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Is it a good idea to tear down walls?

In the face of high prices, many people have to choose a small area of the house, in order to make the home appear more transparent, more and more people will choose to give some segregation space unnecessary wall to “open”, “to design” has become nowadays one of the popular trend of home design, knock some impractical metope, can make a bedroom more open, at the same time improve space utilization, Make it more versatile.

01 Living room and balcony get through the partition between the living room and the balcony, the balcony directly into the living room, not only can extend the living room space, make the room more transparent show large, lighting is superior, but also can expand the living room activity area, accommodate more guests.

If the living room area is big enough, or do not want to abandon the balcony function, you can try to cause the balcony area of life housekeeping, customize the housekeeping cabinet with good matching size in advance, put the washing machine, dryer here, and in the housekeeping cabinet planning to receive sundry closed cabinet and open case, orderly receive sundry, convenient daily life.

Of course, in addition to home economics area, but also according to your needs, after getting through the balcony custom platform, set desk, receiving cabinet, booth and other cabinets, the balcony is transformed into leisure area, office area, parent-child activity area… Let balcony function more diversification.

Is it a good idea to tear down walls?

02 living room and dining room through the living room and dining room between the wall (non-load-bearing wall) knocked off, presenting an integrated design, not only can make the room space appear unified, the whole more open, but also can make the air more circulation.

If you feel that there is no obvious division between the living room and the dining room, you can customize a bar in the middle, which not only distinguishes the function, but also won’t make the space feel dull. The bar can also become a temporary office area or leisure area, so that the guest restaurant space is more functional.

03 Restaurant and kitchen get through the restaurant and kitchen, the kitchen will be open, the dining tables and chairs are placed in the kitchen, which can not only make the space more significant, but also improve the utilization rate of space, to solve the pain points of many closed kitchens. As to the lampblack problem that a lot of people worry about, need to change ordinary lampblack machine into integrated kitchen only, can avoid major lampblack diffuses to other space.

When the moving line between the restaurant and the kitchen is shortened, it not only makes daily activities more convenient, but also enhances the interaction between family members. People at the table and people cooking can chat without barrier, and the family is more happy and warm. 04 bedroom and cloakroom get through with advocate lie adjacent small room transform cloakroom, knock off wall body, plan the position of bedroom door afresh again, advocate small room and advocate lie, can stretch dimensional feeling not only, also promoted the space to receive ability on the greatest degree, can accommodate the clothings and bedding of four seasons easily. Besides receiving clothings outside, still can establish a dresser here, let this space have change clothes, dress up the function such as at the same time.

If feel cloakroom and sleep area function partition is not clear enough, you can choose to do simple block and partition in the middle, get up in the morning when changing clothes, will not disturb the other half of sleep. Partition material selection, glass, low cabinet partition can, compared with the original wall partition, glass partition will make the bedroom more transparent.

Precautions for the first time house decoration

For the first time to decorate the house notes: just decorated the house, because all aspects of the decoration do not understand, so start from the basic aspects of attention, there are the following points:

1, housing construction period: the average family house decoration needs about 45-70 days. The larger the housing area, the longer the decoration cycle. Usually hard decoration decoration time is about 30-45 days, and soft decoration needs 5-10 days.

2, house decoration: the house is generally used in the whole package, the whole package, clear package three ways.

(1) all-inclusive: refers to the decoration company contracting labor and materials, save worry and effort, but cost money;

(2) half package: decoration company only production of construction and auxiliary materials, the main material to buy, the highest cost performance;

(3) clear package: decoration company only production construction, do not include main material or auxiliary materials, bother to work hard, but save money.

Precautions for the first time house decoration

3, decoration materials:

Decoration materials mainly include two parts, main material and auxiliary material.

(1) Main material: generally can be easily measured building materials, such as wood floor, floor tiles, stone, lamps, doors and Windows, hardware, etc.;

(2) Auxiliary materials: it is generally inconvenient to measure auxiliary materials, such as cement, sand, gypsum board, putty powder, glue, paint, etc.

