Wine cabinet knowledge popularization wine cabinet collocation skills

Wine ark is told to many families, already classics becomes dining-room medium 1 not perhaps the scenery line that lacks, the different wine color that it arranges is bright-coloured, can make dining-room smooth add many colorful color, look at make the person eats greatly. In fact, wine cabinet (red wine cabinet) is not only a beautiful decoration in the family, but also a lucky item that will bring good luck to the family. If the wine cabinet in your home is arranged in the right way, it will play the role of fortune. The following as well as 1 decoration network xiaobian to see the popularity of wine cabinet knowledge and wine cabinet collocation skills.


Wine cabinet evaluation

Wine cabinet: adopt the principle of semiconductor refrigeration, first used for military and industrial submarine and other facilities above, later used for civilian. Characteristic; Low cost, low production cost; Low noise, easy to use, easy to carry, safe transportation is not afraid of falling down. Defects: low refrigeration efficiency, power consumption, easy to destroy, short service life, easy to show failure after 12 years. Touch screens are harder to repair. It is recommended to choose wine cabinet within 50 bottles, large capacity power consumption, not recommended to take; No vibration: because it is a chip refrigeration system, no compressor operation, so basically no shock. No noise: no compressor operation, low noise, can be maintained in 30 decibels below. No pollution: no compressor, no refrigerant, no 2 times pollution. Light weight: because there is no compressor and complex refrigeration system, the weight is greatly reduced.

Compressor wine cabinet: main components: compressor, evaporator, condenser, capillary throttling refrigeration device and control electrical part; Separate air cooling and direct cooling two types of refrigeration. Air cooled air supply refrigeration box temperature uniformity, defect humidity maintenance is insufficient, the location of the wind will be some differences in temperature; Direct cooling temperature has a step difference, the need to use thermal partition for cooling, reduce the temperature difference. Advantages High refrigeration efficiency, low power consumption, good humidity maintenance. Maintain good humidity, wine plug should not dry plug;

Wine cabinet knowledge popularization wine cabinet collocation skills

Wine cabinet matching skills

First of all, wine cabinet acquisition should see housing space, see whether there is enough space to put a wine cabinet in the home.

Next, need to see the structure of the building.

First, the wine cabinet is placed on the flat and firm ground, and the packaging base is evacuated to reduce shock and noise. When handling and moving, the skew Angle is not greater than four or five degrees.

Two, the wine cabinet should be placed in the direct sunlight and away from the heat source.

3. The wine cabinet should be placed in a place with good ventilation, and there should be a space of more than 10 cm around the product after it is contained.

Four, the wine cabinet should not be placed in the environment that is too cold to freeze.

Five, wine cabinet should not be placed in the wet air heavy or easy splashing, splashing water and dirt should be promptly wiped clean with a soft cloth, to prevent rust and affect electrical insulation function.

Six, the wine cabinet support feet can adjust the height of the wine cabinet, the four corners need to be evenly adjusted, and tighten the nut.

The above is xiaobian today for everyone to introduce the basic situation and introduction of knowledge popularization and wine cabinet collocation skills, I believe that friends also have a certain understanding, I hope this article can help you oh.

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