What misunderstanding does small family decorate to exist?

Do not know from when to begin, buy a house to become a kind of just need gradually. Just like marriage, it is an indispensable part. But rising home prices have made it harder to buy a new home. Until the emergence of small family, buy a difficult problem, this has been alleviated. It is no exaggeration to say that the small apartment, which seems to have limited space area, actually meets the basic needs of life by "having all the five viscera in a small sparrow".

Of course, the more narrow space, want to live more comfortable, more strict to the test of the design. Needless to say, small apartment decoration, higher detail requirements.

Even if it is "sparrow is small five viscera complete", also can not change the fact that the space area of small apartment is limited. Due to a variety of complex reasons, make small apartment decoration, more or less there are different degrees of decoration regret. Small family decoration, what errors exist? Choice of style is one. There is no doubt that everyone wants to emulate the aesthetic style of European and American dramas. Just, no matter be American or Europe type, not be small family can easily control.

What misunderstanding does small family decorate to exist?After all, the space has to be big enough to feel luxurious. Small apartment decoration misunderstanding? Multifarious condole supports, also be a delegate. Small apartment space, the height of the general lower than 2.6 meters. Wayward installation multifarious condole supports, can let a space become more depressive only. Small family condole top can be done, but design should be simple and do not occupy layer height, for example planar condole top.

Small family model is decorated, can just the style cannot be chosen randomly not only, color collocation also is a truth. Why can small apartment show crowded? In addition to the space layout is unreasonable, the main reason or color matching problems. Small family is decorated, want to avoid the Ming yan colour such as red, yellow in great quantities. At the same time, it should not be more dark color represented by black.

If you can, use solid, saturated colors like white and light blue. Especially the tonal such as shallow ash, white, it is small family simply versatile color. Decorate misunderstanding about small family existence, furniture choice also is key. Traditional heavy and expensive furniture will only make small apartments more crowded. Consequently, small family space, the proposal chooses frivolous, streamline cabinet furniture. Furniture with skinny feet and high heels -- not bad either.