4, decoration points:

(1) hard decoration style to determine decoration;

(2) living room decoration to consider the location of furniture, appliances, especially the socket;

(3) the bedroom ceiling light is equipped with double control, and the position of the cabinet should be taken into account when installing it;

(4) Balcony, toilet to leave a certain slope to install floor drain.

Shoe cabinet knowledge skills

Shoe cabinet is every family can not be little, on average a person’s shoes have 5-8 pairs, a few people shoes number is doubled, in order to let the home of the shoe cabinet better use, many owners will consult: what kind of shoe cabinet? Actually “what kind of shoe ark is good” cannot generalize, for the family that is having different demand, “better” shoe ark may differ somewhat.

First, shoe cabinet styleBefore discussing which kind of shoe ark is better, it is necessary to understand the style of shoe ark first, I think shoe ark is divided into two kinds roughly, finished product shoe ark and custom model shoe ark.

Shoe cabinet knowledge skills

1. Finished shoe cabinet

Finished shoe cabinet is easy to move, the position is not used to use, you can move to the more appropriate position you think; Finished shoe cabinet is easy to change, do not like for a long time or too old to change the new can be replaced at any time; More refined finished shoe cabinet style will become a very good decoration in the home……

Finished shoe ark is bought simple, need to choose appropriate design and dimension only, waiting to deliver goods to the door is ok, but because its disspace structure has been fixed, can satisfy a family to use functional demand not necessarily so, this is the place with larger its limitation.

2. Custom shoe cabinet

Customize ark of model shoe can be united in wedlock the specific dimension that puts a position, individual be fond of, decorate style, functional demand to wait to undertake “private order is made”, it is in use functional meeting is closer to your demand, but it is not easy to change and move also need to consider inside. The style of custom shoe ark roughly has the following kinds:

The stepped shoe cabinet. Step type shoe ark will different use function discretion strewn at random setting, the form that lets shoe ark no longer “inflexible”, rich shoe ark is in dimensional administrative levels.

Shoe cabinet knowledge skills

Stepped-type shoe cabinet usually matches the design of shoe changing stool, which will be more comfortable when changing shoes, and does not have to make the space crowded because of the need to add another shoe changing stool; Hook is set above the shoe stool to hang clothes, bags, keys and other convenient and practical. Will change shoe stool area or other area is lesser “functional partition and large area of the material of cabinet put oneself in another’s position is different color, had” deep, shallow “contrast, dark or light color to attract more attention, and the color of the cabinet put oneself in another’s position” stealth “automatically, thus reduce the pressure brought by the big volume of cabinet put oneself in another’s position, especially the smaller as some place I don’t think this is the tip will be more useful.

⑵ Embedded shoe cabinet. Ark of embedded shoe is “enter” wall body, won’t let oneself abrupt, the dimensional integral sex that is in with it is better, and as a result of its complete face can be in same plane as surrounding wall body normally, won’t have oncoming oppressive feeling when taking the door so.

⑶ “empty” shoe cabinet. Shoe cabinet to do “empty” processing, below the hanging height of about 150mm can be easily placed most replacement shoes, but also combined with the height of most shoes in the home to determine; Be in “upper part” do cabinet body, below “split body” processing, certain height between put apart (be in commonly 500mm or so can) use to place the article such as bag, key conveniently take.

Two, the choice of “good shoe cabinet” notes

1. Area of shoe cabinet location

The area of shoe ark place place and the design of shoe ark have more direct concern. The larger the area can choose the design according to their own functional needs, preferences and so on, but if the area is small, you can only choose the appropriate style according to the area first, and then choose the style you like in the appropriate style, as far as possible to meet the functional needs and match with the decoration style, there will be limitations.

Shoe cabinet knowledge skills

2. Family members

There are elders or children in family member, the shoe ark that contains change shoe stool can be better choice, because can let them be a few more comfortable when changing a shoe.

3. Functional requirements of families for shoe cabinets

Shoe ark design choice “starting point” on the needs of the function of the family, in addition to the need to meet to receive shoes, shoes, buy substance such as purpose, sometimes it “existence” is not merely a shoe ark “simple”, so the door location it may need to use together with porch partition, the shoe ark design must consider how to combine with porch.

