Be sure to confirm these 5 things before tiling

Decorate A HOUSE A LOT OF PEOPLE HAVE NO EXPERIENCE. I DECORATE THE FIRST TIME ALSO IS no experience, everywhere step on the pit, such as again DECORATE the second suite of time, just had experience, not careful easy to let a person step on the pit, before stick ceramic TILE must confirm with the master these 5 things, otherwise step on the pit is you.

1. Tile layout

Do not come up on the brick, this is the big avoid in the decoration, if the ceramic tile manufacturer has to provide shop paste drawings and plans that are better, directly according to the above, and then with the master account of the details, such as shop, seam, whether to threshold stone and other small details 39bet-đua chó-game giải trí -đá gà-đá gà trực tuyến-đánh bài.

2, dry shop wet shop

In fact, I prefer not to choose the whole house wet shop, although the cost is low and very saving, but easy to bury hidden dangers. Because a wet shop is to use cement mortar as a binder, one of its big drawbacks is that water is easy to evaporate, a long time to form a small hole on the surface, the top of the ceramic tile, forming an empty drum.

Better MEANS IS: THE GROUND IS DRY SHOP, toilet, KITCHEN WET shop, if not poor money, also CAN use CERAMIC tile glue to assist LAYING. However, we can not use too much ceramic tile glue to avoid the problem of formaldehyde.

24c100b3242567c194a104ca940ed1353, laying bricks on the seam

Choose WHOLE HOUSE CERAMIC TILE SHOP. The proposal has been discussed with WORKER master ahead of time TO the problem OF seam. Especially the area of transition BETWEEN ROOM AND room, must be opposite seam, CAN affect INTEGRITY OTHERWISE.

4. Mark the location of water and electricity pipelines

Ceramic tile shop stick, must let the master mark the position of the water pipe. He also remembers the scene to take photos to stay the case, or later in case of drilling, hitting the water pipe is not good, marked can avoid.

5. Whether the water pipe is unobstructed

Never neglect this step. It is very important to the water. It is not only a test, to see whether the floor drain was clogged. In a sense, it is also telling bricklayer’s, into your hands everything is normal. In the process of ceramic tile, completes each drain protection, cover sealing to seal, lest cement mortar fall into one, cause jams, cause unnecessary dispute.

If your home is not decorated, then hurry to learn first, to avoid their own holes.

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