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How is small family kitchen designed? 5 small kitchen design points to save limited space

How is small family kitchen designed? The kitchen space of small family limitation always lets a person bind hands and feet, install one net to share 5 small family kitchen design point for everybody below, save limitation space easily.

How is small family kitchen designed? 5 small kitchen design points to save limited space

The kitchen area of small family above all is very limited, increase kitchen space is chief problem. There are usually some useless partitions near the kitchen, such as the partition of the dining room, the partition of the toilet, we can get through the partition of these non load-bearing walls, to increase the floor area of the kitchen.

Two, reasonable planning, choose the right cabinet

As the main space in the kitchen, the cabinet is also the soul of the kitchen. A kitchen that breaks through a partition usually has a four-cornered space. At this time everybody had better be used to cooking and demand, the type of ambry of reasonable planning. Use the kitchen area as much as possible to create more countertops and lockers.

3, use corner, make store content spaceA lot of small family kitchen can be occupied by a few load-bearing walls, so the form of the kitchen may not be too founder, a few corners are existing. At this point we can make the most of the space around the corner. Choose for example a few can rotate store content ark or metope buy content wear will increase the receiving space of the kitchen.

Four, ceramic tile, increase the brightness of the space

Because the use area of the kitchen is limited, go up in the use of integral colour so, need is given priority to with plain color. The hard decoration of the kitchen must avoid flowers and willows, and do not use strong contrast of light and shade decorative materials, which will make the kitchen appear jumble and crowded. And in the choice of material, do not choose wood.

Five, glass doors and Windows, to create a sense of light

How is small family kitchen designed? 5 small kitchen design points to save limited space

After the decoration inside the kitchen and display are installed, we use the space of door window as far as possible even, the light of the outside with the aid of, will let the visual sense of the kitchen expand. Transparent glass Windows can be installed on the window, and glass doors can be installed at the entrance to the kitchen, which will not only show strong results but also give people a sense of depression.

Do you want a wall closet or not? Enter wall type chest advantage and disadvantage analysis

Entry type chest no matter be interior structure is designed, still be exterior design, mix with the bedroom is an organic whole, natural as a whole feeling, get the like of a lot of owners. So, the bridal chamber decoration after all should not do into the wall wardrobe? Here is a network to take you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the wall wardrobe ~

Enter wall type wardrobe advantage

Do you want a wall closet or not? Enter wall type chest advantage and disadvantage analysis

The size that can undertake design according to the height of wall body, space, trendy beautiful and practical be in harmony, can use wall body space effectively, enlarge life space, trendy beautiful, practical strong.

Into the wall wardrobe can be designed according to the height of the wall, the size of the space, in the pursuit of new fashion and beautiful at the same time, but also practical, in the wall to create an embedded wall wardrobe is effective use of the wall, expand the living space.

The appearance of the wall wardrobe can be customized according to the overall decoration style and color of the interior, and the decoration effect of the whole room is mixed into one, such as the color of the wardrobe door and the color of the floor or the bed echo.

According to the needs of life, the cabinets inside the wall wardrobe can be flexibly combined. If there are many family members, an overall wardrobe can be divided into several cabinets of the same size. The cabinets inside can be designed differently according to the needs of different family members.

Do you want a wall closet or not? Enter wall type chest advantage and disadvantage analysis

Enter wall type chest to have flexibility very much now, customer can make to order according to the size of his home, and the internal structure of cabinet body also can undertake permutation combination according to actual need, the discretion that includes layer board, drawer, try clothes lens, grid wears, pants wears etc.

Disadvantages of a wall closet

The wall closet is not perfect, it also has disadvantages: the layout of the home can not be changed at will, the wall closet can not be moved at will; The size and space of embedded wardrobe are limited; Installation process is difficult, installation should be careful not to wear the surface.

What do you need to pay attention to when customizing your wardrobe? Don't waste money on these wardrobe hacks

Custom wardrobe whether it is plate or design, in order to use in the future need to close before decoration. What do you need to pay attention to when customizing your wardrobe? Today, install a network for you to sort out some of the decoration custom wardrobe tips, let's have a look!

First, choose a good plate

Custom chest plate on the market has a lot of kinds, such as particle board, multilayer solid board, density board, the pine board, ecological board, wood, etc., I will say some simple, a budget is directly choose real wood, solid wood, want to ask what is the wood, for instance, cherry, ash, teak, hua li, etc., advice directly to choose ash, ash grain is good-looking, At the same time the price is relatively moderate.