4. The family environment you want to create

Sometimes “indomite stand ground” shoe ark can cause more to the space “complete” break up, affect the pattern of domestic space or daylighting, the lesser circumstance of the space still can become cramped; And use “half tall” shoe ark design won’t appear this kind of situation, it won’t be dimensional “space”, can increase dimensional administrative levels feeling however, the influence to domestic pattern is not very big, also want to combine the area of family and the domestic environment that wants hard outfit to choose so.

Living room how to decorate the living room?

Home to the guests, are basically in the living room to rest and chat, so the decoration of the living room is very important. Today xiaobian will introduce how to decorate the living room.

First of all, when we decorate the living room, don’t put too much furniture and appliances, don’t think that there should be so much home when the living room is big. Perhaps these furniture looks like the adornment of the sitting room, but in fact, too much adornment household can let the sitting room look very crowded, but lost the meaning that the sitting room exists however, so much furniture adornment can reduce the adornment effect of the sitting room greatly.

Living room how to decorate the living room?
After all, the living room is a big part of what we do at home. If we can’t move in the living room, gorgeous furniture is also a barrier to the living room. If the size of the house is small, you should first decide what necessary furniture you want to choose. They know these things and they buy furniture. If you want more style, buy high-quality and well-crafted furniture.

Next, in the decoration of the sitting room, what most friends pay attention to is how to make the sitting room more delicate, how to make the sitting room more fashionable, but there is a very important problem, that is to say, in the decoration of the sitting room, the effect of environmental protection does not allow to ignore.

Finally, we should pay attention to the collocation of living room style. When we choose the overall decoration style, we must make the decoration style of the living room and the overall style of coordination, not only a large area of the living room, small living room can have a variety of styles, playing a great role in the living room decoration. European style, Italian style or any other style, after the selection of a style, must be decorated according to that style. Don’t decide to redecorate halfway through. Such decoration will increase the cost and even difficult to carry out a second renovation.

Secrets To Buying the Best Electrolytic Capacitors

In this blog article, I will give you some secrets on how to find the best electrolytic capacitor for your project in this world of ever-changing technology.

What is Electrolytic Capacitor?

Electrolytic capacitors are a popular choice for electronic equipment, as they offer high ripple and noise suppression. They are also able to handle a high current load without overheating. In this article, we will discuss the factors you should consider when purchasing an electrolytic capacitor and the best ways to care for it.

Secrets To Buying the Best Electrolytic Capacitors

How to Choose an Electrolytic Capacitor?

Choosing the right electrolytic capacitor is important for both performance and safety. Here are some tips to help you choose the best one for your application.

First, consider the voltage rating of your capacitor. Electrolytic capacitors are available in a wide range of voltage ratings, from 1 V to 300 V. Choose the rating that matches your application’s requirements.

Second, consider the capacitance of your capacitor. Electrolytic capacitors come in various capacitance values, from 1 up to 100000 up. Choose the value that best meets your application’s requirements.

Third, consider the dielectric type of your capacitor. Electrolytic capacitors come in two types: air and oil-based. Air-dielectric capacitors are more common and offer better performance than oil-based capacitors. However, oil-based capacitors are more environmentally friendly and may be easier to install.

Finally, consider the form factor of your capacitor. Electrolytic capacitors come in various form factors, including flat packs, plates, and cylindrical. Choose the form factor that best suits your application’s requirements.

Types of electrolytic capacitors

Different types of electrolytic capacitors are available on the market, and it is important to choose the right type for your needs. Here are five secrets to buying the best electrolytic capacitors:

1. Choose a capacitor with dielectric strength high enough.
2. Make sure the capacitor meets your voltage and capacitance requirements.
3. Check the capacitor’s ripple and noise specs.
4. Look for a capacitor with a long lifetime and a stable voltage rating.
5. Choose a capacitor certified by an independent test lab or manufacturer


From the above text, you already know how to choose an electrolytic capacitor. When you make a purchase, please pay attention to the key points mentioned above.

Timeless home color scheme

Of all the colors, blue is the most loved and appreciated. It’s one of the most relaxing colors that permeates our lives. Now you can look up and look around. Is there a blue? In artistic creation, the obsession with blue is common. In art, film, home furnishing and other fields, “blue” has been endowed with various meanings.

