Who has a hair lengthening experience, can you share?

Well, I just had my hair done yesterday. My hair is just below my chest. I got it because I wanted to have more hair and thought it would be easier than wearing a wig every time (because my hands are broken and lazy...)..​

Has been check before I take long hair can you jump, and consulting has been doing hair hair extension manufacturer, he said do not have what problem, so I remember that starts thinking anyway, don't try to cough up almost can search a Tony teacher wrote articles about receiver species introduction, Suggestions can glance before, just take a look at, know about, Because when you go to the barbershop, you're gonna have to do what Tony does because I have three kinds at Tony's.

I do patch, mid price, more than 2000 (mainly because of poverty)


I don't feel much when I connect the hair. I don't need to repeat the process. I don't think I can make money from Tony this single high-speed ~ The feeling after connecting the hair is that the scalp doesn't have a very painful feeling, because Tony about how much hair to connect is related to your own hair volume ~

Now I have a lot more hair! A handful!! In the past, a loose black hair circle could be tied three or four times. Now hair a fist has been thicker than wrist hahaha! But Tony told me that I had better go to the barber's to wash my hair once or twice. If I wash my hair myself, it might be difficult to get the patch done.

I'm going to wash my head again tomorrow to find Tony luo (* • ̀ ᴗ ́ *) ̑ ̑ plus a digression, I just said, from the perspective of increasing my hair amount if you want to be the "other little sister's hair and hair are very expensive, so students party does not recommend, take pictures or daily classes that don't consider the wig oh

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