Custom wardrobe board drawing
Lower budget, if choose particle board, particle board should choose imported love case board or kronospan plate, the plate relative to environmental protection, love, is to Japanese F4 star environmental standards, formaldehyde content is less than 0.3 mg/L, but even plate environmental protection standards, also do not want too custom cabinets, and avoid pile up, the whole space is likely to exceed bid.

Custom wardrobe board drawing
If you choose plate to customize the wardrobe, you should ask what plate is used for edge sealing, such as now more popular laser edge sealing, glue to use imported environmental protection glue.

Of course, the plates of other domestic brands can also be selected, but to choose trusted customized brands or stores.

Two, wardrobe door panel selection

Generally, the wardrobe is divided into two kinds: sliding door and the door. If the space is small, it is recommended to choose the sliding door, but the sliding door also has disadvantages. The sealing effect of the sliding door is not as good as that of the sliding door.

And the door is a more traditional wardrobe door, basically there are no shortcomings, the price is cheaper, as long as there is enough space to open the door, convenient to pick up clothes.

Three, the internal layout design

Chest internal layout design, according to the needs of your family to design, such as family like to fold the clothes, then some folding zone, more family like hanging clothes, then the suspension, this if you don't mention demand, some designers, just to help you find a template is designed, so the pay special attention to.

According to the height of the human body, it is generally divided into three areas: the top area, the middle area, the bottom area.

Custom wardrobe plan
The top area is generally difficult to take, so there is no need to do too much laminate on the top, leaving a larger space for putting quilts or suitcases.

The central area of the folding area can be made of several more layers, it is recommended to choose adjustable, so that the later can be flexibly used!

Bottom area can be designed more than a few drawers, the drawer can be used to put underwear or documents, anyhow receiving is receiving artifact, install more than a few total won't be wrong!

If an older member of your family likes to watch TV in the room, consider incorporating the TV into your wardrobe when customizing it.
Four, wardrobe storage

What do you need to pay attention to when customizing your wardrobe? Don't waste money on these wardrobe hacks

Now there are a lot of the wardrobe accessories, such as some rotate clothes tree, drop rack, trousers rack, these also is according to the demand to choose, if your family rarely wear pants, there is no need to buy pants, ordinary jeans fold up or hang up is ok, no special exquisite, more several drawer, but I personally feel chest drawer is best suited to receive, Drawers can be used to hold socks or underwear, so when you customize your wardrobe, make more drawers.

Five, the size of the wardrobe

Custom wardrobe plan
Height of wardrobe: it is recommended to achieve the top design, for example, the floor is 2700mm high, it is recommended that the wardrobe also be 2700mm high, so that the top of the wardrobe can be used to put the quilt or suitcase that is not commonly used.

The width of chest: this should decide according to the space, this is not specific to say much wide.

The depth of the closet: under normal circumstances, the depth of the sliding door closet is 600mm, the depth of the closet is 550mm, but if you add someone else is tall, the shoulder width of the clothes is relatively wide, you can consider adding 50mm, sliding door to 650mm, the depth of the door to 600mm.

Wardrobe partition height: the partition height is generally made of 350mm-500mm, and it is recommended to make the partition movable, so that in the process of use, it can be adjusted by itself.

What do you need to pay attention to when customizing your wardrobe? Don't waste money on these wardrobe hacks

Six, customized wardrobe matters needing attention

1, ask clear hardware accessories, such as hinges, drawer guide rail with what brand.

2, how much is a chest drawer, these small details should be clear.

3, do not need to install additional fares, handling fees, etc.

4. How long is the cabinet warranty? Have you signed a contract?

Chest chooses flat open door good still sliding door? There's not even room to stand in

Many owners know that a lot of decoration design is wrong, life caused great inconvenience. The important space that receives as clothings, bridal chamber decorates chest to choose to open the door flat still is sliding door? Here we will understand from many aspects ~

1. Comparison of tightness

Chest chooses flat open door good still sliding door? There's not even room to stand in

Flat door sealing is better, basically no gap after closing, the isolation ability of dust and water vapor is stronger; And the sealing sex of sliding door is relatively poorer, after closing the door seam is bigger, enter dust easily.

Wardrobe decoration effect drawing
2. In convenience

Flat door can be opened on both sides of the door at the same time, enlarge the items, or want to choose clothes more convenient; A sliding door can only be opened on one side at a time, which is inferior to a flat door.

