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What's a good chair? How to buy chairs

For some families, the factors to consider when buying a chair are relatively more, such as the material of the chair, the type of chair and the structure of the chair, according to their position to choose the right product, but also to consider the overall quality of the chair, so what chair is good? How to buy chairs? In view of these problems, the following is a specific introduction to the relevant knowledge and relevant content.

1, cloth material chair

The chair that cloth art pledges pledges pledges is a kind of the most on the market at present, the price of this kind of chair is cheap, design colour is rich, its basically apply to contemporary vogue and euramerican country. Its modelling is simple, full of artistic feeling, behind the sofa chair gives a person a kind of retro, have the feeling of class.

What's a good chair? How to buy chairs

2. Leather chairs

Coriaceous chair is a kind of in belonging to recreational sofa, its give a person a kind of high-end, grade feeling on the exterior. Its basically is by leather goods and real wood frame to be main material pledges, what sit face of sofa and rely on face to use inside normally is dermal material, use for long also won't desquamate.

3. Cane chair material chair

Cane chair material chair is now more and more popular, it is a relatively common chair. Suitable for balcony, study and other places, is a rattan leisure chair full of cultural atmosphere, let a person enjoy life better.

1, choose materials

For the chair in the choose and buy, we should pay attention to the selection of chair legs is not scar section, generally can not be spliced. Chairs made of hardwood are stronger. Buy metal chair to pay attention to the wall thickness of metal materials such as steel pipe, relatively speaking, the thicker the stronger.

2. Choose a chair style

If the choice of chair design, it is to accord with your use needs already, and existing furniture colour and lustre photograph collocation. Chairs in fashion in 1999 are simple lines, comfortable and practical.

3. Choose height

Of the chair sit tall want to be equal to crus length, the crus after sitting down sags naturally, sole just falls to the ground. If the chair is too high, it is not good to hang your calves and compress your underthighs for too long. If the chair is too low, the thigh can not be placed on the seat, and the weight of the human body is concentrated in the hip compression, which will be uncomfortable for a long time.

4, the back of the chair

The choice of chair back is also very important, and it is best to play all or part of the supporting role on the waist, back and neck.

5, deep

The chair is mainly used for people to rest, the depth of the seat surface should be equal to the length of the thigh, sit down after the knee bend just to the chair side, the seat surface is too deep, waist back without landing; The seat surface is too shallow, the thigh does not have enough support, are uncomfortable.

6, chair surface and chair back material

At the time of selection, the surface is required to have a certain thickness of the elastic layer. The outermost material in contact with the human body should be breathable, wear-resistant, dirt-resistant, and not easy to produce static electricity with the human body or clothing.

How to buy family table? Is not good-looking finished, these 3 knowledge points must master!

After the new home decoration, the purchase of furniture and electrical equipment ready to move in, but the furniture category is various, a little do not know how to start. Take mensal for, it is ok not to choose good-looking, after all mensal concerns the comfort of family repast, must consider according to actual situation, cooperate the life be fond of of family and habit, ability chooses already beautiful and applicable optimal mensal.

So how do you choose a table? Here are three ways to start!

How to buy family table? Is not good-looking finished, these 3 knowledge points must master!

01 Table Size

Above all, mensal buys big still buy small, suffer dining-room area size effect, this is hard limit. Then, table size size should be chosen according to the number of family repast, this is the main premise. And the key of mensal choose and buy is, how to make repast more comfortable!

The standard table size reference is as follows:

Table height 750mm-780mm or so

The height of dining chair is about 450mm-500mm

Table and chair height difference of 280mm-320mm or so

② When we eat, the family public area and tableware space should be sufficient, the standard length is about 760mm, width is about 680mm, this is the most comfortable size.

If the space is limited, it is also necessary to ensure that the personal activity space is at least 600mm-520mm, otherwise when eating, you will feel hindered all around and feel uncomfortable.

③ According to the number of family dining table size, square table reference size: four people table length and width is about 1500mm-750mm, six people table length and width is about 1600mm-900mm, eight people table length and width is about 1800mm-1000mm.

Table reference size: the diameter of a table for four is about 900mm, the diameter of a table for six is about 1200mm, and the diameter of a table for eight is about 1400mm.

(4) table layout should not only consider the table space, but also consider the chair space, to avoid the table to buy too much space or too crowded, so as to choose the most suitable for the restaurant area dining tables and chairs. Specific reference size is as follows:

⑤ Finally, there is a detail size that cannot be ignored, that is, when we take a seat at the table, we need to pull out the chair, so we have to leave space for activities, otherwise the chair can not be pulled open, but also stuck leg seat is very inconvenient.

