How should bath towel wear choose

Bath towel rack can be seen in every bathroom, bath towel rack we hang towels to put clothes are very convenient. So what position is the most appropriate to install bath towel rack in the bathroom? The position of installation is very exquisite, the following is to say that the bath towel rack is installed in what position is good, and some tips to choose.

In what position is bath towel rack installed

1. There are many different styles of bath towel rack, so the installation position of different styles is also different. When choosing the location, it is suggested to install the bath towel rack on the relatively empty wall in the middle of the toilet. The general bath towel rack is mainly installed in the height of about 1.8 meters above the ground. Bath towels are placed on the upper layer and towels are hung from the lower tube. The double-tube towel rack is mounted on the empty wall of the bathroom area. It is about 1.6m above the ground when mounted on a single tube towel rack. Individually mounted, about 1.5 meters above the ground.

2. Then, the position of the towel rack needs to be determined according to the height of the individual, and it should be installed in a convenient place to take it. Generally speaking, if there is a bathtub, it can be installed above the bathtub. The towel rack of the general bath is installed between 0.9 meters and 1.4 meters from the ground. If there is no bathtub, it can be installed in the shower or the side.

How should bath towel wear choose

How should bath towel wear choose

1. Bath towel rack can be selected according to the material, and then the installation function can be selected. It can also be selected according to the size of different family toilets, so as to avoid the drawbacks of the contradiction between bath towel rack and toilet size.

2. Material, if it is not to rust, then choose space aluminum, if it is copper chrome plating is easier to rust and astringency; Pure copper does not rust but is expensive. Copper is still used for a long time, but when you buy it, you should pay attention to the weight, some copper is very thin is not good, but also look at the electroplating process, electroplating process is poor with a long time will generate patina.

3. The style of bath towel rack style each different, when the choice to qualify for the home decorate a style, the color of the towel rack should match the faucet, mirror, on the leading edge water is silvery white, the edge of the towel rack also if the silver, or simply no edge, but don't use golden edge, otherwise it will make people feel very not harmonious.

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