Wardrobe decoration effect drawing
3, the difficulty of cleaning

Flat door is not related to close after no gap is not easy to enter dust, basic useless cleaning corner, and sliding door below the track groove, relatively bad cleaning.

Bedroom decoration effect drawing
4. Occupied area

Flat doors need to be opened outwards, so the distance between cabinets and beds should not be less than 60cm. It's so easy to open the door and there's no room to stand in. And the biggest advantage of sliding door chest is to save a space, can be put next to the bed.

5. The space occupied by the cabinet door

Chest chooses flat open door good still sliding door? There's not even room to stand in

The flat door wardrobe is generally only about 2cm thick, will not take up much space, and the sliding door track to take up about 8cm cabinet depth, if your home is sure to choose to use sliding doors, then the cabinet is going to do a little deeper. The depth of the flat door closet is 50~55cm is enough, and the depth of the sliding door closet should be about 63cm at least.

Wardrobe decoration effect drawing
6. Service life

The service life is also relatively long flat door, if the cabinet door is not flexible, as long as the hardware hinge on the line. Sliding door wardrobe for a long time, sliding door easy damage deformation, maintenance is more difficult.

Wardrobe hardware drawing
7, the price is

In terms of price, the flat door price is slightly higher. If your home budget is sufficient, the bedroom area is relatively large, or choose flat door is better, but if the bedroom area is relatively small, then it is best to choose sliding door.

The bed is still against the wall? Moving forward by 80 centimeters is very useful

Now a lot of people go to the lavatory for diagram, to save space, can put the bed by the wall, but the bed should not be put by the wall, the position that the bed puts how best, today we follow the decoration master that installs a net to look together.

Generally speaking, the head of a bed is to rely on a wall and put, can save dimensional area, sleep more dependable also. But the way of bed placement is not fixed requirements, can be determined according to their own preferences, if the bed head does not rely on the wall, how to design the layout and collocation?

What consider primarily is the distance space between the head of a bed and metope how should use? Don't waste the space area of the bedroom, after all, 1 square meter is very expensive very expensive; Take a look at these renovation methods, not only practical, appearance level will not let you down.

The bed is still against the wall? Moving forward by 80 centimeters is very useful

What think of more easily above all is the head of a bed depends on a window, such light is particularly good, good to morpheus quality, for the youth that does not suffer radial influence at all, it is perfect bedroom standard to match simply.

Make the cabinet of a whole wall along metope in the head of a bed, increased the receiving space of the bedroom greatly, take clothes need not go to bed, hollow out among convenient place with article, convenient and easy to use.

The head of the bed is separated from the new functional area

Can choose the board that a few have simple sense very much, replace wall to lie between behind the head of a bed the functional area such as cloakroom, bathroom, of board contracted and advanced, it is a lot of other material cannot compare.

The bed is still against the wall? Moving forward by 80 centimeters is very useful

Every girl dreams of having a closet in her house to store her favorite clothes and bags, but with house prices rising, it's a luxury to have a closet by yourself. Can use the space between the head of a bed and metope to make a mini cloakroom.

The bed should not rely on the wall to put between the cloakroom
Cloakroom is hidden inside the bedroom, changing clothes is very convenient, and privacy is protected, there is still a functional area in the home, equivalent to many rooms, value!

What good is sitting room TV ark placed? These living rooms are designed to give your new home a sense of atmosphere

The living room serves as us to receive a visitor, recreational multifunctional area, the aesthetic degree of the design also reflected our quality of life to a certain extent, then this period installs a network to talk with you about what the living room TV cabinet places, let your living room instantly stand out.

What good picture does sitting room TV ark place
One, what adornment to put in the living room good-looking?

What good is sitting room TV ark placed? These living rooms are designed to give your new home a sense of atmosphere

1. European round carpet

Still little not carpet of course in the sitting room, although the carpet in a lot of people idea is humble, be ignored easily, but actually the more this kind of small detail can have the effect that promotes dimensional simple sense more, the carpet that chooses to take tone with sitting room style can virtually let integral adornment style be in harmony with each other.

2. Cartoon wine rack

Decorative ornaments with its unique shape, diverse style and flexibility of the collocation and other advantages of people's love. Because this people often can place a few good-looking and practical place in the sitting room, adorn article always can highlight detail most, in the sitting room such big space small adornment can have the effect that make the finishing point.