After we understand the size of the table and chair and other reference standards and notes, how to choose the table is according to, the next thing to consider is the decorative effect of the table, so as to choose a beautiful and comfortable restaurant environment.

02 Table Shape

Round table advantages:

(1) The shape is round and flexible, and will not fill the space. The remaining space around can be used as a living line.

② The round table has no edges and corners. No matter where you sit, the dishes are evenly spaced.

③ Around the round table to eat, in line with the meaning of Chinese round, the dining atmosphere is more warm.

Disadvantages of round table:

① Round table is generally bulky and occupies large space.

② The round table is mostly used for several generations of families with a large population. It is not suitable for newly married families with a population of less than 3 people.

Square table advantages:

How to buy family table? Is not good-looking finished, these 3 knowledge points must master!

① Square dining table can fill space and improve space utilization rate.

The size of the use of all appropriate, can be fashionable atmosphere, but also to save space.

The square table is versatile, can be matched with the bar, booth, side cabinets, etc., showing a variety of design forms.

Square table shortcomings:

The square gives people a sense of alienation, as round table warmth.

② Square table is not beautiful enough to do too big, the number of diners is not convenient to clip food, seating distance is also far apart.

Circular table and square table advantage and disadvantage are opposite almost, the effect that presents is different also, specific can choose according to space of domestic population, dining-room, suit oneself is best.

03 Table Material

Common mensal pledges have: woodiness, glass, marble to wait.

How to buy family table? Is not good-looking finished, these 3 knowledge points must master!

Wood gives people natural breath, can create a relaxed and comfortable space atmosphere, but easy to leave scratches and not anti-aging; The glass material is transparent and beautiful, reducing the dull feeling of space, easy to clean and durable, but the texture is brittle and easy to knock against the edges and corners; Marble material decoration effect is advanced, improve the style of the room, but the cost is expensive.

All kinds of material have advantages and disadvantages, you can choose the most suitable for yourself according to interior decoration style, personal preference.

Above is about mensal choose and buy proposal and skill, hope to have help to you!

Do I need a socket for the wine cabinet

In life there are all kinds of problems, for the common sense of things we still need to know, such ability can be in our life encounter things can easily go to resolve to deal with, so small make up specially today to share a story about a wine ark need leave socket knowledge, let everybody to learn fast wine need leave a socket. There is no need for outlets in the wine cabinet

The wine in the wine cabinet is fragile and flammable, so it is not suitable to leave the socket beside it. If the socket is left in the wine cabinet, it will increase the fire rate, which is very dangerous. And besides the wine cabinet that needs light, general wine cabinet does not need socket very much. It is not recommended to leave socket generally so as not to leave fire hazard.

Do I need a socket for the wine cabinet

Some wine ark of open type or it is the wine ark with higher requirement to lamplight, when needing a lot of socket, actually when designing wine ark, the backside of wine ark can leave a few socket to be used at the lamp line plug in wine ark, but socket won't be installed commonly on wine ark.

If the lamp power requirement in the wine cabinet is relatively large, or the demand for socket is very large, you can add a few socket holes after the wine cabinet, so as to be needed in a rainy day. However, for safety reasons, it is not recommended to leave the socket on the wine cabinet. Usually use wine cabinet should also pay attention to keep dry and ventilated at any time.

Wine cabinet knowledge popularization wine cabinet collocation skills

Wine ark is told to many families, already classics becomes dining-room medium 1 not perhaps the scenery line that lacks, the different wine color that it arranges is bright-coloured, can make dining-room smooth add many colorful color, look at make the person eats greatly. In fact, wine cabinet (red wine cabinet) is not only a beautiful decoration in the family, but also a lucky item that will bring good luck to the family. If the wine cabinet in your home is arranged in the right way, it will play the role of fortune. The following as well as 1 decoration network xiaobian to see the popularity of wine cabinet knowledge and wine cabinet collocation skills.


