Note that the material is good for metal stamping price.​

In the market of financial crisis, all companies are shrinking their costs, such as reducing their own scale, improving the company's efficiency, improving quality and using the most suitable material for products. It is also important for the company to make a profit by choosing materials for products; ​let us get to know some of the materials used in punching processing hardware stamping parts.​

Metal stamping parts will be used in the material: SECC electrolytic plate, SGCC galvanized plate, hot plate, SPCC cold plate, SUS 201 stainless iron, SUS 304 stainless steel, standard aluminum and non-standard aluminum 6061 and copper.

The commonly used materials of electrolytic plate are NSECC-QS1,SECC-AFP and SECC-P5, etc. Most of these materials are imported materials. When the product has no special requirements, the small editor is not recommended to use it. The price of the product is not advantageous.

Galvanized sheet also has many categories, such as commonly used with or without flower galvanized sheet and flower galvanized sheet, flower galvanized sheet is divided into large flowers and small flowers galvanized sheet. In the absence of special appearance requirements that have flower board is not recommended to use, the appearance is beautiful but easy to peel when bending processing. The price is also a little more expensive than the flower galvanized sheet.

Hot binding plate has metal stamping manufacturers common SPDC plate and Q235 plate, suitable for products, but the toughness of the cold plate is not as good as the toughness of the cold plate material, cold plate and hot plate made of parts also need to do surface treatment. No coagulation is to increase the production cost of the product.

Note that the material is good for metal stamping price.​

Stainless steel models are SUS 201, SUS 202, SUS 303, SUS 304, SUS 316, and SUS 430. Among stainless steel, the most affordable material is SUS 201; ​sUS 303 is the most suitable material for machine accessories, and SUS 316 is the best material for acid and alkali resistance. Stainless steel is generally more expensive than iron. In the case of parts without special requirements, will not choose stainless steel material.

The commonly used models of aluminum plate are AL 1050, AL 1060, AL1100, AL5052, non-standard aluminum 6061, AL 7075 and AL 8011. Generally speaking, the aluminum plate model is AL 5052 and non-standard aluminum 6061 is more commonly used. Copper has red copper and red copper. Copper and aluminum are precious metals and are not suitable for parts without special materials.

To sum up, iron is more suitable for metal stamping products, and still does not need to do surface treatment.​

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