3, stars luminous paste

If you have children at home or want to play with romantic children's shoes once in a while, please pay attention to here. Bored at home but reluctant to leave the house? Then look at the scenery at home, a piece of luminous stickers take you to appreciate the different beauty, even if you can create a beautiful scenery at home.

4, versatile wallpaper

The adornment of wall is very big to sitting room integral style influence, we can decorate the wall all around according to oneself be fond of. A lot of people just brush a layer of paint on wall, but sometimes want to change wall color to brush paint to appear some trouble, and the word that the eye wants more design to brush paint but cannot solve a problem, want a piece of wall paper to be able to do only at this time.

5, small fresh ceiling lamp

Compared with the current majority of European and American simple decoration style, some people will prefer small and fresh decoration style. The overall tone of the space will choose light pink, light blue, white and other relatively fresh and bright colors, so that the living room has a clean and pure feeling.

6. Hang pictures on the wall

When it comes to the decoration of the living room wall, in addition to the wallpaper, we can also hang some other decorations on the wall so that the wall will not appear so monotonous. The commonest is to hang a few pictures on the wall, deck the wall while also making the sitting room more literary and artistic romantic breath.

What good picture does sitting room TV ark place
Two, durable home furnishing accessories what?

1, noble and elegant lamp

Hua hua metal reflective series, unique modeling design, simple and generous and highlight noble elegance, metal material, first-class materials, mirror mirror, bright light, clean and simple and not luxury, fine workmanship, unique design inspiration! The desk lamp with high elegance is a fashionable household likewise adorn article.

2, shawl girl ornaments

Elegant ceramic decoration is famous outside, this fashion home decoration in the decoration series of shavings girl decoration is irresistible, pure and ceramic and pure girl, full of holy power, this decoration in the home to make your home more full of noble breath.

What good is sitting room TV ark placed? These living rooms are designed to give your new home a sense of atmosphere

3, flower and bird electric fan

The electric fan that restore ancient ways style is fashionable household acts the role of article, do sth. delicate, gorgeous red attracts the eyeball of people very no matter be electric fan shaft or the body is qualitative lacquer. Noble and elegant, look a bit Chinese style style element again, add classic and meticulous design, look more feel good-looking, have practical art again, yes combine practical and artistic quality together.

What good picture does sitting room TV ark place
3. What small article does cabinet of sitting room TV suit to furnish?

1. Crafts

Put handicraft also is a good choice on sitting room TV cabinet. Handicraft kind is various, sailing boat, swan, cuckoo, jade cabbage, calabash, golden toad, small screen can be put directly to go up in TV cabinet. These handicraft modelling is novel and chic, or with the moral of auspicious riches and honour, can let the TV ark looks more beautiful, enhance the art of space, also can adjust to live in feng shui, but with the role of feng shui handicraft, care should be taken regarding the orientation of the wave put spittor, for example, if contain money toward the indoor put in mouth, if you don't put money in the outdoor.

2, vases,

The vase of each different shape is very beautiful, can restore ancient ways, but fashionable, put its to have very strong adornment sex on TV cabinet. Additional, vase still has the implied meaning of peace, very advantageous also to household geomantic. Nevertheless vase is put on TV ark also has notice item, cannot empty bottle is put commonly, best bottle is inserted some flowers or other decorations, in order to promote the beautiful degree of the sitting room, look also a few more harmonious.

3, the fish tank

If there is the habit of raising fish in the home, might as well put aquarium above sitting room TV ark, not only promoted aesthetic feeling from the vision, and still saved a space. As a result of TV ark bearing nevertheless and size finite, so fish tank is unfavorable too big, with cabinet and delicate circle perhaps rectangular fish tank is first selection. Additional, as a result of fish tank has town evil spirit to eliminate the action of disaster, had better put in TV ark to stand by the window that side so, ok Yang block brake enters indoor from the window. At the same time, it is best not to put empty fish tanks, but three goldfish can be raised inside to play the role of fish tanks.

4, green plant

In addition to bottle of flower arrangement, some small pot of green plants is also very suit to put in the sitting room TV cabinet above, whether it is a lovely meaty plant for the sitting room or small foliage plants can add more natural and pure and fresh feeling, also can purify air, in addition, the use of the green plant nature also can balance the drab feeling brought by the straight line of TV ark. Put in TV ark above green plant potted plant model must not be too big, with cabinet it is beautiful. And a few large potted can put on the ground of two sides in TV ark directly, also can have very good adornment effect likewise.

