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What design does the balcony have is excessive decorate?

There has always been a space in the home with endless possibilities. But because small, was ignored for a long time. The balcony gentleman expresses: "you direct report my name got, don't beat around the bush again". Balcony, a space that lets a person love hate hand in and add. Love, remodeled, home more practical. Hate, will not transform, the balcony is chicken rib space, only to pile up sundries and air bask clothes.

Say without exaggeration, if look for a professional stylist to help transform the balcony, won't have the embarrassing problem that little space cannot use. Want to make appearance level + practical balcony, detail is key.

Excessive decoration, it is to his home house, excessive decoration, including excessive decoration, receive excessive and excessive color. To the balcony that is ignored often, also put in excessive decorate. Balcony which design is excessive decorate? For example, tile is plastered all over the wall. Traditional balcony, emulsioni paint is metope decorates first selection. Contemporary balcony, wall decoration is no longer limited to latex paint, tile join the team.

What design does the balcony have is excessive decorate?Just, ceramic tile can not resemble emulsioni paint same, wayward shop sticks to top. Recreational balcony or the life balcony that does not install condole ark, do not have necessary ceramic tile shop to stick to the top completely. After all, ceramic tile shop sticks to the top, the purpose is to provide better waterproof, moistureproof for balcony ark. Did not have actual circumstance according to the balcony, capricious full wall shop sticks ceramic tile, did not have due effect not only, still wasted precious budget.

What design does the balcony have is excessive decorate? Complex condole top, also be among them delegate. Beyond doubt, condole supports to go up in promoting balcony simple sense, had vital effect. However, the ceiling can not be arbitrarily installed. If the height is lower than 2.6m, it is not suitable to install suspended ceiling. After all, the more complex condole supports, occupy the balcony layer height more. In addition to the installation of balcony lamps and lanterns, clothes racks, also need a certain height.

Multifaceted comprehensive action falls, the balcony can be pulled low because of layer height, appear depressive feeling problem. Recreational balcony, do not need to install floor drain. After all, the main function is leisure and no water will be used. Floor drain is installed below this kind of circumstance, it is the excessive decoration of a kind of wasteful budget. What be worth mentioning is, balcony metope is waterproof, do not have necessary besmear to brush too tall. If according to toilet standard, also be to belong to excessive decorate.

Bridal chamber divides flavour what practical clever move there is?

Write in front: decorate, be like life, also bitter also vexed also happy. Warm home, we need to manage attentively. A healthy home depends on our choices. Want to have a pleasant renovation? Not only to do all the preparatory work, decoration company choice, is also the key to practical decoration. There is no small matter in decoration, every step is important.

From the beginning of the inspection, measurement of the room, to the construction, and then to the completion of acceptance. Even, in addition to aldehyde, in addition to taste before moving in, we should pay special attention to the decoration details. Needless to say, any decoration details, are worth our serious treatment. Today, there is a home decoration share bridal chamber in addition to the practical trick!

Decoration, is a big project, involving hard installation, soft installation. No matter be hard outfit or soft outfit, can use various material, be like plank, coating and cloth art to wait. It is the use of a large number of this kind of decoration materials, make decoration after completion, hard to avoid odor. About peculiar smell, there are mainly two aspects: one is the taste of the material itself, and the other is the taste of formaldehyde exceeding the standard.

Bridal chamber divides flavour what practical clever move there is?No matter what kind of peculiar smell, we are required to remove or alleviate it before formal occupancy. Bridal chamber divides flavour what practical clever move there is? Like opening Windows for ventilation. Be worth mentioning is, open a window ventilated, also have skill. In winter, it is recommended to choose after 10 a.m. and before 2 p.m. In summer, benefits from high temperature + strong wind and other "airing house" advantages. Therefore, every day window ventilation time, can be appropriately extended.

However, there are frequent thundershowers in summer. So, avoid rainy weather, also be summer window ventilation is the most important. Otherwise, it is not only unable to play the effect of dispersing odor, in addition to formaldehyde, but also let the completed home, there are problems such as wall damp, the loss outweighed the gain. As for spring and autumn, it is recommended to open Windows for ventilation after the sun comes out. In addition to window ventilation, we can also use fresh air systems, high-power electric fans and air purifiers and other means to assist in eliminating odor.

