The ground is decorated, do not shop the home stick marble

When the home is decorated, it is nothing more than the way of marble or ceramic tile to do a shop to stick to it, with ceramic tile will let the home give a person a kind of special monotonous feeling, now the home decoration also began to popularity with these materials. This thing had known it before, but now she was completely different. Do TO THE HOME WITH IT DECORATE MEETING TO HAVE VERY ADVANCED SIMPLE SENSE, LET THE HOME DECORATE BEAUTIFUL AND WEAR-RESISTING EFFECT. Ground decoration, do not shop at home paste marble, this kind of material is beautiful and wear-resistant!

Terrazzo can be seen in the design of hospitals or dining halls. Terrazzo is also a composite material mainly made of cement. It is cheap and more importantly, it has many styles, so that the beauty of the home will be better designed. The performance of this thing is very strong, good use will make the home out of the state full of beauty and fashion sense.

Terrazzo can also do parquet design, but the process is a little complicated but very humane, terrazzo she has a good effect of anti-skid and dustproof, with it on the ground will make our life more safe. Put a parquet design on it, just like a carpet is more safe, and it will make the beauty and practicality of the space better designed

The ground is decorated, do not shop the home stick marble

It is a pity to use it only to decorate the ground. It can also be used to design the kitchen table or the bar counter. The unique texture is used to decorate here, so that the space will be full of high-level sense and light luxury sense in this state.

It has a very good ability to resist penetration so that its waterproof and antifouling ability is particularly strong, this will let us in the management of special convenience, also do not have to worry about the use of the problem of cracking, but this is the kitchen decoration of more new material design!

Early it is used to decorate the ground, the staircase to use it to design will also appear different beauty, the staircase to layout flat and then to do the qualitative pattern, polishing these steps of the operation will be the terrazzo ground to get out, will also let the home is full of fashion sense and beauty.

Terrazzo is no longer the original few years will bring a style of veteran cadres, this kind of thing its anti-slip and wear resistance, fire resistance and other properties are particularly good, if we can give it a reasonable use in the use of early to do a hardening of it is very good.

After this completes the operation will make us late in decorating, save a lot of heart, simple decoration style will add a beautiful beautiful scenery, to home home when decorate can choose according to actual decorate a style to do, is the most simple way of decorating is the home to decorate the different modelling, although together can let a person feel some old can the update of science and technology, Let it have a more fashionable light luxury appearance level.

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