Wine cabinet evaluation

Wine cabinet: adopt the principle of semiconductor refrigeration, first used for military and industrial submarine and other facilities above, later used for civilian. Characteristic; Low cost, low production cost; Low noise, easy to use, easy to carry, safe transportation is not afraid of falling down. Defects: low refrigeration efficiency, power consumption, easy to destroy, short service life, easy to show failure after 12 years. Touch screens are harder to repair. It is recommended to choose wine cabinet within 50 bottles, large capacity power consumption, not recommended to take; No vibration: because it is a chip refrigeration system, no compressor operation, so basically no shock. No noise: no compressor operation, low noise, can be maintained in 30 decibels below. No pollution: no compressor, no refrigerant, no 2 times pollution. Light weight: because there is no compressor and complex refrigeration system, the weight is greatly reduced.

Compressor wine cabinet: main components: compressor, evaporator, condenser, capillary throttling refrigeration device and control electrical part; Separate air cooling and direct cooling two types of refrigeration. Air cooled air supply refrigeration box temperature uniformity, defect humidity maintenance is insufficient, the location of the wind will be some differences in temperature; Direct cooling temperature has a step difference, the need to use thermal partition for cooling, reduce the temperature difference. Advantages High refrigeration efficiency, low power consumption, good humidity maintenance. Maintain good humidity, wine plug should not dry plug;

Wine cabinet knowledge popularization wine cabinet collocation skills

Wine cabinet matching skills

First of all, wine cabinet acquisition should see housing space, see whether there is enough space to put a wine cabinet in the home.

Next, need to see the structure of the building.

First, the wine cabinet is placed on the flat and firm ground, and the packaging base is evacuated to reduce shock and noise. When handling and moving, the skew Angle is not greater than four or five degrees.

Two, the wine cabinet should be placed in the direct sunlight and away from the heat source.

3. The wine cabinet should be placed in a place with good ventilation, and there should be a space of more than 10 cm around the product after it is contained.

Four, the wine cabinet should not be placed in the environment that is too cold to freeze.

Five, wine cabinet should not be placed in the wet air heavy or easy splashing, splashing water and dirt should be promptly wiped clean with a soft cloth, to prevent rust and affect electrical insulation function.

Six, the wine cabinet support feet can adjust the height of the wine cabinet, the four corners need to be evenly adjusted, and tighten the nut.

The above is xiaobian today for everyone to introduce the basic situation and introduction of knowledge popularization and wine cabinet collocation skills, I believe that friends also have a certain understanding, I hope this article can help you oh.

Solid wood wine cabinet customization skills what solid wood wine cabinet knowledge

In custom wine cabinet, in order to make the wine cabinet can be combined with the home decoration style very well together, in order to be more practical, so you need to customize the wine cabinet before, know some of this knowledge in advance, next, decoration of the home xiaobian, will take you to understand, custom wine cabinet skills what? And customized wine cabinet characteristics and customized wine cabinet precautions are what? I hope it helps.

Custom make wine

First, what are the skills of custom solid wood wine cabinet

1, custom wine cabinet skills size measurement, since it is a customized wine cabinet, it must first reflect the advantages of "customization". It is recommended to first determine the location of the wine cabinet, and then make accurate measurements and data on the area, height and shape of the location. Of course, please report to the custom party. If no measurements are made, it is best to use custom side measurements. The client side makes configuration easier and the wine cabinet fits.

2, custom wine cabinet skills function design, for custom wine cabinet, wine cabinet function can be adjusted according to personal or family needs. Usually before customizing a wine cabinet, everyone should design the wine cabinet according to the volume, type, texture and characteristics of the wine. If you are designing a combination of wine cabinets and lockers, as well as the size, height and number of partitions you need, it is best to meet your own needs in advance.

Solid wood wine cabinet customization skills what solid wood wine cabinet knowledge

3. Color selection of customized wine cabinet skills. When selecting customized color for wine cabinet, it is usually recommended to choose the color of customized wine cabinet even or close to other furniture in the room, so as to avoid the difference between customized wardrobe and other furniture.

Custom make wine

4, custom wine cabinet skills of material selection, you need to choose custom wine cabinet boards and prints, usually wood, rosewood, ash, eucalyptus and other furniture wood is often used for cabinet boards. Everyone should choose wine according to their own characteristics.

Two, what are the characteristics of customized wine cabinet

1, because custom wine cabinet is different from finished wine cabinet, custom wine cabinet is integrated on the wall and floor, the overall internal integration, very strong and durable. And the space utilization rate customized wine cabinet can be customized according to the space and layout, reasonable use of space, beautiful shape.

2, the shape can be anything you want, the finished wine cabinet looks good, but there are not many styles, custom wine cabinet shape is rich, can be customized according to their own taste. You can add spotlights to the wine cabinet or create cabinets to suit your requirements.