Specific principle, pass increasing indoor air to circulate namely, achieve want goal with this. What be worth mentioning is, the article such as aloe, chlorophytum and tiger tail orchid, also have not common go peculiar smell effect. Still have a bit, grapefruit skin, activated carbon and tea stalk, except peculiar smell effect is good also. However, these items need to be replaced frequently.

Which kitchen designs are over-decorated?

In decorating the family, the kitchen is holding the effect that hold the balance. To know: "food is the life of the people". If the kitchen is not properly decorated, you may not be able to eat three meals a day. After all, a poorly handled kitchen will not only affect the chef's mood, but also deprive the food of an ineffable flavor.

All the time, "gold hutch silver is defended" this decorates common language, supervise us to do kitchen and toilet to decorate. Just, as a result of a variety of reasons, the kitchen is decorated to still can put in a few problems, receive for instance to do little, socket is not quite used. Today, there is a home decoration sharing the excessive decoration in the kitchen decoration process!

Overdecoration, literally means that the project could be simple decoration, but willfully spend a lot of money to do complex decoration. In fact, the circumstance that decorates excessively, in current home outfit market quite common. The reason is very simple, decorate experience to be lacking, think expensive is good. In fact, this idea is wrong. In many cases, simplicity is better. After all, any decoration has to start from reality.

Which kitchen designs are over-decorated?Which kitchen designs are over-decorated? The hanging cabinet uses an upturn door. Serve as the main receive of the kitchen, ambry divides for ground ark and condole ark again. Among them, turn over the door is one of condole ark commonly used open the door. The flip door, which opens with a push, actually has some drawbacks: it's hard to close. Did the condole ark that passes top design, go up turn over a door design to appear some chicken rib -- too tall, average person is not quite.

At the same time, the hardware fittings used on the door are also much, and the overall cost is higher than the flat door. Considering in many ways, the flat door is more suitable for the hanging cabinet. Which kitchen designs are over-decorated? White marble countertops are also representative. Although marble countertops can enhance the texture of the kitchen, white marble will slowly turn yellow after prolonged exposure to water. At this time, the kitchen appearance level will be affected.

So instead of spending a fortune installing white marble countertops that turn yellow easily, save your budget for more important renovations. As for the kitchen table, it is recommended to choose a comprehensive quartz stone with higher cost performance. Actually, kitchen shop sticks wooden floor, also be excessive decorate. Even if the foot of wooden floor feels good, more let kitchen simple sense soar. But, the kitchen of much water, high lampblack, wooden floor still does not suit.

What if it's too hot at home?

Recently, many people across the country have been in hot water. The southern sky seemed to leak a hole, continuous rain for two months. In the north, the situation is the opposite, the temperature is rising. Among them, Henan began to "debut", become the national heat center, is hot "Kenan". High temperature continues to "code", perhaps only air conditioning can save.

But air conditioning isn't everything. Most of the time, even if the air conditioning is on, it will feel hot and stuffy. Investigate its reason, still a few in the home prevent heat detail processing not in place. Comfortable home space is made, need to do all aspects of detail.

Summer home prevent heat, should start from buying a house above all. Simply speaking, when we buy a new home, do not choose "western sun" apartment. As the name suggests, a house that is exposed to sunlight all day long. It may be nice in winter, but in summer it's a furnace in your home, several degrees warmer than the rest of the room. If be chosen unfortunately "western bask in" door model, be about to reduce the effect to acceptable level.

What if it's too hot at home?First, use cool materials. Tiles, that's a good thing. Slip - proof, waterproof, wear-resisting and easy to clean, just basic function. The characteristic of ice ice cool, let ceramic tile become midsummer drop in temperature "artifact". The area such as porch in the home, sitting room, dining-room and balcony, can shop stick ceramic tile. Even, some are not afraid of "return south day" door model, metope also can shop stick ceramic tile, drop in temperature effect more obvious.

