Easy to remember and easy to use tips to maintain a lawn mower, we found!

As a new era weeding equipment, lawn mower plays an important role in landscaping and agricultural production. Its invention is a great progress of human civilization. ​A lawnmower, also known as weeder, mower and lawn mower, is a kind of equipment used to mow lawns, vegetation and so on. Lawnmower is generally equipped with a blade or grass rope, which is driven by the engine to achieve high speed rotation of blade or grass rope. Using a lawn mower can save workers' working time and reduce labor costs. Today, I will take you to understand the daily maintenance method of lawnmower.

Easy to remember and easy to use tips to maintain a lawn mower, we found!

1. When using a lawn mower, every 10 minutes, it is necessary to stop the equipment and clean the grass chips on the radiator. This is because when the lawn mower is working, the grass chips will adhere to the radiator, affect its heat dissipation function, and even cause cylinder pulling phenomenon and damage the engine.

2. The length of the grass rope should not be too long, 10-15cm is appropriate, the grass rope is too long is not easy to play, nor easy to control, you can refer to the heavy equipment manuals operation.

3. When installing the straw rope, a knot should be tied on the shaft or the straw head, and the rope will come out from the opposite direction, otherwise the rope will fall off in the process of grass.

4. The length of the grass rope at both ends should be consistent, otherwise the grass will shake due to imbalance.

5. Lawn mower rope is only suitable for young grass, more robust shrubs are more suitable for blade mower.

6. In case of abnormal vibration of the machine during operation, the engine must be stopped immediately.

7. The machine must be operated with both hands. Single-hand operation is forbidden.

Compared with the traditional knapsack mower, the hand-pushed mower has a wide range of mowing, higher efficiency and more time and labor saving. It is mainly used in factories, municipal and property lawns, golf courses and villa gardens, etc. It is equipped with a 60-80L large-capacity collection bag and can be flexibly disassembled. Do you think it is necessary for everyone to understand the use and maintenance of the equipment? Please share with us in the comments section.​

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