Custom make wine

3. Add functions as needed, custom wine cabinets allow you to create various functions to meet the needs of more consumers, such as adding spotlights, styles, changing colors and adding cabinets to increase display panels. Some even cut off large Spaces in the wine cabinet and install a TV inside.

Solid wood wine cabinet customization skills what solid wood wine cabinet knowledge

Three, wine cabinet ordering matters needing attention

Beauty, the first can not only pay attention to decoration and neglect practical, but pay attention to practical and aesthetic feeling, it can not be called a perfect customized wine cabinet. I also need to remember that it is best to choose the same color or the same color as the whole furniture for the customized wine cabinet, so that the color of the wine cabinet is not uniform, so that the whole living space is not harmonious.

Does kitchen range hood buy side suction or top suction? Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of common kitchen lampblack machine

Chinese style kitchen should accept the test that explodes fry, lampblack machine choose and buy is especially important. Does kitchen range hood buy side suction or top suction? Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the kitchen range hood summarized by a network below!

The lampblack machine of side suction type not only saves upper space very much, and because used lampblack separation board, lampblack efficiency is high, suit the Chinese kitchen of heavy oil fierce fire very much.

Does kitchen range hood buy side suction or top suction? Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of common kitchen lampblack machine

Can achieve oil fume separation; Bevel design, no oil, no meet; The distance is closer and the lampblack effect is good.

Does kitchen range hood buy side suction or top suction? Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of common kitchen lampblack machine
Disadvantages: Slightly noisy.

Does kitchen range hood buy side suction or top suction? Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of common kitchen lampblack machine

Top suction type lampblack machine is installed in hearth upper part, a kind of lampblack machine that takes lampblack out through the exhaust fan above.

Does kitchen range hood buy side suction or top suction? Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of common kitchen lampblack machine

Many styles, good appearance, atmospheric fashion texture. Low noise, mature performance. Prices are usually good.


It's easy to meet up when cooking and not friendly to tall families. If you don't clean it for a long time, the grease will drip down. Lampblack effect is not ideal, only part of the lampblack rise can enter the top suction lampblack machine.

Does kitchen range hood buy side suction or top suction? Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of common kitchen lampblack machine
To make kitchen style is unified, some owners like to be in very top absorb type takes lampblack machine exterior to do condole ark wraps its. Actually condole ark cannot avoid to take lampblack machine to stick on smeary, increased additional clean job instead. Therefore, whether the top suction lampblack machine does embedded according to their own kitchen pattern and domestic situation, can not blindly pursue beautiful effect.

Integrated kitchen, it is an integrated lampblack machine, gas stove, disinfection cupboard of 3 syncretic machine.

Does kitchen range hood buy side suction or top suction? Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of common kitchen lampblack machine

Lampblack effect is good; Powerful integration function, more simple and convenient operation; Save space, suitable for small kitchen.

Does kitchen range hood buy side suction or top suction? Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of common kitchen lampblack machine

Disadvantage: integrated kitchen sets a variety of functions in an organic whole, once appear quality problem inconvenient maintenance.

To sum up, if the home design is open kitchen, and often do some smoky Chinese dishes, you can choose a range hood with strong suction. Recommended consideration: integrated range hood > side suction range hood > top suction range hood. If only the pursuit of beautiful words, that can give priority to the top range hood machine.

How about the kitchen socket? 2 minutes to master kitchen socket reservation

As people's life gradually toward intelligent, home appliances more and more, socket has appeared the phenomenon of short supply. So, the kitchen with the largest number of appliances how to arrange the kitchen socket? The following small series to introduce the kitchen to reserve what sockets and matters needing attention.

1. The lampblack machine

The socket of the range hood is generally 200-220cm away from the ground, and is installed in the upper left or upper right of the range hood. It is necessary to ensure that the smoke pipe will not block the socket.

2. The refrigerator

The socket of the refrigerator is usually 50cm away from the ground, located on both sides of the refrigerator.

How about the kitchen socket? 2 minutes to master kitchen socket reservation

3. The dishwasher

The socket for the dishwasher is usually installed at a height of 50cm above the ground. In case of emergency, we can install the socket on the wall of the adjacent cabinet body, so as to prevent the machine from water overflow and electricity leakage.

4. The microwave oven

The socket of microwave oven is generally 160cm away from the ground, but it is now popular to put the microwave oven in the hanging cabinet. If the socket layout is above the hanging cabinet, the height from the ground can be about 180cm.

