What materials can the laser cutter cut?

Laser cutting machines are metal and are often used for cutting Metal Laser Cutting Service. The materials that can be cut are:

1. Carbon steel

Modern laser cutting systems can cut carbon steel plates up to 0, 1mm thick. Laser cutting low carbon steel heat affected zone is very small, the incision is smooth, smooth, good perpendicularity. For high carbon steel, laser cutting edge quality is better than low carbon steel, but its heat affected zone is larger.

2. The stainless steel

Laser cutting is easier to cut stainless steel plates. High power YAG laser cutting system, the maximum thickness of stainless steel up to 4mm.

3. Alloy steel plate

Most alloy steels can be cut by laser with good edge quality. However, tool steel and hot die steel with high tungsten content will produce corrosion and slag inclusion during laser cutting.

f2fedd5836e1250a5bf5098080c178ef4. Aluminum and alloy plates

Aluminum cutting belongs to melting cutting, the use of auxiliary gas to blow away the cutting area of molten material, in order to obtain better cutting surface quality. At present, the maximum thickness of the cut aluminum plate is 1 mm.

5. Other metal materials

Most titanium and titanium and nickel alloys can be cut with lasers.

There are also some materials that cannot be cut by a laser cutting machine. For example, stone and leather cannot absorb the wavelength of laser cutting machine, so they cannot be cut.

Density board and other materials are composed of plant fiber, wood fiber and other materials and high density, cutting will cause burning, cutting edge will change paste, so laser cutting machine can not cut this kind of material.

Rare metals like copper, which can damage protective lenses, can't be cut with lasers.

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