From the discovery of blue pigment by ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago to the discovery of indelible YInMn blue by scientists today, blue has held up the whole history of art.

Timeless home color scheme

Van Gogh loved blue and used a lot of it in his short theatrical life. In his paintings, there are different shades of blue, psychedelic blue, warm blue, blue longing, crazy blue… These deep and shallow different meanings of blue, has become a rich treasure in the history of art.

For pop artist Yves Klein, “Blue is sky, water, air, depth and infinity, freedom and life. Blue is the most essential color of the universe. “All his life, he is committed to escaping from the worldly encumbances, getting rid of consumerism and materialism, and looking for the blue sky of freedom.

In film and television creation, color is an important prop to express emotions. In the Red, White and Blue Trilogy, blue is endowed with the meaning of “freedom”. The film is a slow story about a woman who loses her family and finds the freedom to move on with her life. The blue swimming pool in the movie, the blue crystal lamp, the blue candy paper, the blue wall…… Beneath the melancholy blues, there is a struggle with the past and a yearning for the future. Blue is rebirth and freedom.

Timeless home color scheme

The blue in Moonlight is even darker. “Black children in the moonlight are blue,” the film says. Destined for the boy as blue general melancholy heavy growth course. In the final scene of the movie, the boy stands on the beach under the blue moonlight, and the black boy in the moonlight seems to blend with the deep blue sea and moonlight. Blue is a delicate beauty, but also a happy pain.

The blue in 03 household is in living in a space, blue can all take in any atmosphere. Porcelain makes place piece, yakili chair, adornment picture, even if it is again common household, meet blue to give another kind of glamour. Simple white and crisp blue are a cp combo that never goes wrong. When the space appears blue and white, they cause the association is the sea, blue sky, white clouds quiet and vast, bring comfortable and relaxed visual enjoyment and anacreontic and light living experience.

Timeless home color scheme

When blue serves as those who live in a space advocate tone, its silent cold feeling needs to be reconciled with more energetic color. Abstruse blue department besmears brushwork wall, joined trifling gray level, let atmosphere quiet and gentle come down. Add metallic lubricious ornament, add a few minutes grace and grace for the space again. Timeless classic blue, simple in the elegant, just like the evening sky, thought-provoking, reassuring.

Desk and chair height difference of the purchase of chairs attention

When choosing desks and chairs, we should consider the height difference between desks and chairs, after all, if the height difference is not appropriate, it will affect the sitting position or comfort. The following is the introduction of the seat to pay attention to the purchase, I hope to let you understand the choice of various seats, according to their own requirements to consider a better type. No matter choose what desk and chair additionally, still want contrast clear material qualitative problem.

Desk and chair height difference of the purchase of chairs attention

Desk and chair height difference

The tall fork of desk and chair should be the height that should see an individual, and dimensional area volume is waited a moment, do not choose casually.

Choose the size of the desk:

What should consider most when desk of choose and buy is to be able to put desk into the space that you need. The office need not say more, if in own home, the desk has been chosen but can not put into the space that he needs to place, it is very embarrassing. The desk with good choice a piece of comfort is far from enough still, the mood that lets office is joyful. We’re not just faced with a cold desk, we need to dress it up.

To small family for, often do not have a study to say so. Well, you could consider a desk with a partition. This kind of desk does not occupy a position already, can rise to receive again, the effect of office. To the door model of not bad ground, nature is how to use, how beautiful how to come! To the personage that loves a book, desk edge can another bookcase is the most appropriate did not pass.

Desk and chair height difference of the purchase of chairs attention

Pay attention to the purchase of seats

Desk and chair height difference of the purchase of chairs attention

1, seat armrest to arm distance, can not be too small!!

The armrest of the seat should be the right distance from our arms so that we can stretch our arms freely while sitting. Nevertheless, in order to avoid elbow joint to hang for a long time overstrain, it is suggested that everyone still chooses the chair that has armrest.

2, the seat space distance

When matching seats with other furniture, pay special attention to the spacing! In particular, the left and right sides of the seat and the space behind should be at least 810mm above, so that it is convenient for us to move the chair, stand up and sit down without effort.

