Solid wood wine cabinet customization skills what solid wood wine cabinet knowledge

In custom wine cabinet, in order to make the wine cabinet can be combined with the home decoration style very well together, in order to be more practical, so you need to customize the wine cabinet before, know some of this knowledge in advance, next, decoration of the home xiaobian, will take you to understand, custom wine cabinet skills what? And customized wine cabinet characteristics and customized wine cabinet precautions are what? I hope it helps.

Custom make wine

First, what are the skills of custom solid wood wine cabinet

1, custom wine cabinet skills size measurement, since it is a customized wine cabinet, it must first reflect the advantages of "customization". It is recommended to first determine the location of the wine cabinet, and then make accurate measurements and data on the area, height and shape of the location. Of course, please report to the custom party. If no measurements are made, it is best to use custom side measurements. The client side makes configuration easier and the wine cabinet fits.

2, custom wine cabinet skills function design, for custom wine cabinet, wine cabinet function can be adjusted according to personal or family needs. Usually before customizing a wine cabinet, everyone should design the wine cabinet according to the volume, type, texture and characteristics of the wine. If you are designing a combination of wine cabinets and lockers, as well as the size, height and number of partitions you need, it is best to meet your own needs in advance.

Solid wood wine cabinet customization skills what solid wood wine cabinet knowledge

3. Color selection of customized wine cabinet skills. When selecting customized color for wine cabinet, it is usually recommended to choose the color of customized wine cabinet even or close to other furniture in the room, so as to avoid the difference between customized wardrobe and other furniture.

Custom make wine

4, custom wine cabinet skills of material selection, you need to choose custom wine cabinet boards and prints, usually wood, rosewood, ash, eucalyptus and other furniture wood is often used for cabinet boards. Everyone should choose wine according to their own characteristics.

Two, what are the characteristics of customized wine cabinet

1, because custom wine cabinet is different from finished wine cabinet, custom wine cabinet is integrated on the wall and floor, the overall internal integration, very strong and durable. And the space utilization rate customized wine cabinet can be customized according to the space and layout, reasonable use of space, beautiful shape.

2, the shape can be anything you want, the finished wine cabinet looks good, but there are not many styles, custom wine cabinet shape is rich, can be customized according to their own taste. You can add spotlights to the wine cabinet or create cabinets to suit your requirements.

Custom make wine

3. Add functions as needed, custom wine cabinets allow you to create various functions to meet the needs of more consumers, such as adding spotlights, styles, changing colors and adding cabinets to increase display panels. Some even cut off large Spaces in the wine cabinet and install a TV inside.

Solid wood wine cabinet customization skills what solid wood wine cabinet knowledge

Three, wine cabinet ordering matters needing attention

Beauty, the first can not only pay attention to decoration and neglect practical, but pay attention to practical and aesthetic feeling, it can not be called a perfect customized wine cabinet. I also need to remember that it is best to choose the same color or the same color as the whole furniture for the customized wine cabinet, so that the color of the wine cabinet is not uniform, so that the whole living space is not harmonious.

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