Would you like to make a restaurant seam?

As the saying goes, "Food is the life of the people." Food, clothing, housing and transportation also ranked second. To sum up, both ancient people and modern people attach great importance to eating. However, many people ignore such an important need - eat, but also to have a good environment. Say without exaggeration, have the dining-room that collects appearance level, practical at an organic whole in the home, have dinner mood also can feel subsequently cheerful.

It can even have an effect on appetite. It is worth mentioning that the restaurant is an important place for family communication. Therefore, restaurant decoration is extremely important.

Alleged beautiful seam, it is the aperture between ceramic tile and ceramic tile, give fill with specific material rise. The gap between the tiles? Perhaps some people think that the direct seamless paving can solve the problem. Forehead, because ceramic tile, cement mortar or ceramic tile glue can be affected by thermal expansion and contraction, so seamless paving is not feasible. Consequently, ceramic tile shop sticks need to reserve certain aperture.

Would you like to make a restaurant seam?For these ceramic tile gap, if a long time does not go to fill, ceramic tile joint will appear ash, mildew and blackening and other problems, not only is to pull down the level of home appearance, but also cause an impact on health. Generally speaking, the United States seam construction, more suitable for the bathroom and kitchen. After all, these two Spaces are either damp or damp + lampblack. Would you like to make a restaurant seam? I suggest you do, otherwise it will be very troublesome.

Whether the whole house should be stitched depends on individual needs and budget. But one thing is for sure, kitchen and sanitary sewing must be done. After all, it is also a costly expense to find professionals to do the whole house. If individual budget is sufficient, want to have ceramic tile shop of better guest dining-room stick effect, so the proposal makes beautiful seam. Restaurant seam, seam agent color selection is the key.

Don't match? Try gold, silver, black, white, gray and other versatile colors. In other words, follow the principle of matching depth, that is, dark ceramic tile with light color seam agent, light ceramic tile with dark seam agent. If feel beautiful seam is too expensive, want to fill ceramic tile aperture again, then switch to fill seam agent with good quality, waterproof, mildew-proof wait pretty good. If you feel that caulk is not resistant to dirt, you can wait for it to dry and then apply a coat of varnish.