Pay attention to seat height, armrest spacing, and the amount of space reserved between seats and furniture. Finding the perfect seat is a piece of cake. Below, we will see the height of the desk that matches with seat.

3, the height of the desk

Desk chooses how tall, ability uses comfortable again? Different types of work correspond to different desk heights.

What’s a good chair? How to buy chairs

For some families, the factors to consider when buying a chair are relatively more, such as the material of the chair, the type of chair and the structure of the chair, according to their position to choose the right product, but also to consider the overall quality of the chair, so what chair is good? How to buy chairs? In view of these problems, the following is a specific introduction to the relevant knowledge and relevant content.

1, cloth material chair

The chair that cloth art pledges pledges pledges is a kind of the most on the market at present, the price of this kind of chair is cheap, design colour is rich, its basically apply to contemporary vogue and euramerican country. Its modelling is simple, full of artistic feeling, behind the sofa chair gives a person a kind of retro, have the feeling of class.

What's a good chair? How to buy chairs

2. Leather chairs

Coriaceous chair is a kind of in belonging to recreational sofa, its give a person a kind of high-end, grade feeling on the exterior. Its basically is by leather goods and real wood frame to be main material pledges, what sit face of sofa and rely on face to use inside normally is dermal material, use for long also won’t desquamate.

3. Cane chair material chair

Cane chair material chair is now more and more popular, it is a relatively common chair. Suitable for balcony, study and other places, is a rattan leisure chair full of cultural atmosphere, let a person enjoy life better.

1, choose materials

For the chair in the choose and buy, we should pay attention to the selection of chair legs is not scar section, generally can not be spliced. Chairs made of hardwood are stronger. Buy metal chair to pay attention to the wall thickness of metal materials such as steel pipe, relatively speaking, the thicker the stronger.

2. Choose a chair style

If the choice of chair design, it is to accord with your use needs already, and existing furniture colour and lustre photograph collocation. Chairs in fashion in 1999 are simple lines, comfortable and practical.

3. Choose height

Of the chair sit tall want to be equal to crus length, the crus after sitting down sags naturally, sole just falls to the ground. If the chair is too high, it is not good to hang your calves and compress your underthighs for too long. If the chair is too low, the thigh can not be placed on the seat, and the weight of the human body is concentrated in the hip compression, which will be uncomfortable for a long time.

4, the back of the chair

The choice of chair back is also very important, and it is best to play all or part of the supporting role on the waist, back and neck.

5, deep

The chair is mainly used for people to rest, the depth of the seat surface should be equal to the length of the thigh, sit down after the knee bend just to the chair side, the seat surface is too deep, waist back without landing; The seat surface is too shallow, the thigh does not have enough support, are uncomfortable.

6, chair surface and chair back material

At the time of selection, the surface is required to have a certain thickness of the elastic layer. The outermost material in contact with the human body should be breathable, wear-resistant, dirt-resistant, and not easy to produce static electricity with the human body or clothing.

How to buy family table? Is not good-looking finished, these 3 knowledge points must master!

After the new home decoration, the purchase of furniture and electrical equipment ready to move in, but the furniture category is various, a little do not know how to start. Take mensal for, it is ok not to choose good-looking, after all mensal concerns the comfort of family repast, must consider according to actual situation, cooperate the life be fond of of family and habit, ability chooses already beautiful and applicable optimal mensal.

So how do you choose a table? Here are three ways to start!

How to buy family table? Is not good-looking finished, these 3 knowledge points must master!

01 Table Size

Above all, mensal buys big still buy small, suffer dining-room area size effect, this is hard limit. Then, table size size should be chosen according to the number of family repast, this is the main premise. And the key of mensal choose and buy is, how to make repast more comfortable!

The standard table size reference is as follows:

Table height 750mm-780mm or so

The height of dining chair is about 450mm-500mm

Table and chair height difference of 280mm-320mm or so

② When we eat, the family public area and tableware space should be sufficient, the standard length is about 760mm, width is about 680mm, this is the most comfortable size.