5. The oven

The oven socket is determined by its position. If it is embedded in a high cabinet, the socket is installed 130cm away from the ground. If it is embedded in the ground cabinet, the socket is set 50cm above the ground.

6. Garbage disposal

The garbage disposal socket is usually 50cm away from the ground and installed under the sink cabinet.

Lamps and lanterns of 7.

Lighting in the kitchen not only optimizes the kitchen experience, but also makes the whole space look more quality. Average domestic kitchen is a main lamp, without other illuminant. Accordingly, reasonable program the socket position of other auxiliary lamps and lanterns, also be very necessary.

How about the kitchen socket? 2 minutes to master kitchen socket reservation

8. Condole ark lamps

The socket position of the hanging cabinet lamp is generally 180cm-200cm away from the ground. It should be noted that the induction switch should be installed at a distance of more than 50cm from the lamp to avoid high temperature or direct contact with the sensor by the light source.

How is small family kitchen designed? 5 small kitchen design points to save limited space

How is small family kitchen designed? The kitchen space of small family limitation always lets a person bind hands and feet, install one net to share 5 small family kitchen design point for everybody below, save limitation space easily.

How is small family kitchen designed? 5 small kitchen design points to save limited space

The kitchen area of small family above all is very limited, increase kitchen space is chief problem. There are usually some useless partitions near the kitchen, such as the partition of the dining room, the partition of the toilet, we can get through the partition of these non load-bearing walls, to increase the floor area of the kitchen.

Two, reasonable planning, choose the right cabinet

As the main space in the kitchen, the cabinet is also the soul of the kitchen. A kitchen that breaks through a partition usually has a four-cornered space. At this time everybody had better be used to cooking and demand, the type of ambry of reasonable planning. Use the kitchen area as much as possible to create more countertops and lockers.

3, use corner, make store content spaceA lot of small family kitchen can be occupied by a few load-bearing walls, so the form of the kitchen may not be too founder, a few corners are existing. At this point we can make the most of the space around the corner. Choose for example a few can rotate store content ark or metope buy content wear will increase the receiving space of the kitchen.

Four, ceramic tile, increase the brightness of the space

Because the use area of the kitchen is limited, go up in the use of integral colour so, need is given priority to with plain color. The hard decoration of the kitchen must avoid flowers and willows, and do not use strong contrast of light and shade decorative materials, which will make the kitchen appear jumble and crowded. And in the choice of material, do not choose wood.

Five, glass doors and Windows, to create a sense of light

How is small family kitchen designed? 5 small kitchen design points to save limited space

After the decoration inside the kitchen and display are installed, we use the space of door window as far as possible even, the light of the outside with the aid of, will let the visual sense of the kitchen expand. Transparent glass Windows can be installed on the window, and glass doors can be installed at the entrance to the kitchen, which will not only show strong results but also give people a sense of depression.

Do you want a wall closet or not? Enter wall type chest advantage and disadvantage analysis

Entry type chest no matter be interior structure is designed, still be exterior design, mix with the bedroom is an organic whole, natural as a whole feeling, get the like of a lot of owners. So, the bridal chamber decoration after all should not do into the wall wardrobe? Here is a network to take you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the wall wardrobe ~

Enter wall type wardrobe advantage

Do you want a wall closet or not? Enter wall type chest advantage and disadvantage analysis

The size that can undertake design according to the height of wall body, space, trendy beautiful and practical be in harmony, can use wall body space effectively, enlarge life space, trendy beautiful, practical strong.

Into the wall wardrobe can be designed according to the height of the wall, the size of the space, in the pursuit of new fashion and beautiful at the same time, but also practical, in the wall to create an embedded wall wardrobe is effective use of the wall, expand the living space.

The appearance of the wall wardrobe can be customized according to the overall decoration style and color of the interior, and the decoration effect of the whole room is mixed into one, such as the color of the wardrobe door and the color of the floor or the bed echo.

According to the needs of life, the cabinets inside the wall wardrobe can be flexibly combined. If there are many family members, an overall wardrobe can be divided into several cabinets of the same size. The cabinets inside can be designed differently according to the needs of different family members.

Do you want a wall closet or not? Enter wall type chest advantage and disadvantage analysis

Enter wall type chest to have flexibility very much now, customer can make to order according to the size of his home, and the internal structure of cabinet body also can undertake permutation combination according to actual need, the discretion that includes layer board, drawer, try clothes lens, grid wears, pants wears etc.

