Small housing storage renovation plan

In small family household life, the most headache is to receive the problem, in the face of not big indoor space, daily necessities will become more and more as time, how should we make small space also can have large capacity? Today xiaobian will bring you the related content of small apartment storage transformation, respectively from the wall storage design, furniture storage design, tatami storage design, partition storage design several aspects to analyze, quickly follow xiaobian together to understand it ~

Wall storage design

The metope storage design makes full use of the indoor vertical space, neatly storing items in the metope space, reducing the occupation of the ground space.

The layout of the wall collection design close to the wall can make the interior space look more open and bright, and it is convenient for us to clean the indoor sanitation in daily life, killing two birds with one stone.

Small housing storage renovation plan

Furniture storage design

Furniture storage design, avoid too much furniture to fill the new home full, to ensure that the home space moving line free and smooth at the same time the new home space to maximize development and utilization.

Multi-functional furniture style, with the use of residents need to change the form of furniture at any time, small and changeable design style, so that the overall home space has good visual ductility, beautiful and practical.

Tatami storage design

In daily life, the upper part of tatami can be used as a bed, and the space below can be used to receive and store things. To facilitate taking every time, we can add a bed body support bar on the bed board of tatami, multi-dimensional combination mode, powerful functionality.

Tatami storage design, to create multiple home combination function, effectively alleviate the small comprehensive area is too small, insufficient storage space.

We can receive box of big dimension to place in tatami, go to the toilet to take not only still orderly, can use habit to place commonly used goods according to daily the position that is near bed body brim, the article that does not often use can place in bed body deepest.

Partition storage design

Some unnecessary partition partition as far as possible to abandon the solid wall material, choose beautiful and practical partition storage design, not only can maintain the open layout of indoor space, increase the circulation interaction between home partition, but also effectively increase the comprehensive storage capacity of indoor space.

Partition storage design, both partition and storage dual functions, strong practicability, especially suitable for some internal lighting and ventilation is not good indoor space, effectively improve the comfort of the overall home space.

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