If the space is limited, it is also necessary to ensure that the personal activity space is at least 600mm-520mm, otherwise when eating, you will feel hindered all around and feel uncomfortable.

③ According to the number of family dining table size, square table reference size: four people table length and width is about 1500mm-750mm, six people table length and width is about 1600mm-900mm, eight people table length and width is about 1800mm-1000mm.

Table reference size: the diameter of a table for four is about 900mm, the diameter of a table for six is about 1200mm, and the diameter of a table for eight is about 1400mm.

(4) table layout should not only consider the table space, but also consider the chair space, to avoid the table to buy too much space or too crowded, so as to choose the most suitable for the restaurant area dining tables and chairs. Specific reference size is as follows:

⑤ Finally, there is a detail size that cannot be ignored, that is, when we take a seat at the table, we need to pull out the chair, so we have to leave space for activities, otherwise the chair can not be pulled open, but also stuck leg seat is very inconvenient.

After we understand the size of the table and chair and other reference standards and notes, how to choose the table is according to, the next thing to consider is the decorative effect of the table, so as to choose a beautiful and comfortable restaurant environment.

02 Table Shape

Round table advantages:

(1) The shape is round and flexible, and will not fill the space. The remaining space around can be used as a living line.

② The round table has no edges and corners. No matter where you sit, the dishes are evenly spaced.

③ Around the round table to eat, in line with the meaning of Chinese round, the dining atmosphere is more warm.

Disadvantages of round table:

① Round table is generally bulky and occupies large space.

② The round table is mostly used for several generations of families with a large population. It is not suitable for newly married families with a population of less than 3 people.

Square table advantages:

How to buy family table? Is not good-looking finished, these 3 knowledge points must master!

① Square dining table can fill space and improve space utilization rate.

The size of the use of all appropriate, can be fashionable atmosphere, but also to save space.

The square table is versatile, can be matched with the bar, booth, side cabinets, etc., showing a variety of design forms.

Square table shortcomings:

The square gives people a sense of alienation, as round table warmth.

② Square table is not beautiful enough to do too big, the number of diners is not convenient to clip food, seating distance is also far apart.

Circular table and square table advantage and disadvantage are opposite almost, the effect that presents is different also, specific can choose according to space of domestic population, dining-room, suit oneself is best.

03 Table Material

Common mensal pledges have: woodiness, glass, marble to wait.

How to buy family table? Is not good-looking finished, these 3 knowledge points must master!

Wood gives people natural breath, can create a relaxed and comfortable space atmosphere, but easy to leave scratches and not anti-aging; The glass material is transparent and beautiful, reducing the dull feeling of space, easy to clean and durable, but the texture is brittle and easy to knock against the edges and corners; Marble material decoration effect is advanced, improve the style of the room, but the cost is expensive.

All kinds of material have advantages and disadvantages, you can choose the most suitable for yourself according to interior decoration style, personal preference.

Above is about mensal choose and buy proposal and skill, hope to have help to you!

Do I need a socket for the wine cabinet

In life there are all kinds of problems, for the common sense of things we still need to know, such ability can be in our life encounter things can easily go to resolve to deal with, so small make up specially today to share a story about a wine ark need leave socket knowledge, let everybody to learn fast wine need leave a socket. There is no need for outlets in the wine cabinet

The wine in the wine cabinet is fragile and flammable, so it is not suitable to leave the socket beside it. If the socket is left in the wine cabinet, it will increase the fire rate, which is very dangerous. And besides the wine cabinet that needs light, general wine cabinet does not need socket very much. It is not recommended to leave socket generally so as not to leave fire hazard.

Do I need a socket for the wine cabinet

Some wine ark of open type or it is the wine ark with higher requirement to lamplight, when needing a lot of socket, actually when designing wine ark, the backside of wine ark can leave a few socket to be used at the lamp line plug in wine ark, but socket won’t be installed commonly on wine ark.

If the lamp power requirement in the wine cabinet is relatively large, or the demand for socket is very large, you can add a few socket holes after the wine cabinet, so as to be needed in a rainy day. However, for safety reasons, it is not recommended to leave the socket on the wine cabinet. Usually use wine cabinet should also pay attention to keep dry and ventilated at any time.