Which kitchen designs are over-decorated?

In decorating the family, the kitchen is holding the effect that hold the balance. To know: "food is the life of the people". If the kitchen is not properly decorated, you may not be able to eat three meals a day. After all, a poorly handled kitchen will not only affect the chef's mood, but also deprive the food of an ineffable flavor.

All the time, "gold hutch silver is defended" this decorates common language, supervise us to do kitchen and toilet to decorate. Just, as a result of a variety of reasons, the kitchen is decorated to still can put in a few problems, receive for instance to do little, socket is not quite used. Today, there is a home decoration sharing the excessive decoration in the kitchen decoration process!

Overdecoration, literally means that the project could be simple decoration, but willfully spend a lot of money to do complex decoration. In fact, the circumstance that decorates excessively, in current home outfit market quite common. The reason is very simple, decorate experience to be lacking, think expensive is good. In fact, this idea is wrong. In many cases, simplicity is better. After all, any decoration has to start from reality.

Which kitchen designs are over-decorated?Which kitchen designs are over-decorated? The hanging cabinet uses an upturn door. Serve as the main receive of the kitchen, ambry divides for ground ark and condole ark again. Among them, turn over the door is one of condole ark commonly used open the door. The flip door, which opens with a push, actually has some drawbacks: it's hard to close. Did the condole ark that passes top design, go up turn over a door design to appear some chicken rib -- too tall, average person is not quite.

At the same time, the hardware fittings used on the door are also much, and the overall cost is higher than the flat door. Considering in many ways, the flat door is more suitable for the hanging cabinet. Which kitchen designs are over-decorated? White marble countertops are also representative. Although marble countertops can enhance the texture of the kitchen, white marble will slowly turn yellow after prolonged exposure to water. At this time, the kitchen appearance level will be affected.

So instead of spending a fortune installing white marble countertops that turn yellow easily, save your budget for more important renovations. As for the kitchen table, it is recommended to choose a comprehensive quartz stone with higher cost performance. Actually, kitchen shop sticks wooden floor, also be excessive decorate. Even if the foot of wooden floor feels good, more let kitchen simple sense soar. But, the kitchen of much water, high lampblack, wooden floor still does not suit.

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