Which restaurant design is over-decorated?

In the busy city, everyone is struggling for their own small home. The goal is also very simple, have the strength to buy a just need housing. Just, as a result of the reason such as economic condition, the house that buys, more or less existence a few door model blemish, for example daylighting is bad to wait. These "stubborn" door defect, let next decorate link, become more difficult.

After all, in addition to economic factors, there is also the question of how to solve, or mitigate, the impact of various apartment defects on our lives. Even, still can because of momentary negligence, let oneself home decorate, had a few not practical design.

As an old Chinese saying goes, "Food is the life of the people." The continuation of our lives, and the health of our bodies, depends on food. The restaurant is not only the main space for the family to enjoy food, but also a very important place for communication. A good restaurant decoration, but also for us to increase appetite. Even if some households do not have a restaurant, later will try to squeeze out a.

Which restaurant design is over-decorated?Only, restaurant decoration often appear excessive decoration. Which restaurant design is over-decorated? Complex ceiling counts as one. Say without hyperbole, the existence that complex condole carries on the head, while covering the flaw such as conduit, beam, also be to let oneself home appear more ground lofty go up virtually. However, for the dining-room that is less than 2.6 meters to height, complex condole top is nightmare simply, let dimensional depressive feeling aggrandizement greatly.

Therefore, if the height of the restaurant is less than 2.6 meters, it is not recommended to install a complex ceiling. Simple gypsum line ceiling, flat ceiling, appearance level is also long-term online. About the excessive decoration of dining-room existence, complex lighting is also one of them. The principle that supports with complex condole is same, complex lamp acts the role of meeting to cause layer insufficient dining-room likewise, occurrence depressive feeling problem. So, whether dining-room installs complex condole top, lamp is acted the role of, want to consider from economic respect not only, dining-room layer height also is key place.

It is worth mentioning that the restaurant is also excessively decorated. Although the existence of ground plug can solve the problem of eating hot pot or making tea without sockets. However, the actual frequency of ground plug is very low. At the same time, the disadvantages of ground insertion are also obvious, such as health dead Angle, safety risks. Oh, and no fancy dining room walls.