How to buy family table? Is not good-looking finished, these 3 knowledge points must master!

After the new home decoration, the purchase of furniture and electrical equipment ready to move in, but the furniture category is various, a little do not know how to start. Take mensal for, it is ok not to choose good-looking, after all mensal concerns the comfort of family repast, must consider according to actual situation, cooperate the life be fond of of family and habit, ability chooses already beautiful and applicable optimal mensal.

So how do you choose a table? Here are three ways to start!

How to buy family table? Is not good-looking finished, these 3 knowledge points must master!

01 Table Size

Above all, mensal buys big still buy small, suffer dining-room area size effect, this is hard limit. Then, table size size should be chosen according to the number of family repast, this is the main premise. And the key of mensal choose and buy is, how to make repast more comfortable!

The standard table size reference is as follows:

Table height 750mm-780mm or so

The height of dining chair is about 450mm-500mm

Table and chair height difference of 280mm-320mm or so

② When we eat, the family public area and tableware space should be sufficient, the standard length is about 760mm, width is about 680mm, this is the most comfortable size.

If the space is limited, it is also necessary to ensure that the personal activity space is at least 600mm-520mm, otherwise when eating, you will feel hindered all around and feel uncomfortable.

③ According to the number of family dining table size, square table reference size: four people table length and width is about 1500mm-750mm, six people table length and width is about 1600mm-900mm, eight people table length and width is about 1800mm-1000mm.

Table reference size: the diameter of a table for four is about 900mm, the diameter of a table for six is about 1200mm, and the diameter of a table for eight is about 1400mm.

(4) table layout should not only consider the table space, but also consider the chair space, to avoid the table to buy too much space or too crowded, so as to choose the most suitable for the restaurant area dining tables and chairs. Specific reference size is as follows:

⑤ Finally, there is a detail size that cannot be ignored, that is, when we take a seat at the table, we need to pull out the chair, so we have to leave space for activities, otherwise the chair can not be pulled open, but also stuck leg seat is very inconvenient.

After we understand the size of the table and chair and other reference standards and notes, how to choose the table is according to, the next thing to consider is the decorative effect of the table, so as to choose a beautiful and comfortable restaurant environment.

02 Table Shape

Round table advantages:

(1) The shape is round and flexible, and will not fill the space. The remaining space around can be used as a living line.

② The round table has no edges and corners. No matter where you sit, the dishes are evenly spaced.

③ Around the round table to eat, in line with the meaning of Chinese round, the dining atmosphere is more warm.

Disadvantages of round table:

① Round table is generally bulky and occupies large space.

② The round table is mostly used for several generations of families with a large population. It is not suitable for newly married families with a population of less than 3 people.

Square table advantages:

How to buy family table? Is not good-looking finished, these 3 knowledge points must master!

① Square dining table can fill space and improve space utilization rate.

The size of the use of all appropriate, can be fashionable atmosphere, but also to save space.

The square table is versatile, can be matched with the bar, booth, side cabinets, etc., showing a variety of design forms.

Square table shortcomings:

The square gives people a sense of alienation, as round table warmth.

② Square table is not beautiful enough to do too big, the number of diners is not convenient to clip food, seating distance is also far apart.

Circular table and square table advantage and disadvantage are opposite almost, the effect that presents is different also, specific can choose according to space of domestic population, dining-room, suit oneself is best.

03 Table Material

Common mensal pledges have: woodiness, glass, marble to wait.

How to buy family table? Is not good-looking finished, these 3 knowledge points must master!

Wood gives people natural breath, can create a relaxed and comfortable space atmosphere, but easy to leave scratches and not anti-aging; The glass material is transparent and beautiful, reducing the dull feeling of space, easy to clean and durable, but the texture is brittle and easy to knock against the edges and corners; Marble material decoration effect is advanced, improve the style of the room, but the cost is expensive.

All kinds of material have advantages and disadvantages, you can choose the most suitable for yourself according to interior decoration style, personal preference.

Above is about mensal choose and buy proposal and skill, hope to have help to you!