RGB full-color LED, APA102 is better than WS2812B

APA102 is a dual-line control (SCK (clock line),SDO(data line)) with clock speed up to 30MHZ.

Ws2812b RGB LED strip is a single-wire control with only one data wire. It depends on the duty cycle to determine whether it is 0 or 1. The transmission time of a BIT is about 1.25us, so you can only transmit a maximum of 800Kbit per second.

APA102 is more expensive than WS2812. However, APA102 is easier to control than WS2812. Of course, they all have controllers.


Cent two kinds, a kind of for a total of anode, is a kind of common positive, you can check your sharing lamp bead is negative or positive, using method like ordinary lamp bead, but cannot series more than when used together, can only be parallel, or you'll mixed color if you do not even know circuit basis, suggest you still buy the finished product or please understand people to help you, To achieve colorful LED control that will involve a relatively deep circuit knowledge and hands-on ability, not just talk about it.

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