Ceramic tile, should pay attention to leave seam shop stick. No matter ceramic tile or cement, can be affected by heat bilges cold. Appear when indoor inside and outside temperature difference, do not leave the ceramic tile that seam shop sticks, can produce arch rise and the problem such as craze. A few days ago, the road surface warping in Xuchang, Henan province, is caused by the thermal expansion and contraction of cement SLATE under high temperature. Besides ceramic tile, material of vitreous material pledges, metal pledges and the adornment such as stone material pledges, also have the result that the vision drops in temperature. Specific how to match, it is suggested to choose appropriate materials for decoration according to the actual style and house type.

Perhaps many people do not know, blue, white and mint green cool department of the whole house color scheme, with its own cooling function. Of course, the color can not be abused, or to consult a professional designer. PS: Green plants are placed in the living room, balcony and other areas, which also have a cooling effect.

Porch does not install shoe ark, more and more people like to receive so

Is the first word that pops into your head: living room? Restaurant? The kitchen? These place is very important really, but actually the place that can intuitionistic reveal style most is -- porch. As the first place to see the door, its decoration, layout and cleanliness will intuitively give people a good or bad first impression.

Look from use Angle, the role that porch acts above all is "receive". Most people are used to take off their shoes after entering the house, put on indoor slippers, and put dirty shoes in the porch! Want to satisfy these functions, need porch has enough store content space, and wear of shoe ark, shoe is porch common receive design.

But ark of design shoe or put shoe wear need to take up corridor space, and corridor of some door porch is narrow, the space that shoes of ark of design shoe wear goes in and out can show slightly narrow. So for beautiful and convenient, more and more people like to receive porch shoe so.

Yes, you read that right! Use simple receive wear to stick in metope directly, the shoe that changes after taking the door can be hanged directly on shoe shelf. Compared with shoe ark character, such simple shoe wears construction is convenient, save budget, still can save space for porch, really wide open one's horizon!

With simple shoe rack on construction same, receive with cylinder form box adhesion at metope! Receive box interior space is sufficient, can easily satisfy family to put shoe or store content demand.

Porch does not install shoe ark, more and more people like to receive soSuch design is opposite simple shoe wear character has aesthetic feeling more, can change according to individual be fond of the modelling that receives a box, appearance level and practical coexist.

If you want to take more convenient, you can also use a pallet design instead of a shoe cabinet. Be like figure above, design the bracket board that hangs shoe in door metope, modelling is likewise rich multilateral and have metallic simple sense extremely. Combine storage and decoration, kill multiple birds with one stone!

Whether apply to all metope?

Are these simple shoes worn above convenient and interesting? But the yu does not cover the defect, convenient to go to convenient, so the shoe rack hanging on the wall or quite many shortcomings, not applicable to all walls, need to depend on the actual situation;

1. The dirty shoes are directly hung on the wall, and the wall is easy to be dirty in the process of taking. The part of the wall on the ceramic tile is ok. It is very difficult to clean after metope of common latex paint is dirty, time grew full wall is footprint, too affect beautiful

2, porch wall hanging a pile of shoes, the use is indeed to save space, but also affect the overall appearance level. Do you feel a little awkward entering a room full of shoes?

If the hallway space is not enough, I worry about the design of shoe cabinets and shoe racks will take up aisle space. Consider storing your shoes in another space, such as under the bed in your bedroom at home

The shoe that often wears can be put beside the cushion that takes the door, and the shoe that does not often wear change season might as well receive the space such as content ark to bedroom bed bottom, chest, balcony! In addition, if the wall of the porch is thicker and not load-bearing wall, then the wall is hollowed-out part of the design embedded shoe cabinet is also a good storage choice.

The difference between CNC band saw and CNC saw milling machine

CNC band saw was all the rage, although the momentum of development is still strong, but with the rise of CNC saw milling machine, woodworking special-shaped cutting machine, seems to be powerless. Many people can't seem to tell the two devices apart. Today, we invited blacksmiths and carpenters to discuss this issue!

The difference between CNC band saw and CNC saw milling machine

What is a CNC saw milling machine?

