

Two, vacuum molding machine

Vacuum preservation can effectively inhibit the oxidation of active enzymes in the food, also can effectively inhibit the reproduction of microorganisms, prolong the quality and freshness of food; In addition, vacuum preservation processing of food, not only higher sealing but also easy storage and save refrigerator space; And the vacuum packaging also has the characteristics of being clear at a glance, there will not be the problem of "frozen pressure can not distinguish what is in the plastic bag" (ordinary plastic bag often appear "defrosted only to find the wrong" problem).

At present, vacuum fresh-keeping mainly includes "vacuum fresh-keeping bag" and "refrigerator with vacuum fresh-keeping function". Among them, vacuum fresh-keeping bag is divided into two kinds, one is vacuum plastic sealing by vacuum plastic sealing machine; The other is to achieve the purpose of vacuum by pumping air through manual suction cylinder.

Air fryer

With microwaves and ovens, why do air fryers still exist?

First of all, air fryer baked food tastes like fried food, which is very attractive to those who like fried food. At the same time, it has the characteristics of little or no oil, which makes "fried food" more healthy to eat. In addition, the heating efficiency of the air fryer is fast, which makes it quick and delicious to roast intestines, sweet potatoes, wings, corn, dried meat and French fries.

However, due to the limited capacity of the air fryer, it is not convenient to cook large food such as roast chicken, and the surface of baked food is relatively dry, so it needs to be brushed according to the properties of the food, otherwise the baked food will most likely end up in failure.

Ps: The functions of microwave oven, oven and air fryer overlap with each other. The functions of microwave oven are more extensive, such as heating meals and defrosting food are very practical. Therefore, it is recommended to choose microwave oven as the first choice.

Four, kitchen waste processor

If the family often cooking, cooking and washing dishes, will produce a lot of "kitchen waste", under normal circumstances, each time need not next 3-4 times to repeat the following behavior: one hand to lift the sink filter cover, and then hold the other hand, to avoid sewage, grease, kitchen waste dripping on the ground, and then poured into the garbage bucket.

In addition to the headache of garbage classification requirements, it is a happy thing to have a kitchen waste processor, which completely avoids the problem of "breaking bags in front of the garbage can for garbage classification, and no good way to clean dirty hands (for most people it is unacceptable)".

At the same time, if you have a dishwasher installed in your home, it is more convenient to pour the kitchen waste directly into the sink with the kitchen waste processor, and then put it into the dishwasher for machine washing, rather than into the trash bin, so you don't have to worry about spilling the soup.

But the kitchen waste processor is not "what kitchen waste" can be poured into it, too thin may not work, such as shrimp skin, fish scales and so on; Long fiber may not work, such as corn clothes, zongzi clothes; Things that are too hard may not work, like shells and bones.

Five, silica gel scraper (silica gel shovel)

It's not a kitchen appliance, but it's still recommended.

Its main function is to clean up the residue, with a silicone spatula (or silicone spatula) to scrape the residue from POTS and pans into the garbage can/sink, can scrape very clean oh! Compared to kitchen paper towels (consumables), the silicone scraper can be reused and your hands won't touch the oil.

Well, today about the kitchen small household appliances to share this, in addition to the "silicone shovel" the rest of the four appliances are basically said to be IQ tax, but the public opinion, for people in need of basic addiction, also shows that do not follow the trend to buy, easy to step on the pit.

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