Desenke DI-SORic sensor (Germany)

Di-soric has 25 years of experience in supporting, developing and producing standard and special sensors in the field of industrial automation. Di-soric has many years of experience in sensor technology. Due to its high-quality expert team and excellent modern production equipment, it can develop, produce and sell standard and special sensor products.

The company's headquarters are located in Urbach, east of Stuttgart, and its production and R&D base is located in Ludenscheid, south of Dortmund. Dessenke's products serve thousands of customers in Germany. There are not only small and medium-sized customers, but also large international groups, as well as several automobile manufacturers.

Outstanding features: Dsenk DI-SORic's unique selling point is that its products are widely used by customers around the world, especially the trough photoelectric switch, which was invented 20 years ago. The establishment of a product customization system is a major advantage of the production department of Desenke DI-SORic. Di-soric's products have been successfully certified by the world and European Union quality standards. Trademarks have also been registered, and the quality management system ensures a complete set of high quality product quality.