What good picture does sitting room TV ark place
Four, what feng shui taboos do living room TV cabinets have?

1, avoid placing plants with thorns

Put a plant to be able to add life to the home, some still can have the effect that changes evil spirit, it is better to put the green plant with luxuriant branches and leaves commonly on TV cabinet, if discover flower branch withered water chestnut, should cut off as soon as possible, but have thorn or show needle shape, wait like cactus ball, rose, cactus, put inappropriately on TV cabinet.

2, avoid TV cabinet is too high

Feng Shui says that the high is the mountain, the low is the water. The position of this sofa that the person sits should be mountain, appropriate is tall, and opposite namely TV ark that face should be water, because this appropriate is low. Feng shui speaks water for wealth, so it is conducive to prosperous wealth.

3, THE TV cabinet should not be too wide

About the aura, feng shui is about controlling the aura, not being repressed everywhere. Normally, sofa must be a few wider than TV ark, so we can control the gas field on the opposite side, conversely, can be controlled by the gas place of TV ark one side, affect the play of oneself ability, although have good opportunity to appear also can be robbed by others.

4, avoid placed in the wealth

The azimuth of TV ark also is to have certain pay attention to, of its and residential door open azimuth, sofa puts the position that reachs a window to have close concern. TV setting wall cannot be placed on money, live home money Lord clean, stable, and the TV is noisy and noisy.

5, avoid put too full

A lot of people can put acoustics of a complete set of be born on TV cabinet, be born on the metope on both sides asperses ark greatly, a lot of souvenir of all sorts of bottle, travel is placed inside, put very full not necessarily good, notice "window bright few clean" it is the first requirement of the sitting room. This is not good from feng shui, so many objects with different magnetic fields in the same room, not only the internal magnetic field lines chaos, but also the aura is not good.

Wood wax oil and varnish which good? The difference between wax and varnish for wood furniture

The friends who have solid wood furniture in the home or want to buy solid wood furniture will be immersed in wax oil and varnish which good choice when furniture coating of choose and buy, so this period installs a net to talk with you about the difference between wood furniture wax oil and varnish.

The difference between wax and varnish
The difference between wood wax and varnish for wooden furniture

1. Use effect

After brushing wood wax oil on the wood surface, the air permeability of wood is relatively strong, and it can breathe naturally, not easy to crack, warps, good elasticity, enhanced hardness, clear natural texture and rich color. And after besmear brushed varnish, wood surface forms film of a colophony, can moistureproof waterproof.

2 Principle of Action

Wood wax oil contains vegetable oil and plant wax, vegetable oil can penetrate into the interior of the wood, deep moist maintenance of wood, plant wax can be closely combined with wood fiber, forming a layer of wax layer, enhance the hardness of the wood surface, with waterproof and antifouling, wear-resisting rubbing and other functions. Below the double layer action of vegetable oil and plant wax, can make wood interior gets moist and exterior gets beautification. And varnish is mainly in the wood to form a smooth, transparent but breathable resin film, can isolate air moisture, but can not nourish the interior of the wood.

3, environmental protection

Environmental protection is the biggest difference between wood wax and varnish. Wood wax oil raw materials and color are free of chemical components, does not contain benzene, formaldehyde and heavy metals and other toxic ingredients, natural environmental protection, non-toxic harmless. Varnish contains benzene, aldehydes and other toxic substances, with a pungent smell.

4. Main ingredients

The main raw materials of wood wax oil are catalpa oil, linseed oil, su seed oil, pine oil, palm wax, plant resin and natural pigment, including vegetable oil and plant wax, without toxic ingredients such as tribenzene, formaldehyde and heavy metals: and varnish is a coating composed of resin as the main film-forming substance and solvent. Divided into oil based varnish and tree cool varnish two categories of oil based varnish commonly known as "where the water" tree ester varnish commonly known as "bubble water". Additional, colophony is poisonous, because this varnish belongs to petrifaction kind paint

5, brushing environmental requirements

Wood wax oil is suitable for indoor and outdoor work, because wood wax oil can penetrate into wood, so in a dry environment, wood can also be moisture exchange through the grain hole of wood, so that the local water content of wood is homogenized in a humid environment, wood wax oil permeability is strong, can also make wood moisture can be distributed. And after besmear brushes varnish in lumber surface, because of the colophony film of its surface isolate outside lumber inside come, the air moisture outside cannot enter lumber interior, interior moisture also cannot send out go out, because this varnish does not suit to work below moist environment, the requirement to environment is very tall.

