Home air conditioning skills

Air conditioning is an indispensable part of people's modern life, providing people with coolness in hot summer. At present the air conditioning on the market is full of beautiful things in eyes, all sorts of styles, brands also have a lot of, but quality and price are uneven, a lot of consumers do not know how to choose at all. Take everyone to understand the skill of choose and buy of household air conditioning below.

1. Identify the brand

The air conditioning product on the market has a lot of, although do not choose big brand, also want to choose a brand with good public praise, good quality. The advantage of choosing a brand is that it can give us more protection, and they are more professional and can provide us with more professional products and services.

A good brand can ensure the implementation of after-sales service, because air conditioning is a large household appliances, after-sales service is very important. According to the relevant provisions of the state, the compressor should be guaranteed for 3 years, if blindly cheap, buy weak enterprise strength, brand awareness is not high products, then endless trouble. "Quality is fundamental, quality is guaranteed", because the strength of the enterprise, high brand awareness of the air conditioning, relatively speaking, the quality is more stable. Such enterprises not only strong technical force, but also pay special attention to quality itself, buy such product quality is guaranteed.

Home air conditioning skills

2, choose a good merchant

After choosing the brand of air conditioner, consumers also have to decide where to buy it. When buying air conditioners, it is particularly important to choose the business. Strictly speaking, air conditioning is a kind of semi-finished product, after should pass professional team installation, debugging, ability is used. If the installation and debugging is not good, it will bring a series of faults, such as leakage of pipe connection, unclean air discharge, man-made faults caused by debugging, etc., which will not only affect the use effect, but also add many troubles. Moreover, many after-sales service measures of manufacturers also need to be implemented and implemented by businesses, so it is very important to choose good businesses.

In the choice of pair of businessman, had better choose those to have actual strength, the big businessman that has influence in place, because these businessman manages breed much, sale much, have professional installation, debugging team commonly, its installation, debugging quality is guaranteed, after-sale service is more perfect also.

3, quantity of house purchase

Air conditioning is a large consumption of household appliances, if the power of the choice is too small, can not play a role; If the power is too large, and waste. So when consumer is choosing air conditioning power, want quantity room to buy.

Household air conditioning has its use range, consumers should choose the type of air conditioning according to the area of their own rooms when choosing and buying, generally according to the following formula to calculate the refrigerating capacity required by the room, heat. Cooling capacity Room area ×140W to 180W; Heat production room area ×180W to 240W. Additional according to the direction of the room even, floor height and sealing degree do appropriate increase or decrease.

You can also buy flexibly according to the design of the room. According to the room type, buy small power air conditioning, each tube each room. So, the surface looks, the first period investment is much, but look for a long time, still be economical. For instance the 3 rooms of 110 square metre 2 hall, can buy 2 air conditioning of type of a cupboard to be put in the sitting room, already but sitting room is used but dining-room is used again, the bedroom divides the small air conditioning that installs 1 piece. This is more reasonable than just buying a 3 - piece large air conditioner in the living room.