How to test the drainage slope when toilet inspection room?

The toilet can be said to be a place we use very frequently, so when inspecting the house, we need to pay special attention to its situation, such as whether the drainage slope is qualified. So, the next part is to discuss with xiaobian: how to test the drainage slope of the toilet room?

The following is the content of the arrangement for you: the steps of the bathroom inspection link, for your reference.

Matters needing attention in toilet room inspection - drainage slope part

The bathroom room inspection process needs to use tools: table tennis

Note 1: How do I use table tennis? Want to be in wei yu, balcony area only actually, go placing a table tennis, observe sphere whether roll toward the direction of floor drain, will check its drainage slope with this method. Before doing so, it is best to simply clean the ground so that the ball does not get in the way of small rocks.

How to test the drainage slope when toilet inspection room?Note 2: Xiaobian suggests that the drainage slope of 2% to 3% is the best in the bathroom area. You can also find neighbors to cooperate, do waterproof test, check the waterproof effect. If you encounter some small problems during the test of the bathroom housing inspection, don't panic, you can consult the property management to solve them.

Under normal circumstances, can solve the problem in the decoration, can also be solved when checking the house, but if it involves the main structure of the house and safety problems, if the circumstances are serious, it can ask to check out.

Let's talk about the inspection link, water and gas parts need to pay attention to matters

During the acceptance of water, electricity and gas, the following tools are needed: electric pen, birdbath and lighter. The following steps can be generally referred to:

Step 1: use an electric pen to check the guy's total switch socket, whether it is energized.

Step 2: Pull down the switch and observe whether the power can be turned off from the switch socket. Check whether the water, electricity, and gas meters are all 0.

Step 3: In addition, to check the strong and weak electrical box, see if the label is clear, check whether there are mistakes or leaks.

Step 4: Finally, water can be connected to the basin to test whether the drainage floor drain is unblocked. You can also use a lighter, light the paper, put it under the flue, observe whether the smoke will be sucked away, in order to check the effect of smoke exhaust

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