What is an electronic lock and what are its benefits?

The need to protect our home and workplace is not new; since ancient times there is a record that human beings used their ingenuity to manufacture security systems.

Thanks to technology we went from a piece of wood or metal crossed, to electronic locks, a modern device whose benefits we indicate one by one.

What is an electronic lock?

It is a lock that, in addition to having the same elements as a mechanical lock, incorporates innovative ways of operating that make it safer and, therefore, more attractive for those who want to improve the security of their spaces.

In general, when buying an electronic lock you will find in the package: a fixing plate, the lock body, a closing plate, screws to fix it and it may also include the controls with their respective batteries.Best Electronic Door Locks

The fixing plate has a strong adhesive to fix the lock on those doors that cannot be screwed or altered.

How is an electronic lock installed?

To install an electronic lock you must follow the following steps:

Verify that the lock package includes all its components.

Have the necessary tools: screwdriver, hammer, chisel and mallet.

Mark the place on the door where the electronic lock will be installed.

Install the fixing plate using the included adhesive or the screws, as appropriate.

Insert the lock body into the fixing plate and secure it using the included screws.

If necessary, level the frame up to the height of the door so that it closes correctly.

Fix the closing plate on the door frame, at the same height that the lock was installed on the door.

To activate the lock, insert the batteries into the hole provided for this purpose.

Program the controls following the manufacturer’s instructions.

What are the benefits of an electronic lock?

Whether you install them as the main security tool or as a support point for common locks, the benefits of electronic locks are many and we will indicate them one by one:

Electronic locks are very safe, it is difficult to force them because they do not work mechanically; In addition, the way of installation means that they are not visible from the outside.YeaPei

An electronic remote or key can be programmed to open all the electronic locks in one place, thus reducing the volume of keys to carry from one place to another.

If you wish, additional keys can be programmed for each lock.

Keys can be deleted from the system if they are lost or if access is to be restricted for any reason.

The owner of the electronic lock has the possibility of modifying the accesses remotely, through security software and according to their preferences.

They are easy to install and do not require specialized personnel to do so; although the most advisable thing is to have expert professionals so that the installation does not present vulnerabilities.

In general, the batteries of this type of lock have a life of 12 months, so it is not necessary to make a constant change, although it should be monitored.

Newer models include features such as alarms and notification sounds that can be programmed by the owner as needed.

As long as the installation instructions are followed and the status of the batteries is checked frequently, both those of the lock and the controls, it is an excellent option to keep your spaces safer.

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