The difference between wax and varnish
Which is better, wood wax or varnish

A, varnish

Also known as fan Li water, is composed of resin as the main film material in addition to solvent. The main components are resins and solvents or resins, oils and solvents. Solvents will contain a certain amount of harmful substances, such as formaldehyde, benzene, etc. Because paint and film are transparent, after brushing, will reveal the original texture of the object surface. After varnish besmear is brushed, can form paint film in ligneous surface, be ligneous thereby the moisture in air isolation, the eye has certain degree fight friction sex, but, because its itself hardness is not tall, appear easily scratch. Heat resistance is poorer, long-term exposure falls in sunshine, can appear the circumstance of lacquer face becomes yellow

When furniture is brushed varnish, because craft is relatively whole small, need to be cleaned via denigrating - burnish - brush lacquer - be cleaned - burnish - brush lacquer, such repeated process, it is high grade effect commonly 4 to 8 times, but gross does not exceed 10 times. Appear when lacquer face so very lubricious, after wear away, need by professional personnel purify original paint film, go up afresh paint.

Two, wood wax

A natural woodwork paint similar to but different from paint. Its main components are linseed oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, Brazilian brown oil, etc. The action principle is equivalent to the improvement of the traditional combination of tung oil and beeswax. The oil can penetrate into the wood, maintain the wood, and reveal the natural texture and texture of the wood. Wax composition and wood fiber firmly combined, can effectively organize moisture infiltration, supplement the original wood surface fiber seam at the same time, the formation of a protective layer.

Want lumber surface to be wiped clean only, use brush undertakes besmear is brushed, cloth of 100 clean after air is dried undertakes polishing can, did not apply difficulty. The characteristics of wood wax make it healthy and environmental friendly. But also because of its characteristics, make it only applies to solid wood, to the density board that furniture market uses a lot at present, board right and so on, wood wax oil cannot play its effect.

Three, wood wax oil and varnish which good?

Wood wax oil and varnish which good? The difference between wax and varnish for wood furniture

A lot of people choose one of the main key is that it can cover the varnish wood defect, or nail marks, after a brush on the thickness, can amplify the grain of wood originally, appear more real, burnish feeling also is very good, can form film to protect the surface after a brush, but is also for this reason, paint film is cut off from contact with air, water, wood to wood can't breathe, There is a possibility of cracking over time.

Wood wax oil can not achieve the effect of varnish on this point of ugliness, but will magnify the defects of wood, it does not have a sense of thickness after brushing, but it can go deep into the interior of the wood, so that the wood can breathe, maintain the elasticity of the wood, will not form a paint film on the wood surface, so that it is not easy to crack or fall off.

Wood oil has a big advantage, it can buy a home for themselves, do not need any professional technology, usually with one or two times is ok, but don't need to render, furniture surface advance only need polishing with microfiber cloth to smooth, clean, no dust, brush maintain good indoor ventilation rate, when the surface dry, 4 ~ 6 hours, The point is that if you want to refurbish it for a long time, you can wipe the place you want to refurbish and paint it again with wood wax.

The construction of the varnish, is can't do yourself, paint (unless they are professionals) overall need 4 ~ 8 times, no more than 10 times, every brush again take fine sand paper burnish, need to process is complex, the construction environment also has a certain standard, temperature is above 5 degrees Celsius, under the dry climate, the purpose is to ensure dry solid film forming and its final quality.

From the difference between wood wax and varnish of wooden furniture, if you are more concerned about environmental protection when choosing furniture, then wood wax is relatively better. If more consideration is given to the practicality of furniture, install a net suggests that you choose varnish. Actually wood wax oil and varnish effect which is good, and did not have absolute answer, as woodware coating, wood wax oil and varnish have advantages and disadvantages each, everybody still should combine oneself demand when choosing.

The difference between wax and varnish
Why not recommend wood wax

Wood wax is not a better shelter from ugliness, and some defects on wood are also difficult to shelter. However, this disadvantage of wood wax is also an advantage of wood wax, because some wood grain is very beautiful, after using wood wax can make this phenomenon better displayed. And the price that uses wood wax oil is higher commonly, the style that chooses and decorative pattern is also very easy to be restricted, do not suit all wood, when choosing a space is relatively smaller also.