Shoe cabinet knowledge skills

Shoe cabinet is every family can not be little, on average a person’s shoes have 5-8 pairs, a few people shoes number is doubled, in order to let the home of the shoe cabinet better use, many owners will consult: what kind of shoe cabinet? Actually “what kind of shoe ark is good” cannot generalize, for the family that is having different demand, “better” shoe ark may differ somewhat.

First, shoe cabinet styleBefore discussing which kind of shoe ark is better, it is necessary to understand the style of shoe ark first, I think shoe ark is divided into two kinds roughly, finished product shoe ark and custom model shoe ark.

Shoe cabinet knowledge skills

1. Finished shoe cabinet

Finished shoe cabinet is easy to move, the position is not used to use, you can move to the more appropriate position you think; Finished shoe cabinet is easy to change, do not like for a long time or too old to change the new can be replaced at any time; More refined finished shoe cabinet style will become a very good decoration in the home……

Finished shoe ark is bought simple, need to choose appropriate design and dimension only, waiting to deliver goods to the door is ok, but because its disspace structure has been fixed, can satisfy a family to use functional demand not necessarily so, this is the place with larger its limitation.

2. Custom shoe cabinet

Customize ark of model shoe can be united in wedlock the specific dimension that puts a position, individual be fond of, decorate style, functional demand to wait to undertake “private order is made”, it is in use functional meeting is closer to your demand, but it is not easy to change and move also need to consider inside. The style of custom shoe ark roughly has the following kinds:

The stepped shoe cabinet. Step type shoe ark will different use function discretion strewn at random setting, the form that lets shoe ark no longer “inflexible”, rich shoe ark is in dimensional administrative levels.

Shoe cabinet knowledge skills

Stepped-type shoe cabinet usually matches the design of shoe changing stool, which will be more comfortable when changing shoes, and does not have to make the space crowded because of the need to add another shoe changing stool; Hook is set above the shoe stool to hang clothes, bags, keys and other convenient and practical. Will change shoe stool area or other area is lesser “functional partition and large area of the material of cabinet put oneself in another’s position is different color, had” deep, shallow “contrast, dark or light color to attract more attention, and the color of the cabinet put oneself in another’s position” stealth “automatically, thus reduce the pressure brought by the big volume of cabinet put oneself in another’s position, especially the smaller as some place I don’t think this is the tip will be more useful.

⑵ Embedded shoe cabinet. Ark of embedded shoe is “enter” wall body, won’t let oneself abrupt, the dimensional integral sex that is in with it is better, and as a result of its complete face can be in same plane as surrounding wall body normally, won’t have oncoming oppressive feeling when taking the door so.

⑶ “empty” shoe cabinet. Shoe cabinet to do “empty” processing, below the hanging height of about 150mm can be easily placed most replacement shoes, but also combined with the height of most shoes in the home to determine; Be in “upper part” do cabinet body, below “split body” processing, certain height between put apart (be in commonly 500mm or so can) use to place the article such as bag, key conveniently take.

Two, the choice of “good shoe cabinet” notes

1. Area of shoe cabinet location

The area of shoe ark place place and the design of shoe ark have more direct concern. The larger the area can choose the design according to their own functional needs, preferences and so on, but if the area is small, you can only choose the appropriate style according to the area first, and then choose the style you like in the appropriate style, as far as possible to meet the functional needs and match with the decoration style, there will be limitations.

Shoe cabinet knowledge skills

2. Family members

There are elders or children in family member, the shoe ark that contains change shoe stool can be better choice, because can let them be a few more comfortable when changing a shoe.

3. Functional requirements of families for shoe cabinets

Shoe ark design choice “starting point” on the needs of the function of the family, in addition to the need to meet to receive shoes, shoes, buy substance such as purpose, sometimes it “existence” is not merely a shoe ark “simple”, so the door location it may need to use together with porch partition, the shoe ark design must consider how to combine with porch.

4. The family environment you want to create

Sometimes “indomite stand ground” shoe ark can cause more to the space “complete” break up, affect the pattern of domestic space or daylighting, the lesser circumstance of the space still can become cramped; And use “half tall” shoe ark design won’t appear this kind of situation, it won’t be dimensional “space”, can increase dimensional administrative levels feeling however, the influence to domestic pattern is not very big, also want to combine the area of family and the domestic environment that wants hard outfit to choose so.

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