Disadvantages of a wall closet

The wall closet is not perfect, it also has disadvantages: the layout of the home can not be changed at will, the wall closet can not be moved at will; The size and space of embedded wardrobe are limited; Installation process is difficult, installation should be careful not to wear the surface.

What do you need to pay attention to when customizing your wardrobe? Don't waste money on these wardrobe hacks

Custom wardrobe whether it is plate or design, in order to use in the future need to close before decoration. What do you need to pay attention to when customizing your wardrobe? Today, install a network for you to sort out some of the decoration custom wardrobe tips, let's have a look!

First, choose a good plate

Custom chest plate on the market has a lot of kinds, such as particle board, multilayer solid board, density board, the pine board, ecological board, wood, etc., I will say some simple, a budget is directly choose real wood, solid wood, want to ask what is the wood, for instance, cherry, ash, teak, hua li, etc., advice directly to choose ash, ash grain is good-looking, At the same time the price is relatively moderate.

Custom wardrobe board drawing
Lower budget, if choose particle board, particle board should choose imported love case board or kronospan plate, the plate relative to environmental protection, love, is to Japanese F4 star environmental standards, formaldehyde content is less than 0.3 mg/L, but even plate environmental protection standards, also do not want too custom cabinets, and avoid pile up, the whole space is likely to exceed bid.

Custom wardrobe board drawing
If you choose plate to customize the wardrobe, you should ask what plate is used for edge sealing, such as now more popular laser edge sealing, glue to use imported environmental protection glue.

Of course, the plates of other domestic brands can also be selected, but to choose trusted customized brands or stores.

Two, wardrobe door panel selection

Generally, the wardrobe is divided into two kinds: sliding door and the door. If the space is small, it is recommended to choose the sliding door, but the sliding door also has disadvantages. The sealing effect of the sliding door is not as good as that of the sliding door.

And the door is a more traditional wardrobe door, basically there are no shortcomings, the price is cheaper, as long as there is enough space to open the door, convenient to pick up clothes.

Three, the internal layout design

Chest internal layout design, according to the needs of your family to design, such as family like to fold the clothes, then some folding zone, more family like hanging clothes, then the suspension, this if you don't mention demand, some designers, just to help you find a template is designed, so the pay special attention to.

According to the height of the human body, it is generally divided into three areas: the top area, the middle area, the bottom area.

Custom wardrobe plan
The top area is generally difficult to take, so there is no need to do too much laminate on the top, leaving a larger space for putting quilts or suitcases.

The central area of the folding area can be made of several more layers, it is recommended to choose adjustable, so that the later can be flexibly used!

Bottom area can be designed more than a few drawers, the drawer can be used to put underwear or documents, anyhow receiving is receiving artifact, install more than a few total won't be wrong!

If an older member of your family likes to watch TV in the room, consider incorporating the TV into your wardrobe when customizing it.
Four, wardrobe storage

What do you need to pay attention to when customizing your wardrobe? Don't waste money on these wardrobe hacks

Now there are a lot of the wardrobe accessories, such as some rotate clothes tree, drop rack, trousers rack, these also is according to the demand to choose, if your family rarely wear pants, there is no need to buy pants, ordinary jeans fold up or hang up is ok, no special exquisite, more several drawer, but I personally feel chest drawer is best suited to receive, Drawers can be used to hold socks or underwear, so when you customize your wardrobe, make more drawers.

Five, the size of the wardrobe

Custom wardrobe plan
Height of wardrobe: it is recommended to achieve the top design, for example, the floor is 2700mm high, it is recommended that the wardrobe also be 2700mm high, so that the top of the wardrobe can be used to put the quilt or suitcase that is not commonly used.

The width of chest: this should decide according to the space, this is not specific to say much wide.

The depth of the closet: under normal circumstances, the depth of the sliding door closet is 600mm, the depth of the closet is 550mm, but if you add someone else is tall, the shoulder width of the clothes is relatively wide, you can consider adding 50mm, sliding door to 650mm, the depth of the door to 600mm.

Wardrobe partition height: the partition height is generally made of 350mm-500mm, and it is recommended to make the partition movable, so that in the process of use, it can be adjusted by itself.

What do you need to pay attention to when customizing your wardrobe? Don't waste money on these wardrobe hacks

Six, customized wardrobe matters needing attention

1, ask clear hardware accessories, such as hinges, drawer guide rail with what brand.

2, how much is a chest drawer, these small details should be clear.

3, do not need to install additional fares, handling fees, etc.

4. How long is the cabinet warranty? Have you signed a contract?