Thermosetting powder coating is mainly used in what industries.​

According to the use of powder coating powder classification mainly

1, insulation powder coating powder

Insulation is the main requirement, followed by decoration. ​But it must have excellent heat resistance, physical and mechanical properties and flexibility.

Suitable for the coating of electronic components, electrical accessories and motor rotor.

2, heavy corrosion powder coating powder

Requirements for anticorrosion performance, but must have excellent anticorrosion, impact strength and flexibility.

It is mainly used in petrochemical pipelines, storage tank, metal structures and ship fittings.

3, decorative powder coating powder

The film must have a good appearance, the curing film does not have yellow, good physical properties, some varieties and has good weather resistance.

It is suitable for household appliances, meters, cookware, lamps, display stands and automotive parts.


4, building powder coating powder

It requires both decoration and weatherability, and has good physical and mechanical properties.

​It is suitable for building doors and windows, door locks, metal structures and pipe fittings, engineering equipment and other outdoor facilities.

5, antistatic powder

Similar in performance to insulation powder coating powder, used in the equipment room and other anti-static places.

At present, most of the powder manufacturers in China can only produce the second and third kind of powder coating powder. There are relatively few powder manufacturers in categories 1, 2 and 5.

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