​The CNC saw milling machine is a new type of CNC cutting machine, perfect solution to the traditional band saw corner turning problem. Some people call it a wire saw, a rope saw, all nonsense. As the name implies, the saw and milling machine takes into account both the sawing and milling functions, perfect sawing to cut the required shape, there is no limit, the sawing surface is very smooth!

What is a CNC band I saw?

The so-called CNC band saw is through the saw head chassis rotation to complete the cutting of the relevant shape of the material. ​The Sawing machine and control system are responsible for working together, feeding platform is responsible for feeding, saw blade rotation to control the sawing road, complete the cutting work of the product, eliminating manual drawing link, do not have to manually control the plate feeding, greatly improve the safety performance.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of CNC saw milling machines and CNC bands seen in the saw industry?

Long story short, get to the point. CNC saw milling machines are available in many shapes and styles. In short, it has a lot of features and a very smooth sawing surface. It does not require post processing, but the material size is slightly larger and the saw path is 4-8 mm. Because it is processed with a milling cutter, a milling cutter that spins too thin at high speed is easy to break. Milling machine processing thickness within 150 mm.

As for the CNC band saw, its price is cheap, saw gap is only 2 to 3 mm or so, processing thickness or height range. Conventional machine cutting thickness can reach 260 mm, can achieve multiple stacked cutting together. Customer special requirements can be made to greater thickness. However, the numerical control band saw is limited by the width of the saw blade, the shape of processing is relatively few, the radius is less than 600 mm radian can not be processed, and the processing of the road surface is somewhat rough. Of course, it's better than manual mode. CNC band saw is cheaper than saw milling machine. The structure of these two equipment is almost the same, both are control cabinet plus feeding platform. The difference between features and price is huge!

​The function is different, the price is different, good steel to use the blade, which is about furniture factory bosses according to their own wool and processing requirements to choose their own CNC woodworking machinery.

There are tricks to choosing a house

Buying a house is a very important thing in life, whether it is a new house or a second-hand house, it is not easy to buy a satisfied and comfortable house, especially in the inspection of the time, choose a non-" problem room "but there is a certain technical content.

Whether the height is up to standard

If the height does not reach the standard, it will make the future life to produce a sense of oppression. And reduce the height is also a way to save costs for developers, so when inspecting the house, the first is to pay attention to whether the height is up to standard, if not up to standard, would rather not. In fact, the method of inspection height is very simple, the ruler along the two walls of the shade Angle measurement, and at the same time measurement room in many places, to see whether the contract standards can be achieved.

Whether the wall is leaking or cracked

The seepage of the new house wall happened from time to time, the most serious, the whole building under all the Windows of the wall seepage. The acceptance wall selection before the house, the next day after the heavy rain to check. If there is something wrong with the wall, it must be obvious.

There are tricks to choosing a houseWhether the kitchen and bathroom waterproof

Some projects had declared beforehand did not do hutch defends waterproof, that needs oneself to do. Especially the second-hand house, we must ask whether we have done the waterproof work in advance, if the delivery has been waterproof, it is necessary to check to see if the waterproof is done. This must supervise personally, if be in after decorating just discovery waterproof had not done, that is very troublesome, have to dismantle had decorated a new ground to do a new waterproof.

Whether water and electricity are free

The first is to check whether the water and electricity of the house is on. Of course, for some advanced decoration, most of the water and electricity later to replace, so sometimes these content is not the key, but if you do not plan to replace the water and electricity, especially the second-hand house, then these things must be seriously accepted.

Whether the pipe drains smoothly

The pipeline referred to here is the water pollution pipeline. Especially if it is a sewage outlet like the balcony, when accepting, take a water holder in advance and pour water into the outlet. See if the water runs smoothly. Why do we need to check this? Because in the construction of the project, there are some workers in the cleaning will often "steal" this work, pour some cement slag into the drainage pipe flow away, if the cement is sticky, it will be blocked at the elbow, causing drainage difficulties.

Whether the sealing of doors and Windows is normal

The most troublesome thing about the sealing acceptance of doors and Windows is that they can only be tested in heavy rain. But generally can be confirmed by checking whether the sealing rubber strip is complete and firm. The level difference that balcony door wants to see inside and outside commonly. Can have such a kind of circumstance, the level of the balcony and indoor level are identical actually, such, avoid the problem that rain water penetrates in heavy rain day very hard.

Room interior flat whether there is error

Acceptance of this, for the general user is a certain degree of difficulty. Check level is to measure the horizontal error of the furthest indoor ground from the door and the interior of the door. Check whether there is an error in housing flat, many times can also reflect the construction quality of developers. Because serve as owner square, it is impossible to check and accept main body structure fundamentally. Then the quality can only be judged from these details.

Household cleaning tips, wooden furniture so do super worry

The most important decoration in the home is some soft decoration, the style of the home will become different according to our choice of home, like a lot of older people will like solid wood furniture, it is expensive and stable ~

Although solid wood furniture can make home environment do not have a lasting appeal, but when taking care of it is also very troublesome, solid wood furniture stains clean the most common including oil, ink, white furniture yellow and other problems, is very headache, today to share a few clean wooden furniture small tricks!

1, solid wood furniture to remove oil

If the solid wood furniture surface stained with oil, with residual tea and corn flour can be removed. Wipe with the tea that drinks to stay in smeary place, sprinkle on a few corn flour next, the smeary that can discover furniture surface after wiping off corn flour has been absorbed, lacquer surface becomes smooth and bright!

Household cleaning tips, wooden furniture so do super worry2, solid wood furniture whitening

The white carpentry paint of the surface of real wood furniture is used for a long time to be met yellow, can take two egg yolk, after stirring evenly, soft brush is used to yellow place daub, it is ok to wipe clean with soft cloth carefully after air drying; Besides egg yolk, also can dip in with soft cloth do not have fluorine toothpaste, wipe furniture surface gently, brush a few times more can discover yellow part becomes white.

3, solid wood furniture to hot mark

If the surface of solid wood furniture is accidentally damaged by cigarette butts and other hot, leaving ugly hot marks, you can use a piece of dry fine fleece furniture special steel cloth pad in hot marks, directly along the direction of the wood grain wipe; You can also use salad oil or mayonnaise to apply in the hot mark, take a soft cloth along the wood grain gently wipe, and then change a clean soft cloth to wipe it clean

How to decorate the living room with cream style?

Don't use gray metope, the overall is very dark, want to use light color, warm color, the color of the low saturation, the ground don't use grey light brick, light a reflective particularly serious, rather than the original wood floor, with warm color warm cure the foot feels comfortable, and the top surface of his high, can do not advocate the lamp anti-glare lamp collocation, level atmosphere, Layer height can make a simple double eyelid collocation hat chandelier, the same personality fashion.

How to decorate the living room with cream style?Soft furniture do not choose L sofa and square tea table, you can choose light coffee color, soft and comfortable cloth sofa, with lazy sofa, small personalized tea table, warm and cure.

Door, cupboard door, skirting line whole uses a color, mainly slant white, other soft outfit collocation curtain does not use spell color, try to use light coffee color cloth shade collocation white gauze shade, decorate a small decoration piece again. Morandi color abstract paintings, creative small pieces.

To sum up, cream style is a warm, healing and stylish color combination

The home decoration is coloured according to the orientation of the house

The home decoration is coloured according to the orientation of the houseWhen we are in the home decoration color collocation, we need to consider the sensory effect that the overall color brings to us, because different colors give us a different feeling, this period would like to focus on the effect of orange in the home decoration.

Like orange will give us a sense of vitality, but in home decoration orange and can not be used in a large area, can only serve as an ornament, but as a restaurant, the place of large office building will be very practical.

Or you can consider orange as a soft outfit such as a sofa or cabinet, with a cold tie-in. This creates a sense of hierarchy. Imagine an orange wall with some lacquered wood decorations, and a white vase in front of the wall. Orange also looks beautiful with cyan.

And when we choose the indoor color, we have to consider the towards of the building, such as the sun room facing south a long time, then we can choose cool color to move home decoration style, opposite the north building, its illumination time is less, we will try to choose warm color to move, other color had better choose light color fastens.